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  1. For Sale: DCS Modules

    Never installed nor activated for lack of time, paypal please: DCS: UH-1H Huey by Belsimtek (download version): $25 USD DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 (download version): $20 USD
  2. Selling my homecockpit gaming chair

    I've added 12 more pics and improved the description a lot http://simultools.com/for-sale I'm now also selling a tiny fully featured usb keyboard (15GBP) and logitech wireless trackball (15GBP): they complement the gaming rig quite nicely.
  3. Takara Kerberos jin-roh 1/6 action figure

    sold, thanks for looking.
  4. Selling my homecockpit gaming chair

    I've decided to drop the price, £200 and will include a gift, a choice between two very nice large diecast metal aircrafts, f-86 or f-104
  5. Hopefully it's allright to post eventhough it's not entirely sim related... Hello, I'm selling my takara kerberos jin roh 1/6 action figure. It's brand new (I had it for 2.5 years boxed stored safely in my smoking free home). This is a rare japanese import and it is the best reproduction of the jin roh kerberos suit. Please contact me here luca.za AT gmail.com £140 +p&p or collection from central London pics and infos here
  6. Hello, I’m selling my home cockpit seat, monitor stand and accessories. The original price I paid for the seat, monitor stand and action platform combined is £535. I’ll be selling the lot halfprice, £265 or near offer (It’s collection only from London NW3). If interested please write me to luca.za AT gmail.com It’s a great flightSim gaming chair, I bought it from gameracer.co.uk and it’s a great looking and sturdy seat, metal construction, comfortable chair and easy to disassemble to store away if needed. I bought the monitor stand and an additional action platform too. I've prepared a webpage with better description and images here http://simultools.com/for-sale Please note, the images below depict my home cockpit and include items not on sale: the warthog hotas, computer, pedals, screen, trackir, saitek panels, thrustmaster mfds, keyboard, mouse, usb hub etc. are not included! Thanks for looking L
  7. Thanks for this wonderful mod, I just bumped into this and will go back to sf2 after a long break :) just a quick question, what's the consensus in regard to the april patch? yes or no? :) thanks L
  8. For sale: X-Plane 9 on DVD + Global Scenery (entire world), total of 6 original dvds GBP15+p&p Item's location: London UK. Preferred payment method paypal (transfer)
  9. Thanks for this fantastic mod, I started the '66 campaign with the mig21D and was surprised to see no cannon.. is this normal or did I break something when installing the mod? I'm on SF2V alone updated to may2011 with the SF2VA&GWEP2 updated to apr 2011 (and have installed vpaf on top). I thought well let's try this anyway and I ended up fighting a horde of angry F4 and F-105 without cannon and two faulty A-A missiles :-) mig21 without cannons if this is the norm I really don't envy the poor vpaf mig21 pilots :(
  10. Since dedicating fully to the new dcs a10c and the new tm hotas I've decided to sell the following: -Logitech G940 ( with original box and manual ) in excellent conditions, very well looked after -Joystick force feedback -dual throttle -rudder pedals with toe brakes -power adapter -original packaging and box -manuals and cd -Flaming Cliffs 2 with printed manual and printed map -downloadable version with fully working account -backup dvd with all downloaded files -The Fighter Collection Flaming Cliffs 2 Manual -The Fighter Collection DCS Tactical Map http://img442.imageshack.us/f/p1010732r.jpg/ http://img231.imageshack.us/f/p1010731v.jpg/ -Thirdwire Strike Fighters 2 Israel Downloadable version with account id -Thirdwire Strike Fighters 2 Europe Downloadable version with account id -Thirdwire Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Downloadable version with account id Reasonable offers considered luca.za AT gmail.com ( replace AT with @ ) I'm based in London UK Thanks Luca
  11. TrackIR 4

    Any idea on how to increase the XYZ head movements through .ini editing?
  12. I agree with you guys, separate mod folders and merged main folders... however we end up with lots of redundant files this way and my poor laptop harddisk is complaining :-) I think I'll try a frankenstein uber mod folder at some point in the future
  13. probably somewhere in between dave :) L p.s. I've dropped a suggestion in the thirdwire forums to add a cockpit lights key but it seems TK doesn't feel the need for it.. I just thought it would be a small step forward torwards realism ;-)
  14. I feel night lighting is way too bright too (I'm on SF2x merged). Did you find any interesting mod / settings to use? I had a quick look at the SFP1 download section unsuccessfully :( Thanks Luca

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