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  1. USAFMTL, I have something you don't have! 8) :D I have pics of the very first Crusader, the XF8, which is currently being restored near my house at Everret Museum of Flight Restoration site. I have pics and movies of it as of last week, and they are deep into work on a Cutlass also. One of my faves is the Vampire that they have there in pieces. E mail me and Maybe I can send you the Movies. I have a 56k, and if they are too big of files, I can burn a CD and send it. If you want all the movies I took last week we will have to do that. Reach me at Hedu@cnw.com
  2. Final Post by Snapple2993

    XO, I am all for free speech and common sense, and if you got views, I want to hear them. When you speak for the squad, then say that, when you speak for yourself, then say that, also. I don't care if someone says "I don't like the 143 because of _____". If that person can't tell the diff between a person and a squad, then thats their problem. These boards were made for discussion, and I like to argue, to have open discussion. I think you do to. Stick around, enjoy the show. <S>
  3. Any info on what is being fixed? Sounds like a "roadmap" is a guideline to what to work on. Till they say what they are working on, they really haven't said much more than last time they said they were working on the 2nd patch. Not a flame, just an observation.
  4. That CTD from pushing R is something I don't think your gonna fix unless you remap that button to somewhere else. I put my sound acceleration to the max, and have had no trouble. Not sure I can help you with prob 3 and 4. Hope someone can.
  5. Ranger, do you have a link for the launcher? I have tried several times by doing searches for it, and have had NO luck at all.
  6. Gecko, I don't think anyone is gonna flame you. I just don't understand your thinking that this thread "fell victim to the same crap". Too bad you can't stick around to discuss issues and debate good naturedly. Like everyone else did. Our future in this sim? Hard to tell. Kinda hard to have squad night when you can't do MP. <S>.........................hehehehe
  7. I figure it would be many things, but I wanna get your tale on it. I figure realistic avionics and flight systems, and carrier ops. What do you think, and don't be afraid to go into depth.
  8. Denzil, I could be bias, because my forte is WWII air combat sims, and there are mustangs everywhere in those. I fly Warbirds III, which has to have the closest-to-accurate flight model for the Mustang. I am fickle on the Mustang in this sim for the opposite reason this sim is popular. Sf has planes that weren't modeled since ATF, and then very arcadey. Very few sims with Phantoms, too many with Mustangs. And because there really isn't any theatre, enemy or historic airfields for the Mustang to take shape in, you might as well just be flying in FS2002. (which I do) I like Biohaz, Denzil. We have had some pretty good discussions, and even when heated, they seem to stay under control. So, got any inside info? 8)
  9. Ranger, you said the word "turn". The Mig should NEVER turn. Thats the key, thats zoom and boom. The Mustang would be totally defensive. AI might try and turn with the Mustang, but any pilot worth his weight in beer knows not to turn. Strafe and extend.
  10. I guess you could say, you proved my point. P-51 vs Mig 21, P-51 wins? Do you think that would happen much if it was in MP? Any pilot with boom and zoom knowledge would toast the P-51.
  11. OK, don't answer that. I saw in a post that it went Casper, but I thought I saw them post at another board that it was the server that was down, and they would be up in a day or two. That was 2-3 weeks ago? I went to http://www.thirdwire.com/projects/rt/rt_index.htm . Is that the wrong site?
  12. OK, 2 confirmed kills of Migs. Mig 15s, or Mig 9s? I am sure there are more battles between P-51s and Yaks. But this also confirms two points I made. That 1) encounters between Mustangs and Migs, in the scope of numbers, is miniscule. If the F-86s shot down almosy 800 migs, what is the percentage of Mig kills between Sabres and Mustangs? I can't do the math on it, but I know it involves whole numbers about 3 places to the RIGHT of the decimal. 2nd) it shows that a enemy that the Mustang had is not in the game for it to fight. No Mig 15s, no Yak Prop planes, no Mig Prop planes. Where is the fun of that. Playability is limited due to no historical adversary, and "what ifs" can only be interesting for while. We should get a chat thing, eh Ranger? :)
  13. Ranger, we really CAN"T send that stuff. This is MP issues, where you can't join a session, or it crashes during loading, or it crashes during hangar screen, or it crashes rigth after hangar screen, or we get in and nobodies in the arena, or it crashes after getting into the arena, and I mean like 2 seconds after getting into the arena. We have done it with mods, without mods, different hosts, different terrains, just about everyway you can try. And I would have to say with all fairness, we cannot generate a screenshot from a crash. Out attempts have been noted over many boards, not just this one, and I would think Skunk works would know of them, particularly if Denzil (<S>) is here answering stuff on this board. SIMHQ was where the beta testers were, we thought it should at least be noticed there. Ranger, Snapples original frustrated post is because so much has been tried by our squad, not that it just popped up one night.
  14. Oh, Ranger Just noticed the P-51 thing. Yes, third world countries did use the P-51, yet it wasn't exactly the P-51D model. Alot of these late war Mustangs were modified, which was noticable in the leading edge "kink" for the landing gear, and a fin added to the rudder to compensate for the problems of flight instabilty due to fuel tank placement. I usually get real literal when we take WWII planes, because models of the same plane can be very different planes in their own right, as is the P-51/F-51. Take the 109 for example. It is possible to say that Isreal used the 109 up to until the 1960s. Which could be percieved as true. But if you get literal, the 109s used by Isreal were Hispano made 109s with Merlin engines. This example can be used to compare the P-51 in the same light. I am a Luftwaffe guy, but my Mustang friends have spoken volumes on what was considered something of a Super-Mustang after the war. I also get literal when we discuss the use of a plane in how many numbers were actually used. Alot of these 3rd world countries didn't have Mustangs in large numbers, some only a handful, and these were war weary Mustangs, also. And I can't say I have ever seen an example of any of those Mustangs being used in the Vietnam are, or on the psuedo-Middle East of the 1960's, as prescribed in Strike Fighters. The Mustang was used in WWII and Korea, predominantly. After that, most countries found more cost effective, more powerful replacements. Even the Mig-17 didn't see combat with the P-51, or if it did, it was only in a once or twice happenstance, with the probable ending of the Mustang hugging the ground in a race for home.
  15. Thanks Jeff, I think there is alot of very good points from both sides also. Ranger, let me add alittle to your "voting" analogy. We DID vote, with our pocketbooks, by buying this sim, and expecting it to perform as was advertised on the box. Had the box said "Multiplayer does not work as advertised, as does other things in this sim", then we would be buying what was advertised, and would not have any other expectation. But we "voted" (with our money) for a candidate (the sim), and the sim is not doing what it said it would do during it's campaign promises (what was advertised on the box). So, because we voted (money), we have every right to complain. Am I wrong in that analogy?

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