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  1. A-10 boat target practise

    Simulated Boghammer target practice....
  2. PAK TA ?

    I don't know if stealth is necessarily the point here.... Streamlined flying wing design and Electric engines.....I think they are going in the high efficiency direction. Something like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-48 I can't rely see something like this, in this scale being worth the cost. Twice as big....maybe. That's a shit load of composites though. Cool that it reminds me of something out of AceCombat.....
  3. How well do you know Top Gun?

    14. I feel much shame.
  4. Sorry to interject.... Make sure the timeframe in which you are flying matches the ini's for the missiles and launchers. Good Luck.
  5. Upgraded Arrow CF-105

    Great. Another round of "The CF-105 is, was, and will be the bestest fighter evar!!!!!".
  6. GoG did it again!

    Best. Internet. Discovery. Ever. Well okay, probably not. But it's still pretty cool.
  7. GoG did it again!

    You know about this for X-wing alliance, right? http://www.xwaupgrade.com/ If you didn't.....Happy Birthday!
  8. Ride in an F-4D

    Um, did I hear that right? Do you get to drive? ......I wonder if I could get 12,500 American for a kidney....I only need one.
  9. Truth About the F-35 RAAF

    Nice Commercial.... I wonder how much Sukhoi paid to have it made?
  10. Biting the Bullet

    Good Luck Rambler!
  11. Canada orders the F-35...

    Hey Guys, been keeping my eye on this for a while and thought I'd weigh in... Ever since the Conservatives announced they are going to go ahead with the purchase every pundit with a half a brain has been getting on the soap box to say JSF isn't the right plane for Canada....Give me a break. First, the gov't hasn't even submitted any formal request/contract, to my knowledge. Second, don't you think the guys writing up specs and contracts at DND headquarters are going to know the difference between 'boom' refueling and 'hose and drogue'? Third, JSF is in Development! Now, I'm not in the aeronautical industry, and I sure as hell don't work for LM, but I'd be willing to bet a few bucks that Canada will be able to order the 'Air Force' variant with the probe. Fourth, single engine a big problem? I don't know, but engine tech from the 80's (current Hornet engine)versus the 00's (JSF)...I'm thinking the single engine won't be an issue. If I wanted be an ass I'd say something along the lines that two engines didn't help the Hornet that crashed in Lethbridge last summer (I guess I kind of just did). Personally, I'm kind of torn as far as which is the best fighter for Canada. I think JSF is going to be an excellent piece of kit, but can we afford it? Are 65 airframes going to be enough? Will the gov't be there long enough to even start the formal process? Just my two cents. Smokey
  12. The worst movie ever

    God, I hated that movie!
  13. Evening Everybody, I just finished a book that was one of the best autobiographies of a wartime leader I've ever read....Bar None. Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds. Get it, I can't recommend it enough. Later, Smokey
  14. need a laugh?

  15. CF-18 Crash in Southern Alberta

    I'll go with Rambler on the compression stall. From what I know about the hornet, it has little In the way of AoA limitations....assuming it has Thrust, it just won't stall - pancake? He'll yes, but not Stall.

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