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  1. Greetings All, Hiya CoolHand29!, I agree 100% with ya that, it takes researching and practicing to not get flamed most times from just SAMs. I've found turning down into 'em, going knife edge head on, then popping flares/chaff like crazy while extending full flaps, keeping the same track and air speed goin' up and at the last moment, killing the throttle and pulling that stick back right through ya, seems to work around 75 to 80% of the time. You don't slide into 'em as fast during the un-powered turn, your air speed dosen't decrease very much as you're in a dive angle, and the flaps help to lift you away faster from the SAM, giving you greater distance from the darn things when they blow. Recovering altitude and speed ASAP is key as, the second and possibly third pole is on it's way up to greet ya already. Also, never fly alone on missions. Use those program generated wingmen as "SAM bait". Go in a little behind 'em and let them take some of the pressure off your aircraft. {HEY! IT'S A SIM! THEY'RE NOT REAL! } This boosts your survival rate up to around 90%. If you set up a second air group to fly "Ironhand" for ya, call base ops and tell 'em to draw a cold one for ya. As for the air to air stuff, that's a whole 'nother world for me. I strap on a hog, not a fighter so, I can dodge the 1st shot no problem, most times the 2nd from a wingman. By then, they're close enough to send over my AIM9s and/or use my gun. If they put up a set of two fers, FOR GET IT! I just pull the handle and say good bye to my beautiful perfect plane, long before they break it on me. "Memories; of the way we used to beeeeeeee." :cray: Again, using your program wingmen. . . er. . wing persons { GEEZ!} and another air group as pawns, is a good tactic. There really is strength & safety in numbers. IMHO, I think many folks forget it is a sim we all "act" within, not "play a game" in. They're in too much of a rush to increase their number of kills and in these "gamer's" cases, one can read that to mean get a bigger "total game score". They need to be reminded it's a "sim", NOT a "game" and the ultimate object of sim pilots is to take off, fly to a specific area, "do their thing" and/or attack a primary objective, either air, ground, or both, and come back alive with your aircraft intact and land it safely. NOT just run up a big score in a hurry. { Gamer = Nuckledragger = glorified high tech Pong & Space Invaider arcade game player. Simer = excellant, trained & fine tuned, experienced actor. } I wonder how many persons perchased the original ubisoft LOMAC sim disk, had this mind set, became discouraged, bored, and hate it because, it was too hard for 'em, and their LOMAC sim now sits on a shelf somewhere gathering dust? Just as my A-10 and I "go low & slow", I'd suggest anyone and everyone, to take their time, put themselves in "IMMORTAL" mode even, no matter how good they are at acting in the sim at the moment, use the fast battle planer, and train, train, train, and train some more. I do it all the time! Even "Old Guys" need to keep their acting skills up and polished too! Otherwise, specially NEWBIES out there, you're just gonna be fresh meat and/or easy pickin's for the bad guys! {Anyone read "Bounder" 's post about what happened after a long absence from LOMAC? Smoked right off the bat!} OK. That's enough long winded blah, blah, blah from me peoples.
  2. Greetings All, Can someone please help out a wannabe newbe from the real existing 110th Air Wing, set up LOMAC & LOMAC FC on his Vista computer so, he can get the sim off the ground and running? I've already given him some wrong info by mistake because, I run XP. Please message him direct. GodSaveTheUSA73 THANKS
  3. Greetings All, Ruggbutt, Would you, could you, please give this guy a hand with setting up LOMAC & LOMAC FC on his computer that's running Vista. I run XP and I've already given him some wrong info by mistake. Please, message him direct. GodSaveTheUSA73
  4. Thanks gwar. Send it directly to him please. GodSaveTheUSA73
  5. Thanks Bounder for the rapid responce deployment. PLEASE. . . message the guy direct: GodSaveTheUSA73 He's needs to be taken by the hand and lead thru the LOMAC & LOMAC FC programs intallations and patchings "mine field" one step at a time. "With windows Vista you can not use the current patch 1.01. , or 1.02. . . " <---- IF these are the patches for the original ubisoft LOMAC, I've already given him some wrong info. OH MAN! He's been FUBARed by friendly fire. :( You got smoked!? But, I thought it was supposed to be "like ridin' a bike", etc.?
  6. Thanks much Paul, The more people that learn about the guy's problems, the better the prospects he's going to get help.
  7. Greetings All, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Virtual pilot going down! There is a person who is an actual existing member of the real and existing 110th Air Wing who, is having problems with getting and using LOMAC on his computer with Vista installed! He helped me out of a rather stupid error I made and I have advised him of what little I know about LOMAC and Vista problems which, was not a whole lot of information, as I run XP with Service Pack 2 on my 5 year old Pavilion tower. { HEY! DON'T KNOCK IT! IT WORKS FAST ENOUGH AND VERY WELL! "If it aint broke, don't fix it." } Can't anyone here. . . ANYBODY!. . . geeks, gurus, or computer know it alls, spare a little time off from siming and/or posting and give this actual U.S. volunteer patriot a helping hand? He wants the diversion and wants to be part of the LOMAC sim community/brotherhood. He messaged me saying, "I'm about to just quit.", this very afternoon and that's a dam shame! Somebody, help this good guy out. . . PLEASE! Message him at: GodLovestheUSA73 , right here on this forum. THANKS MUCH PEOPLE!
  8. The Newbies List Of Forum Acronyms

    GREETINGS ALL, There's all kinds of "FU"s out there. Oh yeah. Just add an: MOS, rank, first name, gender, civie job title, whatever comes to mind. You'll have folks "ROLF"ing, when ya tell 'em what you mean. :yes:
  9. Women in uniform...

    GREETINGS ALL, GEEZ TROOPER! Is this girl. . . like 13 or 14 years old or what!? She looks way to young to be flying anything. Maybe a kite but, least of all jumpers. Perhaps it's just me. Time to get into a wheel chair & buy a bottle of geritol I guess.
  10. 174th vFighter Sqn."Cereal Killer" MichANG-Battle

    Screen shots of my hog dressed in Colt40Five's demented skin.
  11. Greetings All, But, with that bias in mind and the russians having more knowledge of their oun aircraft rather than ours, doesn't that make it that much more of a challange? This should be part of the "fun" of flying in this sim in my humble opinion. Don't you think so? Laters peoples, Rick " WHOSIT " W.
  12. Hi Sixgun and everyone else, I agree with another poster here. Sandstorms bite! In more ways than one! As for everything else. . . duh, what!? {I'm a nuget, what we called a *NG in my day so, i'm lost with no map, compass, sun, or stars.} Laters all, Rick "WHOSIT" W.
  13. Flight nights...

    Hi "Sixgun" and everyone else, I'd love to fly with a virtual squadron but, I haven't clue one as to what you mean by SF, WOE, or WOV. I'm guessing they are specific games/flight sim programs of course but, which is whos is what? I'm new to flight combat sims, {thanks to my wife who has gotten me hooked on 'em by buying me a not so hot program,{which goes nowhere} joystick, and com. headset} computer gameing as a whole for that matter. Never liked it but, now I have more time on my hands than ever before and Im hooked on manned flight to begin with. I only have purchased "Lock-On", ver1.02 I believe, and love being a "hog" driver. But man oh man, it's lonely flying with a computer generated wingman who, doesn't really talk to you much and is only good for flying a poor CAP! {Yes, I know all about maintaining "radio disipline" having been a non-straight leg in tiger stripes in what seems another lifetime now but, these are supposed to be FUN.} Would I be able to fit in somewhere and do any of these sims have A-10s in them? Any "Sandys"? I love "low & slow" ground support missions and breakin' bad guy things in indian country. So. . . PLEASE, give me the whole sit rep Sixgun 6 actual. Which program, what com. program is prefered, {I have two already} EVERYTHING I would need to get started. {GOD! Not basic flight training. . . AGAIN!? } Looking foward to your reply boss. Laters Sixgun, Rick "WHOSIT" W.
  14. IR Bombs?

    Greetings and salutations all, Being a nuget within this fourm, might I inject my "two cents" into this conversation? {Well. . . I shall in any case. } Reguardless of their R&D design specs as being offencive or defencive in nature, the object of "the end game", for parties envolved, remains the same. Kill the enemy and destroy their adjunct means of engageing in battle tacticaly. Stratigicaly, destroying the "offending" country's(ies') means to produce these same, as well as, destroying the civilian / political occupant's "will" to so continue. Therefore, it is not only when or where any form or type wepon, or non-wepon for that matter, is to be used but, how and why it is as well. Combined, these ALL determin their true nature of being during conflicts, out right armed or otherwise. As for M.A.D., those nuclear wepons WERE used, still ARE being used effectively by the U.S. and others, as an active/passive pychcological wepon of nuclear attack deterance, making them defencive in nature. However, when actually launched, by all parties involved, at an enemy and utilized, they will become offencive wepons as well, not only by the very large distructive radius powers of blast and heat but, the lingering and the spreading of both lethal and non-lethal but, gene and cellular level mutating long half life radioactive fallout, by the winds, affecting ALL living occupants of the targeted country(ies) AND on this planet as a whole! M.A.D.!? Yes, indeed! In more ways than one but, the threat of it is still working, thank God. But, I wonder yet, when and who will eventually "call the bluff"? Laters peoples, Rick "WHOSIT" W.

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