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  4. to jomni: Nice idea. But still hard to shoot beyont 100 yards. to Steve43: Thanks a lot. I will try, I have never dealt with code before.
  5. I can not see the traces, the engine block my view. I mean the parts the red arrow pointed.
  6. i have just installed the "Virtual pit for Russo's Messerschmitt Bf-109E3", but there is something wrong. the "instrumentengeh剈se.bmp" did not show up in game. so they are all white.
  7. i used to play it without joystick. now i have a joystick, but i don't know how to disable the force feedback.
  8. i understand, but i still think the color of the 'air fresheners' could be change a little, as the color right now is too bright
  9. there is two green bars in the cokpit, how to fix them
  10. how to use it? Please add a readme file
  11. "downloads required: ................... Edward's Solomons_complete - has most of the WWII specific stuff, including p-40E,zero, and val planes ..................." from the "Flying Tiger"s readme i really dont want to search for those planes one by one, it costs too much time

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