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  1. The Sea Raid

    had not posted any screens in a long time so here are a few
  2. Army Strong!

    When I can find it Ill post it. I seem to remember an A.F. photo showing a command group pic with 4-5 different uniforms,about 6 odd headgear/covers,and an overweight female Major with her hands in her pockets (lol no wonder we called them Air Force pockets in my day lol)
  3. Simulator Promotion

    just saw this TY even though I still have most the disk, its good to see them in a DL version as they are less probably going to get normal wear ,and tear just remember to "BACK UP A COPY" lol
  4. Happy July 4th!

    :) Happy 4TH to one ,and all. Salute to those A far
  5. I'm Feeling Generous...So Don't Press It

    LOL seems like a win win situation , but no matter it was c o o l thing to do,wish More were like that.
  6. The Movie "Behind Enemy Lines" (Wilson/Hackman)

    The movie is also A "modern" remake of "BAT-21" (Loosely) that G.Hackmen stared in which is another trend of "HOLLYWOOD" the remake lol
  7. Remembering D-DAY

    Salute to those that set the standards we adhere to yet to this day,May we have to courage to be half the Warriors they were,no home rotations,they stayed until it was DONE.
  8. been a while but Here is an old one ,A-4 scramble lol glad it was just a sim:)
  9. Delta Force

    roflol even thought its an ""oldie,but moldy" during last deployment got a copy and mostly rode the motorcycle around lol.
  10. A little something for "THE FLY BOY'S"

    Ok lost me whats BTDT mean?
  11. A great picture I found At the Army Web site AKO
  12. Or if your fast enough come from below,fire a burst to damage or make the bomber drop its load of bombs. then climb past ,bank left ,or right which ever is to your advantage to gain a lead . Line up fire a burst head on roll left or right to gain more speed,and repeat Until you ,or they are smoked.
  13. we need to rescue avsim

    Ill check some of my older files but,sort swamped at the moment ,but will add what I can If we all look we should be able to gather until they are back.
  14. found this in the read me file of some older Taiwan ,hope this helps EAWEuro Terrain v. 1.6 patch for Strike Fighters: Project 1 by fng2k & Keith Bedford 10/10/2003 Fixes: oceangoing tanks C-130 embedded in airfield airbase misconfigurations More targets added to movement.ini To install: -Save these files into your StrategyFirst\StrikeFighters\Terrain folder\EAWEuro folder. Overwrite earlier versions of these files. Includes: EAWEuro_targets.ini EAWEuro_movement.INI EAWEuro_TYPES.INI No locations for cities/airfields are changed. Have fun! fng2k Keith Bedford Comments: gshelipad@lycos.com or the SimHQ SF:P1 forum will look for more as it an old file

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