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  1. I tried this with YAP carriers......it didn't work.
  2. Search or Ask for a template, download gimp, and do it yourself
  3. No you can't. They are both modeled in the same animation, animation number 7. Use Mue's LOD viewer to check this out.
  4. Sexy, sweet, superb, amazing....
  5. I didn't brake any rule since I've stated from the beginning that I've used things made and uploaded here by you. I didn't brake any rule because I didn't upload here any modification of any previous work wihtout the original creator approval. I've just shown here some work I made from resources avaible here from other users. And this is not a violation of the site rules. You are saying that I'am a thief. And this is something I won't tolerate. I've been almost 10 years in this community and I have never never never have a rant until know with you. I have paid every single game, expantion pack , I have always been commited with the fair rules in this forum, and now you are accusing me from being a thief just because I've suggested something you didn't like? But , this is just a game my friend , please don't worry and be happy. Peace and love
  6. Well, thanks to Menvra's invaluable help, we will enjoy a 100% accurate 250 m heightmap of western and mid europe: (20-02-17) PD: The terrain has not been release yet , and therefore no readme has been written , but of course that you'll be mentioned. I've just suggested a new terrain for this campaign and then you just started accusing others of diminishing your work. That's it. As I said before: Please my friend, don't worry, be happy, this is just a game and we are doing this for fun
  7. In 10 years here I've never read such a simplistic and childish post. I don't who have ever diminish your work , what I can assure you it is that It has never been , it is not ,and it will never be me. I've just suggested that In my opinion , the original terrain is small, and therefore , I recommended the creation of a new one , bigger so that more bases could be placed. That's it. You have afirmated that the original terrain has enough air bases for the coalition, and you are wrong: 1) Prince Sultan air base , 2 F-15 squadrons and 2 F-16 squadrons, on the edge of the map, placed wrong in the original release, I knew this from 2009. 2) King Faisal air base, 1 F-15 squadron 3) Taid air base 5 F-111 and EF-111 units 4) Al Dhafra 3 F-16 squadrons 5) Al Minhad 7 F-16 squadrons 6) Al-Ahsa air base all French units (The third biggest coalition air force) All this wihtout mentioning the airlift and tanker bases. Instead of accusing and blaming others from "diminishing" your efforts you could have argue that a new terrain would meant adding longer missions, and sice, in SF2 no AA refueling is supported , then it may habe been better to use a limited number of air bases in a smaller terrain and adding other as off-map bases. That would be a reasonable and logical answer................. As I have some experience modding terrains, I have this: Terrain size is 1500 x 1500, 250m height file, same tilset as your mofified Iraq terrain, all the targets you added to your terrain update have already been imported to this one and placed at their correct postions, this terrain only needs small tile tweeks and it would be ready. I think that this terrain may fit better with an update of the Desert Storm mod, but hey! It is just my opinion , I'm not diminishig your work , you made a modification on the Lybian terrain a few moths ago, It was me who made the major overhaul upon that terrain back in 2014 and you dind't even mentioned me in the readme. of course, I dind't argue and I didn't say anything because I dind't care about it, but please do not say that others are diminishig you work when you know that this is 100% false. So , please my friend, don't worry, be happy, this is just a game and we are doing this for fun . As they say in the basque country in southern France and northern Spain, Agur bero bat!!!! , but bero, not hotz
  8. A2.jpg

  9. A1.jpg

  10. This upgrade has main drawback: Terrain's size. It is too small and most of the coalition bases are out of the map, examples: Al-Dhafra, Prince Sultan, King Faisal, Al Minhad........... I think that it is clear thet we need a new terrain............
  11. I have a 3d model of a J-22 Orao (With credited origin) I have no time to finish it, so if any of the 3d guys out here would like to take over it, I'll provide them the files. It just needs the animations, and to be unwrapped.
  12. Mediterranean like tileset for the south of the map: More green tileset for regions in the north of the terrain: The mediterranean: Seasonal tiles:
  13. He gets the Mig-29K avaible here, he changes a few things and then..... Oh!!! We have a new aircraft!!! Wtf!!!!!

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