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  1. No, it can't be done. It is hardcored by game engine. Minimun altitude at Marshal point is 1000ft , that's 304,8 meters.
  2. If it weren't a ripped fsx9 model maybe.
  3. OK, I've modded the water with new sea tiles, new shaders by Menrva and with a new waternormal , I also added to the enviroment new clouds and effects by Stary, and this is the result: I've also modded the carriers: And I decided to exploit at maximum game engine in order to achieve the greatest amount of accuracy so that you'll be able to fly alongside the real pilots of the war: I've created specific and historical missions, The sinking of HMS Sheffield: Black Buck And new menu screens: This all I have. It would be great if I could fit all this with Torno's terrain.
  4. I've sent today a private message to him. I wainting for his answer.
  5. Yes of course. If Torno needs help, specially dealing with terrain editing I would help him with pleasure.
  6. Well, as there is another project in progress and with much more quality than mine. I just going to stop working on my update since it does not have any sense having duplicated WIPS. Looking foward for Torno's work.
  7. Yep, that one, we just need to do the proper skins to it (RN and Argentina) I meant an argentinian skin for the Hercules.
  8. The helicopters are totally outdated. For the Gazelle we have the superb Yakarov's model. However we need a better SH3, we already have the model, maybe just minor 3d work and a new Skin, maybe Yakarov can help us with this. And for the Lynx, we would need a totally new model. There are also some aircraft that might be interesting to modify like the Hercules (Maybe Dels or daddyairplanes) , and it would be great if we had a better model for the Mentor and the Aermacchis.
  9. Hello guys The Falklands mod was, and it is, one of my favourites mods ever. The initial release was probably at it's time (2008) on of the biggest additions to this game and this community. Later on, a convertion was made for SF2, and finally , a few years ago a redux version with SF2 NA features. Although I always liked the mod, right now it looked to me a little bit outdated, and some features could be improved in order to exploit the game engine to achive the biggest amount of realism and immersion. With this aim , the aim of achieving the biggest amount of realism and immersion taking into account game engine limitations, I've done the following work taking as reference the SF2 redux version of the mod. 1) I've used as reference terrain Sundowner's falkland terrain rebuild, I've modified a little bit some tiles, and I've changed heavily the water, so at this moment the terrain looks like this: 2) The terrain is a naval terrain , but the campaigns are conventional campaigns, with no SF2NA features, I think that in this way the results of campaign vs single player missions are more realistic. If the campaign were a SF2NA campaign , the argentine forces would try to skink RN carriers, wich "had never occured" , moreover with the naval terrain we can operate from RN carriers. I also limited the use of the terrain just for the 1982 year. With this modifications both single player and campaign are more realistic, and represent, with the well know game engine limitations the most precise representation of the conflict in this game so far. Alongside all this, I've decided to delete the Super Éntedard from the campaigns, and instead, creating with the mission editor the main missions they took during the conflict (Atlantic Conveyor and HMS Sheffield). After testing the campaigns in the terrain , I've noticed that the british campaign is quite short , but intense and with many different types of missions flown, however, argentine campaign is much dull, and the mos interesting and mos demanding missions are those from the A-4 Skyhawk squadrons, Daggers and Mirages mostly do recon missions. 3) I've modified at much as possible the avaible aircraft so now we have the following: Sundowner's Sea Harrier Stock Harrier Gr3 with Sundownwer's HD Skin and Dmtdragon mod: Banido's team Mirage IIIEA Stock IAI Nesher (Dagger) with paulopanz skins: Banido's team A-4 skins and mods: New A-4Q model based on stock A-4B made by me: Soulfreak's Canberra (no pics) , and dennis Oliveira's Super Etendard And some classic models stay as they are such as the pucará I've created specific and realistic loadouts based on real life information: And you know, classic Falkland's footage Any suggestion , help , assistance idea etc, is welcome.
  10. Ok I'l do that, because I'm really confused, I don't know what it going on..
  11. Nothing. Everything is at the correct plane, with correct names and the entries are in the _types .ini....... and nothing, it does not show up.

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