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  1. The size is 1500x1500 km The reason why I didn't included a bigger part of Eastern Europe is because the original idea was just to make a refurbishment of the original EAW europe terrain during the cold war with SF2 standards. However since the EAW terrain is a "peculiar" one (It has a 1500 x 1500 km size but only a 55% is actually "flyable" ( When I say "flyable" I mean that only that 55% of the whole terrain has a non 0 height field ), I said to me : "Well, I have done a lot of work here, but I want to expand the height file since I have room, but ,I don't want to loose the original work (Hand tiling, target locations etc)". So I've adapted the original work with a new HFD file that now covers the 100% of the 1500 x1500 terrain, and since the orignal terrain was designed for a WWII action (mainly in France and the South of the UK) that's why only a small part of east europe is covered.
  2. This one, took me 7 years and is still on the works:
  3. After 6 years of work, the amount of total progress is really promising. And I hope to realease all the contents and assets related to this MOD during this year. I made an important rework in European Cities. Now Paris looks like this: London: Berlin: I've made hundreds of HD skins, I've modified hundreds of .ini files and I've spent many research hours to create very well detailed cold war european aircraft: And there will be also included some "very rare" and reworked european assets:
  4. This is still under works!!! Stay tuned!
  5. It is the Mirage Factory one from 2007.
  6. Paris and London under WIP Highway strip
  7. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    Very poor special effects?
  8. Italian alps (I'm using my laptop so the images have a lowe resolution)
  9. HMNB Clyde (HMS Neptune) Faslane, Scotland. It's French counterpart, Île Longue , in front of Brest RAF Lakenheath , basend on Sundowner's RAF base MOD avaible at the Photoreal UK terrain. RAF Greenham Common Holstein air base by Florian

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