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  1. F104 somewhere in south Italy 1968

    fantastic!!! We need a campaign in Italy
  2. img00001

    hello!!!! I need this cockpit!!! which plane!?!!
  3. Tuoni, Lampi, Fulmini,Sciabole e Saette

    Ottimo lavoro!!!!
  4. Contiamoci!

    Milano Presente!!!!
  5. Great Work!!! Would be perfect for a fight with Italian F-86K on the Adriatic..... Do you know anything about Bankans campaing???
  6. Antares81 we don't have a terrain for a balkan campaign!!!! :fie:
  7. Hello guys!!!!! Sorry to trouble!!!! i wanted to know how the work ot the Balkans Campaign..... I'm looking forward to a Scramble with F-104S
  8. I think that would be wonderful!!!!!!
  9. Nato Fighters 6

    Buongiorno a tutti i piloti!!!! Qualche tempo fa sul forum avevo letto della prossima fatica di column 5, una campagna NATO nel sud europa con il nostro Bel Paese e tutta la zona balcanica, qualcuno sa se il progetto è ancora in lavorazione o meno?!?! Grazie a tutti!!!!
  10. Kamchatka Terrain for SF2 (by Baltika, Ver 2)

    Great job!!!!!! ...next job??? Balkans???? Please please we want the Balkans!!!!!!!

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