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  1. That is looking great! Let me know if i can be of any help! Svetlin and I have got the supersonic tanks with y fins, supersonic centerline tank and the 2 bomb bft (with y fins) working for both the cheetah e and c. The israeli griffin lgb (same as used by the saaf on the cheetahs) is also available from among many sources the a-4n pack. Looking forward to see more!
  2. Are you sure about that? I have done a lot of reference search for the Elta El/M-2001 in the last days and none of the more documented sources mention a ground mapping capability. From my understand of the 2001 it might actually be impossible since it has a fixed radar aerial with a very narrow cone of search which more or less only cover what you see in the HUD (and as the Cheetah E uses the same nose as the Kfir C.2 it is not space to use another radar aerial). It was designed to give ranging and tracking data for weapon employment just in front of the aircraft. Sort of a dog fight radar only. Another design goal of the 2001 was to achieve much better "Mean time between failures" than the original French radar in the Israeli Mirage IIICJ, sacrificing modes and the capability to employ radar guided missiles. It looks like the El/M-2001 only mode for air to ground work was as an range finder for the CCIP and bomb delivery. The same rather was also used in the ground attack AMX as the Grifo Pointer and no sources states any ground mapping capability beside the range finder and front cone lock on as far as I can find. To show the fixed aerial, El-2001 in Kfir: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q35/flex297/Egypt/EltaEL-2001B.jpg Back to the Cheetah E and the Elta El/M-2001, the SAAF was rather notorious about OPSEC and misinformation back in the days and it would be rather plausible that the "ground mapping" capability was introduced for just that purpose. I cannot see how they could have introduces that feature into the fixed aerial El-2001 radar system. This is also probably why the Kfir later got a much more sophisticated radar system for the Kfir 2000/CE upgrades. The El-2001 is also in use on the updated Romanian Mig-21 Lancers (ground attack model) and as of 2014 has no ground mapping feature. Remember when the Cheetah program was started in the early 1980's, the El-2001 was the best and only combat proven radar system which was available from Israel. And as the Cheetah E was designed to be an interceptor with ground radar vectoring, the lack of range and multirole features was probably not seen as a big problem, it would after all be a big improvement over the French radar then in use in the Mirage IIIs. The 81 miles range is for the Elta El/M-2032 which is a completely other radar design (no way the small radar aerial in the El-2001 can have that range), it was/is used on the Cheetah C and updated Kfirs and as you can see it needed a much bigger radome for the radar aerial.
  3. Thats the plan :-) Right now I'm asking the original author of the cheetah E to give the thumbs up. The Cheetah E is pretty much finished right now, the last work included painting the intake and belly pylons to match the rest of the scheme and to make the load out ini. Just need to make some simulator loading screenshots. And I forgot to mention the entries for the Elta EL/M 2001 radar, does any of you know about the actual capabilities? Most sources states it is simply a ranging radar for lock on in a narrow cone in front of the aircraft, but many books mention the Cheetah E/D had a ground mapping mode for the same radar.
  4. The E over the range... Full bomb load
  5. Svetlin has been of great help with fixing the tank issue, He remade both the data file and the Kfir BFT tank. He even included the supersonic centerline tank for the Cheetah C. The only issue left is to get the kfir 500l supersonic tank with fins to show up... Thank you Svetlin!
  6. The problem comes when the entries for the mirage pkt combo tank is removed in the data ini, regardless of what is in the loadout ini. I have even removed the loadout ini completely, but no change. I think it must be something in the data ini which causes it.
  7. I have seen that there is another topic here at the CA about the double or triple loading of Mirage tanks, but I cannot translate it into a cure for my Cheetah. Any advice?
  8. Hello, Another novice asking more or less the same question about the Mirage tanks. I'm working on some loadout mods for the Cheetah E model (which is based on the DLC Mirage IIIO). The problem arise when I remove the entries for the PKT fuel/bomb combo tank and make attachment nation names changes to support the Kfir BFT tank (same as used by the SAAF on the Cheetah's). I get exactly the same double loading as seen in the pictures above. I don't quite follow the cure in this thread, any help will be most welcome. Thanks!
  9. This is how it looks.... the kfir supersonic tank load under the Mirage RPK combo tank /mirage supersonic tank. The Kfir BFT does not show up in the loadout menu at all. What does finally show up is the Griffin LGB as used by the SAAF on the Cheetahs.. [LeftInnerWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=3 StationGroupID=2 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-2.153,-1.02,-0.837 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-3.0,5.0 LoadLimit=1000 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,FT,BFT,RFT,LGB AttachmentType=S_AFRICA ModelNodeName=inner_pylon_L PylonMass=40.0 PylonDragArea=0.02 FuelTankName=Kfir_RP1300C [RightInnerWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=4 StationGroupID=2 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition= 2.153,-1.02,-0.837 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-3.0,-5.0 LoadLimit=1000 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,FT,BFT,RFT,LGB AttachmentType=S_AFRICA ModelNodeName=inner_pylon_R PylonMass=40.0 PylonDragArea=0.02 FuelTankName=Kfir_RP1300C http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/JensOle/SAAF/65d33c35-e9ec-4296-bc5c-8eba73e35e84.jpg~original Any advice on where I can find the texture for the intake/belly pylons? Thanks! BFT info [WeaponData001] TypeName=Kfir_BFT500C FullName=RPK Bomb-Fuel - Cheetah ModelName=Kfir_BFT500C Mass=650.000000 Diameter=0.075000 Length=5.572000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=S_AFRICA SpecificStationCode= NationName=SOUTHAFRICA StartYear=1965 EndYear=2010 Availability=2 BaseQuantity=4 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1965 ExportEndYear=2010 ExportAvailability=2 WeaponDataType=6 WeaponsRackType=BFT NumWeapons=2 LoadLimit=1000.000000 DiameterLimit=0.000000 LengthLimit=2.500000 MaxFuelAmount=500.000000 Attachment01Position=0.000000,1.942000,-0.230000 Attachment01Angle=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 Attachment02Position=0.000000,-1.007000,-0.230000 Attachment02Angle=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 Asymmetrical=FALSE AttachAtZero=FALSE HideStationPylon=TRUE
  10. I have done all that and it works for the a2a missiles, it correctly only load SA spesific missiles. The problem comes when trying to Get the bft to work, even if the old mirage rpk combo has been removed from the station data it load up with a double loading for the inner wing station together with other stores. This happens even if the default bft tank has been changed to the new kfir bft. I'll upload the data sections later.
  11. I'm coming over from the MS FSX world and my SF2 skills is just for the external paint and decals. Currently I'm fighting with SF2 to try to get the Kfir BFT and griffin LGB to show up under the weapon stations... I can get the V3B, V3S, V4 A2A missiles to show up, but no luck with the replacement of the mirage supersonic tank and bomb fuel tank combo (the Cheetah did not use the standard mirage tank or BFT, but the Kfir supersonic tank with y fins and the kfir 2 bomb BFT). Is there any other entries than the weapon station sections in the aircraft data file I need to change? The Cheetah R might be possible to duplicate by some of the more talented people in this forum, but it will include making the new nose and wing. A lot of work for a one off project which never went into production or service. The D will need a complete new model I think. All in all a lot of work and we will probably see none of them even if the D would be very welcome as it was the "original" cheetah. At least we have the original single seater Mirages and the Cheetah C and E. JO
  12. Some Cheetah E texture wip shots: Standard early A2A load of 2x V3B missiles Armed with V3S. This missile was probably not carried by the Cheetah E, but highly likely if they had stayed in service past 1992.
  13. Thanks for the info! I just googled kfir and fuel/bomb tank and it shows several pics which looks similar to the tank used on the cheetah's. Next question, is it included in sf? All in all not that strange as even the aircraft fuselages and wings on the cheetah c's and a few of the d's were remade from stripped down kfirs (sort of backwards to instal a smaller engine....). http://forum.keypublishing.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=141741&d=1157997112
  14. Hi, I'll see what I can do, but as you know, info about SAAF weapon/stores are rather difficult to come by. They knew opsec.. The same tank/bomb carrier has been seen in use on all of the Cheetah models and I believe we can call it a standard store for both the C and E when armed up for ground strikes with dumb bombs. To me it looks like the Cheetah fuel tank/bomb bomb used about the same measurement as the Mirage supersonic tank, but with Y fins at the rear. After searching for "Cheetah C" on google and flickr, there are several showing the tank/carrier. I have included some links here. Not sure if it helps as I believe you wanted some more hard info. https://www.flickr.com/photos/satransport/13703004263/in/photolist-mX9Kg7-3YrMpR-3YrNjg-ma5XWn-9Ltc59-9Ltcm1-9LqpwD-9LtBaN-9Ltxds-4gMQi8-2FL2r2-71Hdf-b6JxSg-6ZvK4-4tccL7-bxmJ5e-bvYqWt-e89WXM-mSTtLc-3YvVNm-bwFtST-cWLCxG-hSjmGJ-bxmJAc-bxmfU6-bxmKag-bxmgjM-brPGS8-5kSpNV-bvVmNW-bvVmBA-47irBT-53jWfg-dqmHbW-bxB1Uv-afsXc9-niWBCb-fstZU6-fstZWa-aeiZj2-3ZXha9-4m3tFB-afBcX8-hcbzof-6gwVHB-gGq9a3-5SEfA7-9zvX1v-jmCzPm-aPeA4M https://www.flickr.com/photos/satransport/6910765707/in/photolist-bwFtST-cWLCxG-hSjmGJ-bxmJAc-bxmfU6-bxmKag-bxmgjM-brPGS8-5kSpNV-bvVmNW-bvVmBA-47irBT-53jWfg-dqmHbW-bxB1Uv-afsXc9-niWBCb-fstZU6-fstZWa-aeiZj2-3ZXha9-4m3tFB-afBcX8-hcbzof-6gwVHB-gGq9a3-5SEfA7-9zvX1v-jmCzPm-aPeA4M-e2ygEW-aPeMXB-e7Wn8u-amqmY6-HgQoV-9HPSYS-HgQqe-du34NN-egwjjh-6LNwBC-9B3LBj-9B3LFu-bEMhQQ-aPezwX-dXJ6Cw-aaF5Ma-gK9tEj-nvTALN-oQg1gV-haD3aR http://www.aviaworld.com/photo/South%20African%20Air%20Force/slides/Atlas%20Cheetah%20-%20Cheetah%20C%20engine%20test.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7008/6628452063_d09f97c64b_z.jpg http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/venoid/media/217841_495702950458631_1569907884_n-1.jpg.html

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