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  1. How about letting *cough* tye combatace community judge your FM handiwork for themselves.
  2. No, thank you Denis. Beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft, truly the ultimate in pre mirage 2000 development. Now, all you gotta do is a what if cheetah C with an RD-33, the ACW wing both modeled and characteristics set in data and weapons pylons set up for 2ir and AHM with corresponding ELTA based generation 4+ radar and targeting systems;) hahaha
  3. Thanks Denis, been annoying you forever to release this! You should perhaps just update the folders,as you've placed the fake pilot decals and weapons folders in the aircraft folders, might confuse the hell outta people trying to figure out where the front hlf of the plane is haha
  4. When will these 2 seaters be available, I can't wait!!!!!!!
  5. Super Mirage F1AZ

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much
  6. Thanks for the info Jens, yeah open was so tight even the minester of defense started believing the lies! My source was pretty much from the saaf museum and pdfs I downloaded, so I think you're right now that I've had a look at the usage of it in other aircraft.
  7. The SAAF version included round mapping AFAIK. I have pdf's from an aviation journal that states only AA, but that was 1982 and by that time the intended airframes(kfirs) were already relegated to AG. Their AA range was 81 miles AFAIK, and most SAAF sources state ground mapping as well.
  8. All done yet JensOle? Will you be uploading to the community?
  9. Okay, so maybe your problem lies with the loadout.ini file, you'll probably need to reprogram that and leave loadouts stock in-game?

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