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  1. Nope, Kfir C7 is a single-seater aircraft, the one in the picture is 2-seater, so I would say Kfir TC2
  2. Fruther to what Gepard wrote, if I understand correct, every "soviet" aircraft had a serial "production" number and then the so called "board number". The "production number" was of course unique to each aircraft, while the "board number" could change. In fact, speaking about the Bulgarian Air Force as an example during the Cold War, I have read from pilots and mechanics of the time, that the "board numbers" would sometimes be changed intentionally with the purpose of causing confusion about the actual number of operational aircraft. Perhaps that was the case not only in Bulgaria, but also in other Warsaw Pact countries.
  3. Hi, you may try here: https://www.scramble.nl/index.php?option=com_mildb&view=search
  4. You are correct, unfortunately DeployWhenOnGears=TRUE does not work.
  5. I believe adding DeployWhenOnGears=TRUE in the data.ini, in the section with the animation, that makes the change between cockpits should do the job.
  6. If I understand correct, the canopy and cockpit are added via the fake pilot method, meaning there will be no opening canopy , so those back boxes will not be visible.
  7. I would say it cannot be fixed without access to the model and some additional work on it. It seems to me as if TK planned to model flaps on the Su-9, but did not complete it. Checking the model with mue's viewer, the inner part of the wing is solid, the flap is not a separate piece and does not have an animation assigned. Apparently the flap is just painted, not modeled.
  8. Yan, the APU-60-2 rack is available both as a stock weapon in SF2 and is also included in the weapons packs uploaded here at CA. You can check the MiG-23MLD to see an example of the rack being used in game. I agree those available are not the quality of Ravenclaw's weapons, but I guess these will do for the time being.
  9. If I may add a short comment too, the ECM pods on the wing tips should not be attached to the missile rails as they are currently in the model. In reality and as visible on the pictures above, either missile rails or ECM pods are attached to the wing tips. In other words, when you want to load missiles on the wing tips, you remove the ECM pods and place missile rails instead.
  10. Hi Martin, here is something to begin with: http://www.f-111.net/models/inlets/index.htm
  11. Sukhois

    Hi, Martin, I am not 100% sure, but it seems Su-17 of the first series had the larger front gear bay doors closed when on the ground, those opened and closed only when the gear was extended and retracted. Then Su-17 of the later series were modified and the doors were made to stay open. As I understand the Su-17 was in production from 1970 till 1972 and in 1972 the Su-17M entered production. So you could have an early Su-17 with larger front gear doors closed from 1970 and later Su-17 with larger fron gear doors open from say 1971. I believe that will not be too far from the truth.
  12. That, but also OKB Sukhoi themselves in that they used the Su-35 designation more than once. Su-35 designation was first given to a Su-27M test version, i.e. a series of models to test an upgraded version of the basic Su-27. That first Su-35 had canards, but never entered serial production due to lack of finance and orders from the government. Then the Su-35 designation was re-used in the last few years for the latest model, that actually entered service and has no canards.
  13. Any chance to add CBLS for training flights? http://en.valka.cz/topic/view/88319/GBR-CBLS-200-2000 http://www.sphaera.co.uk/cbls.htm

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