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  1. Hi, guuruu, could you please post a screenshot (when you are able to) of the Tornado with the larger 2250l drop tanks? Thank you!
  2. Great work by everyone who contributed. Is the Red Baron sensor pod for the SF-37 available? I can see it listed in the loadout.ini file, but it is missing in the weapons folder and I do not recall it being previously released.
  3. You could check here: http://airwar.ru/firm/alfavit/mrus.html There are detailed articles on each MiG-23 and MiG-27 variant. The text is in Russian, but you could easily have it translated in English using the built-in Chrome translator. According to the information there, the MiG-23 MLD had built-in SPS-141 active ECM and the MLD could carry externally mounted countermeasure launchers (on top of the fuselage just in front of the vertical stabilizer), though not all MiG-23 MLD had these istalled. Those that were combat-used in Afghanistan did carry the countermeasure launchers. The MiG-27K had Siren built-in ECM and could carry the same countermeasure launchers as the MiG-23MLD. I did not see any other MiG-23/27 variant having ECM and countermeasure launchers.
  4. Hi, do you plan modelling also the larger 2250L drop tanks for the Tornado Gr.4?
  5. Until ravenclaw_007 is ready with the weapons, you could work around your problem as follows: 1 - make a new weapon, a fuel tank type, using the TER lod and make a weapon station in the aircraft data.ini, dedicated to this weapon. 2 - make new weapon stations in the aircraft data.ini, only for rocket pods and the tricky part is you will have to adjust the AttachementPosition and AttachmentAngles so that the rocket pods appear attached to the TER in the right places. The other tricky part is to choose the correct StationGroupID for each weapons station. Basically you need to have different StatonGroupID for the fake fuel tank (TER lod) and for the rocket pods, so that you could load both the fake fuel tanks and the rocket pods at the same time. For example on an A-4, you could have StationGroupID=1 for the outer wing pylons (if the A-4 version has such) StationGroupID=2 for the inner wing pylons, weapons - FT (the real ones), Bombs, RP, etc. StationGroupID=2 for the inner wing pylons, weapons - FT (the fake ones, based on the TER lod) only StationGroupID=3 for rocket pods, that will be loaded on the new, dedicated weapon stations StationGroupID=4 for the central fuselage pylon I have done this in the past with a Kfir C2 and it worked. That solution will work only on an aircraft with few pylons, that use less than 6 StationGroupIDs.
  6. Mirage IIIRS

  7. JBG32 25th Anniversary Skin

  8. West German Marine Zippers

  9. Weapons Pack 2


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