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  1. Not in my install, KJakker. Are you sure you are looking at the stock MiG-23MLD? In my install the MiG-23MLD does not have engine nozzle animation.
  2. OK, so by slightly adjusting the ShockStroke and SpringFactor values for the nose gear I achieved a result that satisfies me. The aircraft has in my view a better stance than before. My current nose gear values are: ShockStroke=0.33 SpringFactor=0.6 The nose wheel sits well on the ground and during take off, the nose slowly gets raised, the shock gets slowly extended with the wheel staying on the ground until the shock is fully extended and only then the wheel leaves the ground. baffmeister, after checking your data.ini, I noticed room for some more visual improvements. The first one would be to add the correct ejection seat and we have the KM-1 seat from Florian's MiG-21UM mod (though the seat there is named KV-1, the correct designation of the ejection seat is KM-1 and KM-1M). The second one would be to add 3d parts created by Spillone104 and available here at CA, which consist of new pitot tube and engine detailing: The third one would be to make use of the APU-60-1 launch rail for R-60/AA-8 missile, which (if I remember well) Cocas was kind enough to build by my request: I have a Bulgarian MiG-21bis for personal use with the above improvements added. I am in the process of updating it with your data.ini, so eventually I will have your data.ini with my minor modifications to it to add the proper seat, Spillone104's details and Cocas's porper missile rail. I posted a screenshot of it on page 2 here with the missile rail added to the inner wing pylon. The proper stance in that screenshot was achieved by changing the CG position. Now with the help of the community I am happy to have that stance without negative effect to the FM.
  3. Hi Cliff7600 and mue, thank you both. Fiddling with the gears entries seems less risky, as long as it does not lead to the aircraft exploding on the runway, so I will give it a try.
  4. baffmeister, may I ask you a question? I am using this thread since it is somewhat MiG-21 related as well. I have not had the time to test the new data.ini you offered here, so I do not know, may be the issue I have in mind might have been addressed there. I am writing about the angle of attack the aircraft has on the ground (or the stance as I've heard it being called). The stock TW MiG-21 sits in a well visible nose-up position, while in real life pictures the aircraft seems horizontal or just slightly nose-down (I am not considering pictures of the aircraft on the runway before take off with the throttle up and brakes applied). Is there any way to control the stance of the aircraft on ground, without affecting the FM of the aircraft? I know out of personal (and rather ignorant I must admit) tests with the CG position entry in the aircraft data.ini file, that by changing the position of the CG, the stance of the aircraft on the ground changes. Changing the CG position does affect the FM though, so I doubt it is the right thing to do. I also know that each aircraft component in the data.ini file has an entry for the weight (for example weight of the nose, weight of the tail, weight of the wing, etc.) and I guess a rather low weight entry for the nose or a rather high one for the tail or other component aft of the CG may cause the aircraft to have a nose-up stance, but I have not messed with that yet. I believe I recall seeing somewhere an entry in the aircraft data.ini addressing just the angle of attack on the ground (it was something like aircraftongroundangle=) and I checked several stock TW aircraft, but could not find the correct entry. Any ideas?
  5. The file was updated and now has to be approved again. Hopefully someone will do it soon.
  6. Great looking MiG-31. Considering that the refueling probe is just an eye candy, would it be possible to make also the IRST under the nose extendable/retractable as well? It will be just an eye candy too of course.
  7. The fake pilot method works perfect for objects that need to stay permanently fixed on the aircraft. So one needs to consider if the subject pylon is to be constantly visible on the aircraft or not. In other words, if the fake pilot metod is used, then no matter what type of weapon is selected or if any weapon is loaded at all, the pylon will stay fixed on the aircraft.
  8. What I am after. Awfully slowly making progress. Unfortunately my skills are too limited to make a skin, identical to the original.
  9. Yes, what yakararov79 wrote was my plan too and it works fine. I added the tank and I can select between the early FPU-6/A tank and the later FPU-8/A tank. I just need to make a matching skin with the same level of weathering as the aircraft, though that is not really mandatory.
  10. Thank you so much, russouk2004, I truly and greatly appreciate your kindness to devote some of your time to this. I will give it a try to solve the issue, I believe I have an idea what I need to do for the fixed FPU-8/A tanks to show only when specifically called for.
  11. Here is the source drawing, in case it helps better. I am not sure I understood your post. Do you need me to make calculations or did I understood correctly that you could use the drawing to scale the tank properly?
  12. Thank you so much for the proposal, russouk2004! Here is a drawing, showing front, side and top of view of the FPU-6/A drop tank: So far I have not been successful in finding the dimensions. I have a drawing of the newer style FPU-8/A drop tank in the same scale, showing it in front, top as well as side view and a drawing in the same scale of the F/A-18. I suppose that knowing the dimensions of the F/A-18, I could use all these drawings to calculate approximate dimensions of the FPU-6/A drop tank I am looking for. I will give it a try and will post the results here. I guess it will be better than nothing.

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