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  1. http://airwar.ru/enc/attack/g2.html http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww3/a/353/111/0 https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/23769/fsx-soko-galeb-update/ The last link is to a free model for FSX and I guess you could use the skins there as reference.
  2. Check here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/81120-matra-super-530-missile-info/?tab=comments#comment-653657
  3. Congratulations, well deserved! His mods on the Mirage 3/V family are among my favorites in this sim.
  4. Thank you so much once again, ravenclaw! First goal achieved - the stock EA-6B can now carry AGM-88 on any one of the wing pylons and with a proper rail at that: Loaded with 4 AGM-88 just for the screenshot.
  5. Spot on, ravenclaw, thanks a milliion!
  6. If it is not too much to ask, could I have a white one and also a light ghost grey painted one?
  7. Ravenclaw, I would prefer to have a single launchrail model, so I could use it on different aircraft and also to represent asymmetrical weapons load. I will set it as an empty fuel tank, that cannot be jettisoned.
  8. Hi ravenclaw, if it is not much trouble for you and it does not take too much time to make it a separate lauchnrail model, then I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Good day everyone, hope I find you all safe and in good health! Has anyone come across a separate model of the LAU-118 launcher adaptor for AGM-88 HARM in any of the weapon packs or in any mod?
  10. Not in my install, KJakker. Are you sure you are looking at the stock MiG-23MLD? In my install the MiG-23MLD does not have engine nozzle animation.
  11. OK, so by slightly adjusting the ShockStroke and SpringFactor values for the nose gear I achieved a result that satisfies me. The aircraft has in my view a better stance than before. My current nose gear values are: ShockStroke=0.33 SpringFactor=0.6 The nose wheel sits well on the ground and during take off, the nose slowly gets raised, the shock gets slowly extended with the wheel staying on the ground until the shock is fully extended and only then the wheel leaves the ground. baffmeister, after checking your data.ini, I noticed room for some more visual improvements. The first one would be to add the correct ejection seat and we have the KM-1 seat from Florian's MiG-21UM mod (though the seat there is named KV-1, the correct designation of the ejection seat is KM-1 and KM-1M). The second one would be to add 3d parts created by Spillone104 and available here at CA, which consist of new pitot tube and engine detailing: The third one would be to make use of the APU-60-1 launch rail for R-60/AA-8 missile, which (if I remember well) Cocas was kind enough to build by my request: I have a Bulgarian MiG-21bis for personal use with the above improvements added. I am in the process of updating it with your data.ini, so eventually I will have your data.ini with my minor modifications to it to add the proper seat, Spillone104's details and Cocas's porper missile rail. I posted a screenshot of it on page 2 here with the missile rail added to the inner wing pylon. The proper stance in that screenshot was achieved by changing the CG position. Now with the help of the community I am happy to have that stance without negative effect to the FM.

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