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  1. Take a look at that picture: You will notice that the Matra Magic missile is loaded on an angled rail. As far as I know the anlgled rail was for French IRMs and the straight one was for AIM-9s. Probably the Magic missile needed bigger separatiion from the inner pylon stores. I am thinking of those bomb-carrying fuel tanks, that had bombs hanging on the sides, designation RPK-10.
  2. OMG, absolutely love it! Please apply the same magnificent treatment also to the RPL-501/502 and the RPL-522, if you have the time of course.
  3. Looks gorgeous, ludo.m54, hope you could repaint also the drop tanks for the M2000, so that they match the excellent skin.
  4. May be it would make more sense to follow this IAI Sa'ar scheme with respect to the shape of the bright yellow areas on the wings and the tail: The Mirage F1AZ looks fantastic in that what-if Israeli camo, brilliant idea!
  5. Nice! There is a small typing error though in the text between the 2 black squares. ЗАМКИ ЛЮКА ЛЕРЕД РАБОТОЙ ЗАКРЫТЬ Should be: ЗАМКИ ЛЮКА ПЕРЕД РАБОТОЙ ЗАКРЫТЬ I hope you do not mind me pointing this out.
  6. Oddly, I could not find many more pictures of this load setup. In fact I found just 1. Judging by the length of the bombs, I would say those are Mk.83 indeed. I have already editted the wonderful MER created by Ravenclaw to allow such setup as per my needs. Just needed to be sure of the type of bomb.
  7. Hi, guys, could anyone confirm if the bombs in the picture are Mk.83s? I assume that odd arrangment on the MERs is to provide enough separation. I also wonder if TERs could have been used instead. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi EricJ, In the aircraft data.ini of the FA-18G: [RightMiddleWingStationA2G] //SUU-80 Pylon SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=12 StationGroupID=3 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=3.6136,-0.5421,-0.28 AttachmentAngles=4.0,-3.0,0.0 DiameterLimit=0.742 LoadLimit=1501 LengthLimit=5.181 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,LGB,EOGR,LGR,FT,2BR,EOGB,CGR,MER,TLR,ASM,NUC AttachmentType=USN,NATO,WGermany,USAF,Australia ModelNodeName=USN,NATO,UK,SWEDEN,Italy,Spain,WGermany,USAF,Australia <--- should be RightMiddlePylon PylonMass=140.9 PylonDragArea=0.03 LaunchRailNodeName=RightMiddleAGMRail LaunchRailHeight=0.169 FuelTankNodeName=RightMiddleDT FuelTankName=Tank480_FA18EFG MinExtentPosition=3.75,-2.43,-0.347 MaxExtentPosition=3.395,0.297,0.337
  9. Hi, sophocles, great news. The refueling probe can be treated and set as a drop tank type of weapon. One would be able to select it and load it through the loading menu in the game. It would require the NoJettisionTank=TRUE line though so as to prevent it from being jettisonned in flight.
  10. Hi, I think I found the data entry, which is causing this effect. Open the aircraft data.ini, go to the sections for LeftMainGear and RightMainGear and find the following line in each section: CompressGearOnRetraction=TRUE You may either change TRUE to FALSE, or comment out the line (//CompressGearOnRetraction=TRUE), or simply delete it. That will solve the sinking-wheels problem. It will result though in a slight visual oddity on gear retraction to where the landing gear will not compress and the wheels will pass through the aircraft fuselage, because the landing gear compartments are shorter than the fully extended landing gears. So not perfect, but works and so far I have not noticed any negative effect.
  11. Anyone care to guess today's mission?
  12. As NIELS said above, I would check Ravenclaw007's weapons pack 1 and 2, but also the WIP page for weapons pack 3: Weapons pack 3 has not been released yet, but Ravenclaw007 was generous and kind enough to share some of the weapons from it in the WIP thread above. I am not sure though if the bombs you are looking for have already been released or are yet to be with the weapons pack 3.
  13. Just make sure to keep TK's typo - jettision instead of jettison. If you typed NoJettisonTank, it would not work. It must be NoJettisionTank as Crusader wrote. I myself keep forgetting that.
  14. Yes, these are the stock Intruders and rails from Nightfall's A-4 packs and not only. Luckily Nighfall has modelled the AIM-9 rail with an adapter.
  15. The odd part is that only the main gear of the static Intruders appears sinking in the flight deck, while at the same time the player's aircraft and the AI aircarft appear with main gear spot on.

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