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  1. Thank you so much, problem solved That must have really been an earlier version of your missile. Thank you once again, I do appreciate it.
  2. Hi ravenclaw_007, I noticed some tractor beams coming from the Matra R.550 Magic 2. Would it be possible to fix that if/when you have some time?
  3. Thanks for the answer, ludo, the mod is great as it is and my curiosity is satisfied. I do love 2-seater versions of otherwise single seater aircraft.
  4. Thanks for the update, team, hope the file will be approved later, so I could fly the aircraft after work :-) By the way, I have a question about the French Mirage F1B. Most photos I have come across show the aircraft in what appears to me as a more dull or a darker shade of blue-grey color on the side and upper surfaces as compared to the skins in the mod, which are in a brighter blue color. Is that due to aging and weathering on the actual aircraft, or due to difference in lighting/camera effects, or is it actually a different camo, applied during the later years of service of the aircraft? What confuses me in the picture of the actual aircraft is that most markings appear to be with good contrast, as if freshly applied, which does not match with an aged/faded camo. To compare, here is the Mirage F1C_82, which I believe wears the same skin as the Mirage F1B available (I apologize, I cannot take a screenshot of an actual Mirage F1B at the moment).
  5. Thank you, team, for the continuous hard work on the Mirage F1. It would be great if someone would approve the new version.
  6. Looks like a MT-LBu vehicle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MT-LBu
  7. Hi, here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjfdbOmtHKY Round 00:19-00:20 for a brief moment you could see the gun being elevated and the radar dish with it. Here too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UONN6APrcU The above link though is for a version of the system which is not loaded on an armored vehicle, but it seems to me to be the same thing otherwise. To make things confusing, here is a third video clearly showing at around 00:43 the radar dish remaining in a fixed position with just the gun and the optical guiding system moving together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHsFe1Abk2A The system seems the same as in the second video, but this time on an armored vehicle. Again I am no expert and I hope I am not causing confusion, but it appears to me as if the gun would move together with the system being used for guidance at the given moment, whether optical or radar, or both if possible. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Hi, I am not an expert, but just checked a couple of Youtube videos, showing the system in action, and the radar dish moved both horizontally and vertically together with the gun and they always pointed in the same direction.
  9. The thing is that the decal is not common to all aircraft in a squadron, but to a single board. So to represent a full squadron you would need 1 skin for the aircraft with unique skin design and another skin for all other aircraft in the squadron. So that will be a problem in the game as when the standard squadron skin is used in the game, you will not have the special skin appearing among the other aircraft. This is similar to US Navy squadrons having a CAG bird and line birds. If you make the CAG bird a separate skin, then you will never have the CAG aircraft appearing together with the line birds. In my example Bulgarian MiG-29UB board number 14 was decorated to commemorate 100 year of military aviation in Bulgaria and no other aircraft had these additional decorations: Something similar on Bulgarian MiG-29A board 16 commemorating 25 years of MiG-29A in Bulgarian Air Force service: I do apologize to Ngr for hijacking his thread.
  10. I think that partly the problem that Ngr faces is related to how the aircraft was modelled and split in different meshes. Here is what I mean: The decal just in front of the exhaust is supposed to be on the outer side only, but because the whole middle section of the aircraft and the 2 engines are a singe mesh, when you apply a decal that should face left, it appears both on the right engine and the left engine facing left. The same happens to a decal that is applied on the upper side of the fuselage, that should face top - it appears also inside the engine intake, facing top. I do not know of a cure to this other than cutting the section into more meshes, allowing independent placement of decals. In my case above the decal appearing at the wrong place is a minor problem. I had to reduce the size of the board number (14) on the intake, so it could fit entirely in the separate mesh, which I believe the model creator included especially for placing the board numbers and preventing them from appearing at wrong sides of the intakes. The problem though is that in reality the board number should be bigger, but still I would call this a minor problem. Aside from these issues though I am extremely happy with both the MiG-29UB and MiG-29A models as the level of detail is exquisite.
  11. Guys, if you plan to update this model to v2 as with other Mirage F1 models, may I ask you to fix the Aegean Ghost skin? The problem is with the centerline R-530 pylon:
  12. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993173-is-this-a-british-or-european-dual-bomb-adapter/ http://www.mlaviationwhitewaltham.yolasite.com/things-we-manufactured.php
  13. I would say they had to do it that way for better/easier steering while taxing. It is called positive wheel/tyre camber. Since the nose gear is angled so much forward, when you turn right for example, the left tyre would either entirely loose contact with the ground, or only a narrow part of its working surface would remain in contact. Respectively when you turn left, same thing would happen with the right tyre. The positive camber helps in that during a turn the inside wheel/tyre would actually deform, allowing a wider surface to be in contact with the ground and the outside wheel instead of being lifted from the ground or have very narrow touch with it, would actually have a normal width working surface touching the ground. In other words, the positive camber in this case means more grip for the nose wheels and hence better steering especially at higher speed.
  14. Out of curiosity, what is wrong with the nose wheels, Wrench? These look correct to me on your screenshot above.

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