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  1. F-35s land in the UK

    I love Harriers too! But when they fly over you they sound like 122mm rockets!
  2. Independence Day

    Yep. I agree! UK must be the leader of Europe. The Moral Leader.... more than anything else. The Brexit was a massisive mistake. PM Dave Cameron in a Pizza Shop at O'Hare Airport in Chicago said fuck it put it to a referendum..... That decision.... really led to an unleashing of the Nationalist whack jobs! 100 years ago.... Nationalist whack jobs.... Damn near destroyed ( actually did ) destroy the world. 23 JUN 16.... 60 years from now. Will be cited as a cause. Our Grand Kids 202 level class on WWIII.
  3. Independence Day

    So funny! actually! South West Virginia 1912. A Coal Camp called Wilder, Virginia! Half the people there where immigrants from Germany and Scotland. A quarter of them where Hungarians. Other quarter was from every where else. They had one church. They shared. They busted their asses everyday in the coal mines. They came together. Respected each other! Hunks, Tallys, and Greeks! They cooked together. Worked together. Came together as one people.... Americans are........ English, German, Native American, African American, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Irishmen! I am damn proud of that!
  4. F-35s land in the UK

    F-35 is a game changer. We spent a lot of money to make something with more capabilities than any combat aircraft ever. Plus we shared it with our friends! 30 years ahead of anything Russia has now.
  5. Independence Day

    You honestly expressed you thoughts Mig Buster! I agree about 80% with you! I just see the Brexit as a break up of the UK. I have spent many days in bad places with my cousins from the UK. No Soldier on the planet I respect more. My thoughts on the whole thing is the fact that I really did not think people thought it out. If we had a referendum for the South to secede from the USA.... Today. The average Joe would probably vote for it. Not knowing what would follow. A break up of the UK would to me.... Like having a best friend die.
  6. Streak knows his Phantoms! I was just getting ready to say red is "night light" filter.....
  7. Independence Day

    I know right Zoltan! The Queen of England is actually a German! Go anywhere near a population center in the USA, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone speaking English! In the USA, we have had Polish plumbers for the last 180 years! So what is the issue? My last maintenance man at my apartment was British! Nobody raised hell about a British guy immigrating to the USA? Former Royal Marine. I am and always been disappointed by the arrogance of people from England ( not UK ). The Swiss model is a white elephant. The Swiss trade and conform to EU standards. Switzerland has like, 8 people in their country compared with rest of Europe. The Swiss have always not got involved. Switzerland never "ruled the world." UK has an obligation to stay together and be a leader in Europe. The Brexit, actually compromised their integrity. The UK basically "drunk texted" Germany and said, "fuck you bitch!" You always wake up the next day after doing that feeling like shit.
  8. Independence Day

    I am just disappointed. I thought you guys where better than that.
  9. Independence Day

    UK flag on 23JUN16. UK flag 23JUN19.
  10. Independence Day

    It is just simply obvious that the UK has committed suicide. Most popular Google searches in the UK the day AFTER the vote: "What does it mean to get out of the EU?" "What is the EU?" Mind blowing!
  11. Independence Day

    What have we done?
  12. Independence Day

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOAtz8xWM0w The new National Anthem of the UK! 1940 had no choice to stand alone! 2016 chose to stand alone! RIP UK.
  13. Independence Day

    You can blame BBC for the information on the FACT that the Majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to STAY. I think The UK super fucked up by voting out,by a small margin, I might add. It basically ends Britain to become a vassal state to India. Winston Churchill himself called for a United Europe in 1946! The Council of Europe and the European Economic Community Which later became the EU, was the original Idea of Winston Churchill. Like was said before....... the only thing Britain manufactures now is HP Sauce and Boy Bands. Who in the fuck are you going to negotiate a trade deal with? And for what? The only true money making industry in the UK is oil and gas and when Scotland does split off it will belong to them. Markets do not rebound if they have ceased to exist. Just rampant populist nationalism from the dying remnants of a once great empire. Donald Trump will not get elected POTUS. The GOP will not let him get nominated at the convention. UK does not need Gibraltar anymore because they barely have a navy any more and the UK really has not much relevance as a world power. To get in a war with Spain over a rock, is just the kind of populist nationalism crap that started this whole thing to start with.
  14. Independence Day

    Well England you did it! Welcome to the Third World! Pound Sterling down lower than 1985. Predicted to fall lower than $1.20 by July. FTSE looses $120 Billion in market capital just this morning. Lower than the 2008 financial crisis. 62% of Scotland voted to stay. Word is Scotland will soon vote again to leave the UK. Northern Ireland voted to stay. Rumor says they might soon hold a vote to leave the UK and join the Republic of Ireland. Oil prices world wide fall,,,,,,, gold prices just spiked to a ten year high. UK facing a massive recession by end of summer. Well, UK is done. Hope you guys enjoy the smell of it all burning down around you!
  15. HA! We do have a "Chem Trail Mod!" Ha!
  16. SPAD XII Cannon?

    Dude.... get really close behind an Albatross! Boom! Make sure you wear a helmet!
  17. SPAD XII Cannon?

    You got to manually reload it!
  18. Crimes in the Skies

    Snail does have a point..... So who will Mod a hovercraft full of eels, that blows "chemtrails" out the back? Ha!
  19. Just wait! this will be good! You just got to be patient! Part of the process around here! What makes it fun! BTW...... nothing made for SF1 anymore. Plus.......everything SF1 is SF2 capable if you read the Knowledge Base.
  20. Crimes in the Skies

    Not that odd on Combat Ace! We share common things other than current political thoughts! This place is so great that you can really disagree on stuff but not hold it personal! Most of my besties on Combat Ace I don't agree with politically! Great place!
  21. Crimes in the Skies

    These whole the U.S. Military is secretly doing this horrible shit to our own citizens shit pisses me off too! The only "secret" stuff we do to our citizens is be in the places they won't and do the things they can't. Right on Typhoid! All the Alex Jones types need to get a life.
  22. USMC Questions (Semper Fi)

    COP is actually "CLP, Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant." CLP is the standard U.S. weapons lube for normal conditions. As said above, The dude in the Pith Helmet is Rifle Range Cadre.
  23. Crimes in the Skies

    Just to be a prick, some one needs to make a "Chemtrail Mod," for SF2. Check out this pic! Americans and Germans using "Chemtrails," against each other in WWII!

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