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  1. I've always liked this one.... hope the link works! http://www.fighterpilotuniversity.com/music-and-theater/songs/tales-that-i-can-tell/
  2. Shooting the Cockpit - War Crime or just immoral?

    I have heard (over the years) a number of similar anecdotes to that mentioned by Ceaser in this thread .... immoral, "unsporting"? Perhaps. Damned effective though. Guilty of it myself in sims where it's possible. As good an aiming point as any.
  3. .....and everyone will buy roughly the same looking plane & just pop different national markings on 'em a true classic & really nice vid - thanks for sharing it!
  4. Well come to think of it re wingmen my no 2 (& no2 only) seems to have huge problems staying in formation now, while 3 & 4 sit in lock step with me. Used to be (pre latest patch) that only happened if I flew say under 250kts and/or below 500ft. Suppose it will all come out in the wash anyhow still having a blast with it. Guess a bloke could just uninstall the lot and go again - only patching up to oct or nov 2011 but .......meh, not that irritated. That time could be spent in my Gr3!!
  5. Same here - SF2 fully merged latest patch etc. Saw 2x Mig-27 falling bum first out of the sky, no visible damage just holding the nose in vertical and dropping like a brick. No attempt by ai to regain control. Not seen this before i patched up..... Then again so long as its red air doing it... makes my life easier Also noticed some mild 'flickering' of terrain, dosen't bother me as i get too busy to notice - but again fairly sure it wasn't present b4 patching.
  6. Laid off yet again

    That is rotten, sorry to hear. Keep your'e chin up pal - best wishes to you.

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