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  1. hi guys! :) still reading here. well perhaps reviving the campaign building forum would be nice. Good to have places where all can see about that (screenshots, updates). You would need some participation from the campaign builders evidently ;)
  2. The eyecandy thread

    -If you fly too long low level above the sea, the windscreen gets "crusted up" with salt. One Skyhawk was lost in a landing accident because of this and later seaskimming time was limitted. -Groundcrews on carriers and airbases. would be really big fun to be able to do that. As to salt on the canopy, flying and action at low level is something I enjoy much in my sims. these kind of details would be fun.
  3. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Dagger for me :D
  4. I am bored!!!!! I need a new flight sim

    ? really? well there is NO comparison possible with IL2/FB and Lomac on this ground. if you get the original game, with your config it is going to be perfect. Forgotten Battles you will be able too. It is running perfectly on one of my PC quite the same as yours. And IL2 and FB are simply the best!!
  5. Xwing.....that's an easy game.....not exactly the kind of feeling you have when you are against this one . What it is looking like much more is a dogfight in IL2 or Lockon these days, although not as difficult. That's for this kind of things, I like combat sims. I agree that as a flyable it is not interesting, for me it is the perfect enemy. There is room for mods like that. Be sure I appreciate your own very nice work too B) :-))
  6. ..................Well perhaps because the same thing can be said about many (if not all :D ) other AC in SF? ;) Also because of the "combat" factor? Perfection doesn't exist here and I don't think any AC in SF can pretend to be perform as its real-life counterpart did. I think also it's good to have AC designed to be flyable and other designed to be enemy. This one would belong to the second category. It is real good to fight against, that's my point. AI engine reacts very well to it. If you want to have a nice missile combat take this one. Top 2 enemy you can find in SF. It will be always more fun in SF to take an F100, a F104 or fight a MIG 17 or a Yak 28. All have their flaws but they are more funny. I "want" this kind of things in a sim, that's for sure. As I was saying in IL2 f I'm in a lazy mood I know which one to choose, if I want challenge I will choose the FW for example. Well I like that, despite the fact this is not coherent. Well this one is overmodeled but I don't complain at all. Great job. PS - The day the AI is updated in SF I will certainly think otherwise.
  7. Well I didn't worked on it ;) but I just like to praise much Monty's work for SF in the field of FM :) . I think it is really great. Monty CZ is always achieving something strong and never boring. May be it is "too much" here but what matters is the result. This one seems to be made for being an enemy AI and it is a great one. So I'm really happy with this it! Try it guys, if you haven't! You have this kind of things in IL2, another sim with many AC. Some planes are easier than they should be, other harder. Well it is made for playing and I'm fan of this approach. Thanks again for the Yak 28 Monty!! PS- enclosed a mission to try the Yak 28P (thanks Capun for correcting this file) Monty_F4E_Yak_28P.msn
  8. Well there are so many AC in SF skies now, you have to forget about realism if you mix them too much ;) . I am even able to down jets with props The more AC belonging to different eras you have the more problems of this kind you have. As a matter of fact I like Monty's Yak 28, it is bringing real challenge in dog fights. Great job. Also nice to be able to use the RWR as a tool during the dogfight. I think it is one of the best mod. Don't know about F16, I don't have it. I suppose it should have a real big advantage in FM against any other AC in the sim.
  9. DIRECT LINK HERE: http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/de...ier.php?ID=1503 readme: http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/de...ier.php?ID=1504
  10. Just a last thing about the DL at C6, it contains following missions: -test Chapparal -test Hawk -test Hawk under camouflage -test SA 3-8-9 -test SA 3 ML -test SA 7 -test SA 8 -test SA 9 -test M 42 -test vehicles
  11. You can also use this link to DL the pack: "@téléchargement" left on Check Six web page, choose "SF Project 1", and this is "pack sol-air", in the list of DL.
  12. Or take it here in this post (thanks Biohaz!!) readme_US_FR.txt
  13. Since Sony forgot the read me in english ;) [EDIT this is already corrected you can grab it at the same link in the news separately, or just under here] HERE IT IS: SAM's and Vehicles Pack for Strike Fighters Project 1 SP2 ver 1.0 2004-01-25 by Pasko I can not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding using of this add-on. This is freeware addon package. It is not supported by me or anyone, but your feedback with suggestions and improvements is appreciated: pasko_patak@yahoo.com Use at your own risk. Feel free to modify and distribute. Thanks TK for wonderful game and to BERNARD1943 and CAPUN for support. This is first release and requires a bit of tweaking and editing to get things to work. Entries for additional objects from "Add to Groundobjectsdata.ini" and "Add to Weaponsdata.ini" needs to be added to your version of the files. After editing your Weaponsdata.ini with the latest version of the software "weapon editor" for SFP1, file has to be reloaded and saved with the WeaponEditor. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please backup your .INI files before editing! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Step by step: if you don't have already the files weapondata.ini and ground data.ini in your "Objects" folder, you have to extract these files with the utility SFP1 extractor by Skypat. Copy the additional information from "Add to Groundobjectsdata.ini" and "Add to Weaponsdata.ini"in your own Weaponsdata.ini and Grounddata.ini files. With the official utility "weapon editor" by Third Wire, "open" weapondata in the objects folder, "edit" all new addon weapon and click on "OK" back right. "Save as" new weapondata and "close". That's it! Put the content of "missions" in your "missions" file. Copy of my own system files are included for test and reference. List of included objects: SAMs systems and radars: -Hawk -Chaparral -SA-3: SA-3 Goa Dual SA-3 Goa Mobile SA-3 Goa Quad -SA-8 Gecko -SA-9 Gaskin -SA-7 Hawk CW Radar Hawk HP Radar Sidenet Radar Spoonrest Radar Flat Face Radar AAA guns: KS-19 M-42 Duster ZPU-4 AAA Other ground objects: M-60A1 Patton Tank Su-100 Tank T-34-85 T-55 bridgelayer T-62 Tank M-41 Tank BRDM-2 BTR-60 FROG-3 Launcher Kraz-255 Command Truck Camouflage Netting Bombs: AN-M30 AN-M60 AN-M65 Some skins are used from the bmp's in game. Tweaking is mostly welcome, hope you'll enjoy as much as I did discovering possibilities of this great game! Technical issues: -your game CTD when launching a test mission: you don't have installed in your game the plane needed for the selected mission. Please open with notepad the mission file and change with the plane you want. As follows: [MissionHeader] AircraftType=Mig-21bis---here (for example: SU-17) .................... [AircraftMission001] AircraftType=Mig-21bis---same here - the game currently support only one type of STATIC_SAM at a time, this is meaning only one particular integrated 'SAM launchers/SAM radar' site that could be disabled by destroying the control radar (what you're doing by destroying the FANSONG radar on an SA 2 SAM site). The problem is only with the ground fixed SA 3. With this addon, SA 3 will be added on the stock game SAM sites, in addition to SA 2. You can control however which SAM will be loaded in the game by this tip:extract the data.ini of all the stock SA 2 (you can do the same with the radars). Open any data.ini and disable the particular SAM: [MissionData] NationName=SOVIET ServiceStartYear=1959 ServiceEndYear=1980 GroundObjectRole=STATIC_SAM --here suppress the letter M, the game will not load this static SAM, put it back and it will be loaded You can do the same with the SAM radars. -T-55 bridgelayer: if you find it involved in ground battles and want to delete it, just suppress it from the Groundobjectsdata.INI And last but not least, have fun :)!
  14. Check Six is happy to host Pasko's outstanding SAMs and vehicles pack! http://www.checksix-fr.com/ Check news for "dimanche 01 février 2004" for Strike Fighters, the link is in the news. ---link is there :"Le tout par ici". DL contains improved read me (with a french translation), some more test missions. C6 (Sony Tuckson) hope you will find this DL convenient! List of included objects: SAMs systems and radars: -Hawk -Chaparral -SA-3: SA-3 Goa Dual SA-3 Goa Mobile SA-3 Goa Quad -SA-8 Gecko -SA-9 Gaskin -SA-7 Hawk CW Radar Hawk HP Radar Sidenet Radar Spoonrest Radar Flat Face Radar AAA guns: KS-19 M-42 Duster (my favorite ) ZPU-4 AAA Other ground objects: M-60A1 Patton Tank Su-100 Tank T-34-85 T-55 bridgelayer T-62 Tank M-41 Tank BRDM-2 BTR-60 FROG-3 Launcher Kraz-255 Command Truck Camouflage Netting Bombs: AN-M30 AN-M60 AN-M65
  15. for that you have outstanding Andy Bush A2A and A2G articles at simhq that are explaining how to use this particular game in a realistic way. But the manual did contain a few useful things for using the game (options, keys etc..). Open the folder control to print the keys. I guess you be able to easily find your way to use the game. Quite easy even without manual.

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