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  1. I just downloaded the Flagon (Su-15A.rar) how do I open the file to install it? (probably a dumb question I don't know sh!t about computers)
  2. "Here's another A-7 trivia question: Although equipped with Sidewinders and internal canon, the A-7 never scored an A2A kill with these weapons. The A-7 is "credited" with one kill, though--what type of aircraft was downed and what "weapon" was used?" Did it hit something with an ejector rack by accident or something? Or maybey a maneuver kill?
  3. Were they ID stripes during the attacks on Lybia in the 80's?
  4. Ranger that last pic is an F-8 Crusader, its the fighter that the A-7 was developed from. Really looking forward to flying this bird.
  5. Speed

    took a while to find the link but here it is: http://home.earthlink.net/~pasko_patak/welcome.html the one I got was the 21Bis Lancer (the romanian one)
  6. I installed a Mig 21 a few days ago and was pleased to se it reach Mach 2, are there any mods to allow the default F-4 and F-104 yo reach this speed? The fastest I can get a clean F-4E is about 800 knots
  7. I'd be happy with carrier ops and SAMs that actually launch at you. I've only ever seen one SAM launch and it wasn't fired at me. Maybye less acurate AAA.
  8. I was flying the Romanian Mig 21 from ??????? (forgot) Marcfighters maybey. Got to 80,000ft and then the plane went into a flat spin without changing altitude. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. 100 year flying. Vote for: beautyfull, historic, best!

    Beutiful: F-14 Historic: 1903 Wright flyer Best: E.E. Lightning or TSR.2
  10. I'm confused, if its not for strike fighters then what is it for? Would kick ass to have a falcon though, so even if this is for something else I supose its only a matter of time before someone does release one.
  11. what is the mod, could someone post a link to the thread at SimHQ?
  12. I'm new to this game so could someone tell me how to make the bombers flyable plaese?
  13. I've got the "fully updated version" (01.16.03), almost everything is ok, but when my squadron upgrades from F-100 to F-4 I'm left flying an F-100 with Aim-7s, Aim-9s and an SUU-23, can't fight and I can't keep up with my wingmen or the Fishbeds I'm chasing anyone know of a fix for this?

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