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  1. First Eagles and Windows7

    I do not mean to necro this topic (last post on the topic 2010) but it worked like a charm with Win7.
  2. Bortdafarms site

    Thanks Christian for the files and thank you for the offer VonTobler.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for the MartinsydeS1 and Bortdafarms site (ttp://www.ebort2.co.uk/FE.html) seems to be down :( I've searched the download section and can't find it and its the only plane so far from Firecage Plane Fest 4.1, that I can't find. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm back But I have a question? I remember someone posted images of bridges and rail stations from his SF1 campaign by using the ones supplied in WOV? Would anyone happen to know how he did it? Thanks
  5. Hey all, It's been few months now, but I just got back into modding a cold war campaign and totally forgot how to add the weapons to the aircraft hanger layout. The B-24J is showing no weapons and bombers layout matches my weapondata.ini file.. eek!! What I'm I doing wrong?
  6. Full Set Uploaded

    I've search and search cplengineeringllc.com but can't find the BristolScoutC & BristolScoutD. Can someone help?
  7. Missing Pilots

    Which file holds the pilot LODS and ini files? Thanks
  8. Cambrai Plane Fest II

    Oh well, but does that even go for the planes on combatace.com? I can get about four or five of them before exceeded the maximum amount of downloads :( The site http://cplengineeringllc.com/ I understand the designer request seeing they do some super work and totally respect there request for the Usage Agreement before getting the pass/log. well.. guess I can have fun with bloody April while waiting to get the rest of the planes :)
  9. Hey all, Has anyone ever thought of getting all the planes needed for Cambrai Plane Fest II campaign an putting them in one big zip file? I'm on my second night of downloading planes for it and still not even halfway done
  10. Peter01’s FM pack?

    Thanks :)
  11. I just downloaded CAMBRAI PLANE FEST II and the readme file states, " Get Peter01’s FM pack for all the planes he has done" but I can't find it :( Can someone help? Thanks
  12. What is the URL to "Get Peter01’s FM pack for all the planes he has done " I've search here and never goggled it, no dice :( Can someone help??
  13. Nice Iraqi MiG, I'm building a 1/72 kit of the iraqi mig-21
  14. Oh, good, thought I might be going crazy for a min. Thanks

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