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  1. What are you listening to?

    Metallica - Master of Puppets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z-hEyVQDRA
  2. Random Pic Time

  3. Random Pic Time

  4. Stupidness: Your story.

    Well hello there! This thread is for stupids who have to tell the world that how stupid they really are. Well, i am really one, when i come home after school i always go to refrigerator to get some drink, and since it's cold here in estonia (11 oct actually land was covered with snow) then i wear a hat and gloves. Well yesterday i tought i go outside and have some fun but WHERE IS MY HAT AND GLOVES? I searched everywhere! (not really) and didnt find them. I searched again and again. Then i tought ahh hell with it im gonna go without, opened refrigerator to get something to drink and what?! My hat and gloves IN refrigerator! Damn i felt stupid! And whats wierd is that i dont even remember putting them there! (But i did ^^) Well, that's what happened to me recently, got some more silly stuff but im gonna talk about them later;). So whats your story?
  5. Cats Happen

    My LOLCat: (Sleeping in a dumpster...) She's named "Totu" what means Moron in estonian ;). At least naming her got right! :P Beware!: My cat is killer, she is destroyer of the worlds. (No kiddin!)
  6. Random Pic Time

    He thinks: f***! ;)
  7. First thing your doing on JET THUENDER

    Im gonna take off.
  8. Random Pic Time

  9. Happy birthday ezlead !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! (Who is he? )
  10. if the PRO + Pedals have guarantee what lasts some time then i would take it.
  11. What nationality are you?

    Yay im different !
  12. CFS2 - Carrier Takeoff.

    Stupid me! Jeesh thanks, now i can take off .
  13. Well, yeah, i am a beginner. The thing is, i cannot take off from aircraft carrier in combat flight sim 2, i just stall into water or if i try not to stall then i just run into water. I lower the flaps 100%, hold the brakes til max RPM, release brakes, hold airplane straight and when i reach end of the runway i pull slightly back on the stick and then i just stall out of control and boom into water. Little advice ? ^^
  14. Happy birthday to me!

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, lallalaalaaa lalllaaalaaa happy birthday too mee! Thank you mom and dad by giving me a saitek x52 pro ! :) Sorry about the mess Well, this is my first joystick, i've been into flying simulators like 2 years and i played them with gamepad, yeah! It's lame, i know but in Estonia we dont have much joysticks to choose from and like i am - i always want the best! So every time i was able to buy x52 my money went elswhere - to more important stuff. Well to me X52 is always been high priority but when something's come up you cant do nothing about it. And now, yeah! Here it is! I own a saitek X52 pro! I cant say how exited and happy i am, the right word for it is probably "dsafahjklfjklah". Now im going to enjoy my stick and lets hope i'll get used to it soon . Also i wanna thank CombatACE forums for your awesomeness! Peace! -Fleg

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