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  1. MODS release

    Hi all, For those that may not be aware, I host mods on my web site. Those that are sent to me by our modders are uploaded straight away. There may be some modders that don't send me their files, in which case they won't be on the site. The site is here for anyone to download mods: https://thatoneplease.co/WOFF.html Mike
  2. MODS release

    The latest Version 5 is on the 'Skins' page with Version 2 of the 'More Skins' https://thatoneplease.co/skinsWOFF.html Mike
  3. Matt's first Jousting Lesson

    Good man - I'm sure he'll be alright 'on the knight' :sohappy:
  4. Hi Dej, Very nice - looks like I'll need to brush up on my skinning skills - mind you I wouldn't fancy skiining like that on the near 400 I've done to date for OFF-WOFF
  5. Any news of sandbagger?

    Hi Guys, Yup - still on the mend - bit by bit and day by day
  6. Windows 7 OFFMan fatal error

    I've contacted Bitdefender on this, asking them to investigate and fix in a future update. For the time being at least, this can be resolved without the need to re-install OFF, as the error message indicates. First temporarily switch off Bitdefender. Obtain a copy of the offsplash.exe and load it into the main OFF folder. In Bitdefender, go to the SECURITY - CONFIGURE ANTIVIRUS - EXCLUSIONS. Click on the plus sign and navigate to the OFF main folder. Add the following EXE files as exclusions (all four - just in case): offsplash.exe cfs3config.exe offmanager.exe cfs3.exe Re-enable Bitdefender
  7. Windows 7 OFFMan fatal error

    This happened to me as well. Bitdefender treats the offsplash.exe as a trojan and auto deletes it. Without this file OFF will not start and you'll get a 'menu' error message telling you to re-install OFF. Not necessary. Switch off Bitdefender then add the exe to the exclusion list in Bitdefender. This stops the file from being scanned and deleted. Then re-enable Bitdefender. I'll send information to Pol for adding to the FAQ page on the OFF web site.
  8. OFF2 DEVELOPMENT Screenshots

    Just had confirmation from Winder that the aircrew should no longer 'eject' up and out of the aircraft, belore falling earthwards, which, like the engine, was CFS anomally
  9. News Report

    A daily news paper in the UK had the headline: "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain freekin'"
  10. OFF Phase 4

    Hi Eric, OFF2 (Phase 4) will be stand alone so you don't need previous versions. It does still use some CFS3 files to install and is based on the engine, but OFF2 will be such that CFS3 is totally unrecognisable in game - such are the advancements made by the OFF team - it's virtually a totally different sim and much the better for it. The OBD team are working (as always) flat out but we still have to complete the work and beta test before any release date can be considered.
  11. Skinning

    Hi Guys, Save the bmp file in DXTbmp as 'DXT1' (not as DXT1 no alpha). Also when you open a bmp in DXTbmp, open as 'extended bmp'. When saving your 'merged' single layer texture file, save as 'OS/Windows bmp'.
  12. Skinning

    Hi all, During a break in skinning for OFF2, I started a 'Skinner's Guide', which when completed will be a PDF document giving step by step instructions on skinning OFF aircraft. It will contain text and associated illustrations and should cover basic introductions, software and it's use plus Chapters devoted to creating a starting texture file, adding layers, detailing to final testing in-game. As you can imagine it'll take time to complete and right now I'm tweaking all of the Sopwith Camels for OFF2 - so don't hold your breath. I will let you all know when it's ready to download and where it can be obtained.
  13. TrackIR goes strange...still

    Min set up has the Z DOF unchecked? Lookin at your screen shot - its showing the YAW setup - your green lines are way up on the adjustment scale - mine flatten out around two and a half squares up from the base, touching left and right sides. I wonder if you've got these set to high (extreme) and TrackIR can't cope and is going haywaire when you get to full yaw views?
  14. TrackIR goes strange...still

    On the TrackIR profile you use are the 6 DOF check boxes. Pitch, Yaw, Roll, X, Y and Z. Try unchecking (X, Y or Z only) - each in turn one - unchecking one of them did the trick for me.
  15. I recall doing the one on the left (or very similar) for a French Spad XIII squad.

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