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  1. I liked Kilduff´s book of Göring but the book of Carl Degelow was one of my favorite.
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this information. I didnt know of this release. I have most of the Kilduff earlier books already so must to have. Cheers Arto
  3. my friend Makai

    Very nice site. I didnt know he has did also illustrations. Very impressive work. Cheers Arto
  4. I found these fantastic albatros pictures from jasta 67. Totally new to me! http://www.frontflieger.de/2-j67.html

    Hello, Shortly, im happy you Elephant pointing out the details of OAW build albatroses. The Fuchs machine indeed has errors becourse i have used example picture where this craft was just partly seen. Best regards Arto
  6. Hi Olham, Yes you absolutely right. The checker pattern is challenging skinning job i have ever done. But the work is in progress. Meaby some day...
  7. Hi Olham, Thank you for interest for the albs. The Bönings Bavarian checker craft is on the list, and i have several photos of it and some profiles. Best Arto
  8. Gone West

    Oh thats sad news. He was always active and helpful in the aerodrome forum. We had some few good conversations. Now he have opportunity to meet the ace legends and have the final answers to missing informations. R.I.P
  9. Awards system

    Thanks Morris. Im happy to see that these award system seems to interest many people. I can say that it is important to me too. Just not yet we cant release p4 pics of manager. All the best Arto
  10. Vicefelwebel ranking above Feldwebel?

    Gepard, thats good point. Flieger mean Pilot and was probably confused many times. The private soldiers was called different names depending the unit. "Private soldiers had no rank insignia, and were referred to as Soldat, or Gemeiner. In each branch of service, privates had different names: Infanterist, Jäger, Schütze, Gardist, Grenadier, Fusilier, Musketier, and Pionier, for various infantry regiments; Kürassier, Dragoner, Husar, and Ulan for various cavalry regiments; Kanonier for artillerymen; and Flieger for airforce units. " http://www.worldwar1.com/sfgrank.htm
  11. The Mark Millers models is indeed very realistic looking. Just correction, the OFF alb skins looks similar but no the textures is other sources and real plywood also. Best Arto
  12. Vicefelwebel ranking above Feldwebel?

    Well i must disagreed Gepard on this. There is surely been ranks flieger/private, and gefreiter. Example Udet also started as pilot in Artillerie-Flieger-Abteilung 9 on15 june 1915, then promoted Gefreiter 21 september 1915. Example jasta 5 was good example. There war many pilots who started lower rank and got finally officer rank as well known ace.
  13. Vicefelwebel ranking above Feldwebel?

    Ok found more promotion lists. This is Ernst Udet personnel record from book: Neal W O´Connor - Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany in WW1 Vol IV. Page 213 "28 November 1915: Promoted 'Unteroffizier" "13 March 1916: Promoted "Vizefeldwebel" "5 November 1916: Promoted "Offizier-Stellvertreter" "22 January 1917: Promoted "Leutnant der Reserve" So no Feldwebel rank is seen in list...
  14. Vicefelwebel ranking above Feldwebel?

    Lol, Sorry my good old mate Louvert. I wish you and your family restful and peaceful Xmas time!!!! Also thanks for all the other members. You are keeped the OFF forum spirit alive and shared important interest that will surely encourage our OBD-team. All the best Arto
  15. Vicefelwebel ranking above Feldwebel?

    I didnt found other sources to confirm the rank order, but anyway if you look the pilots ranks, how many rank Feldwebel pilots you know? All i found was Vizefeldwebel. I saw few pilot promotion lists i found there was first untteroffizier, then vizefeldwebel and then next Offizierstellvertreter. Looks like the rank feldwebel is missing, it might be that it was rank that didnt fit to fighter jasta units, or was useally change to higher rank. If the Vizefeldwebel is lower rank than feldwebel it might be that many times pilots was vizefeldwebels before they was promoted to Offizierstellvertreter. Merry Christmas my friend Olham!!

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