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  1. Something appears to be wrong with damage model of Albatros D.III in this pack - it takes insane amount of hits to bring one down. E.g., 8 Pups vs. 4 Albatros skirmish always results in massacre - all Pups are down, all Albatrii are full of holes, but flying home without any losses.
  2. Struggling with decals

    Thank you for the help! I was missing "PfalzD3a" in decal path.
  3. Hi! Yesterday I've been trying to install Pfalz D.III from Capun's site into FE2, and just couldn't get the decals to show. I spent a lot of time naming, renaming and tossing around the folders, but to no avail. As I understand, it should be: Decals=>Pfalzd3a=>D=>Jasta7 (e.g.); it didn't work. Decals=>Pfalzd3a=>Jasta7=>D didn't work either. Changing DecalsMaxLOD=3 to MaxLod=3 in Decals.ini also did not help. Really need an advice here.
  4. F-86K For SF2 by Paulopanz

    There is also something wrong with aelirons and flaps position on the 3D model. This misalignment wasn't there in SF1, IIRC.
  5. F-86K - JG 74 - ca. 1962

    Aelirons and flaps on this 86K model seem to be aligned properly, whilst on all F-86D/K/L models available for SF-2, those surfaces are somewhat shifted against their geometric center. How did you fix that?
  6. Thank you, 33LIMA! Increasing the mesh detail did help, although at the cost of some performance loss. I tried the shader solution, but it did not change anything for me. I'll try again later in case I did something wrong.
  7. Hi! I just installed seasonal tiles by Jan Tuma into FE2 and at close range terrain looks excellent. But at a distance the terrain objects (trees, houses, etc.) pop up and disappear quite suddenly so it doesn't look nice from medium altitude. How do I: 1. Increase the drawing distance of those objects? 2. Make them fade gradually instead of suddenly disappearing?
  8. Is there a FAQ for mach tables? I don't understand what all these numbers mean: CD0MachTableData=2.095,1.235,1.091,1.030,1.000,0.980,0.974,1.000,1.020,1.020,12.692,12.753,12.843
  9. I have another trouble with MiG-17 FM - can't get if faster than 0.91 mach at sea level (~500m). Although MaxSpeedSL and MachLimit are higher, CD0/CDL are considerable lower (for wings and h-stab) or same (for fuse & v-stab) than on 15bis, the actual maximum speed is still same:( Engine parameters is also the same as 15bis. Am I missing something?
  10. Thank you very much for your recommendations! I did some minor adjustments and this should suffice for now. Although I didn't really understand how to use the gun convergence table, it doesn't seem to be necessary anyway - cannons fire straight enough. Is there a particular reason for cutting MiG's combat radius that much (almost twice)? Mission/campaign issues? Now about 3D: I didn't find a better model (just a what-if naval version), so will have to bear with the stock one. But I also cannot locate that MiG-17.lod ! None of the .cat seems to contain it, so I can't analyse it with LODviewer:((( Are there at least any high-res skins for 17? Everything I stumble upon is standard 512x512. And one campaign related issue: B-29 intercepts. Gunners are cutting down MiGs way too easily, while MiGs require numerous passes to bring down even single fortress. Moreover when there is a lot of 29's, their guns are quickly turning everything into slideshow. Anything I can do about it?
  11. Now I'm trying to put MiG-17 in Korean skies (since they already have Seahawk and Hunter there:)). But I want it to be consistent with the other KAW aircraft in terms of FM, DM and gunnery. As a template I naturally use KAW MiG-15bis. Could you please advise where am I wrong and what else should I look at? DM Just added StructuralFactor and armor values to everything as in 15's data.ini. Will it do it? Gunnery Copied [Dogfight] lines. What should I do about Internal Guns? Namely about Min/Max ExtentPosition and AimAngles? FM Now the hardest part:( 1) What are the speed units of measurement in [FlightControl] section? The numbers don't look like anything in reference data. 2) MaxSpeedSL is a sea level, right? What about the high-altitude max speeds? Where do I change those? 3) EmptyInertia - should I change that? 4) Aerodynamic values in separate AC parts - this REALLY looks complicated! MiG-17 has different wings, stabs and longer rear fuselage. What parameters should I change excactly? 5) Should I add the RightWarp? 3D 1) Where do I get the OUT file for MiG-17 do to the CanopyHide thing? 2) Is there a better external 3D model anyway? I searched everywhere, but failed so far. Strange - such a widely used aircraft in SF, yet such a dated 3d...
  12. Ok, found it. For some reason there is a conflict with this: http://combatace.com/files/file/14272-sarcasm-v-15/ Thank you for the excellent modpack by the way!:)
  13. It had something to do with ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.ini - I forgot to delete that from Flight folder before installing the new version of your WoK. Now without it the sun is back:) Although I cannot use the effect mods until I find our which parameter caused this.
  14. Hi! I have a strange problem in campaign (Chinese intervention, December 1950, 335th, F-86A) - it is always dark! Even if the mission starts at, say, 11:00 in the morning, it is still dark outside and no sun in the sky. If it is 7:00 it is pitch-black, only the moonlight sometimes. Single missions on the same map show normal dawn and sunrise in appropriate times. Where do I look to fix this?

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