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  1. Thank you for the answers, everyone! So, to make the aircraft use holes.tga, I must first map it to the LOD via 3DS max 2009, correct? About Dhimar and Paran - they were in the game from the very start by default, right? Where are they, if not in the cat-extracted nations.ini?
  2. Oh, finally got the idea!:) Narrowed down to (0.228,0.0);(0.272,0.05), will finish tomorrow. Thank you!
  3. Where can I see this particular texture, generated by SF2? Just to understand where to move the rectangle. Can I also somehow increase the size of this rectangle temporarily, to see where it is on the texture?
  4. Sorry, I'm not following:( What is that texture we are talking about? Currently I can't see any characterts in the labels, just some frangments.
  5. Any method to find this dot spot, other that try and fail?
  6. I've got some questions accumulated over the years, so I will just bundle them together, hoping that someone might answer those: 1) Skins. Say, I have MiG-15 and a lot of skins for it. Some are assigned to Soviet, some to NKorea, some to China in TEXTURESET.INI. When I start a single mission with Soviet air force, sometimes the game assigns Chinese or NK skins to Soviet nation by default. How can I make the game to use Soviet skins only for soviets, Chinese for China, etc.? 2) About this MiG-17K by Cocas: it refuses to drop tanks. I.e. it seems to drop them actually, but visually they stay under the wings. Which parameters in which file are usually responsible for that action? BTW, did anyone ever make some more skins for this model? 3) Damage model: where does it live in game files? E.g. the bullet holes layer - where how is it mapped to the aircraft model? 4) Which application can be used to 3D-edit the .LOD files? 5) How do I teach AI to hit targets with their guns? On some airfcraft their aim is OK, but in the others it's all over the place. 6) What can be done to prevent tanks and other ground targets from being easily destroyed by a single 20mm hit? 7) On every map there is typical set of aircraft, which are spawned in single missions. Which file is responsible for that? 8) Can there be more than one mercenary unit in the campaign? Can they be on the opposite sides? 9) Which Soviet unguided rockets cam be used in the first half of 50's? 10) Dhimar and Parani are nowhere to be found, neither in a sinle mission list, nor in NATIONS.INI. Where are they hiding? 11) I saw a Ta-183 in someone's screenshots once. Where can I get that? That's all I could remember now:) Would reallu appreciate any help!
  7. Could it be related to difference in system fonts or to ingame resolution? Which parameters in TWFONT.FX can I play with to try and make it work as it should be?
  8. For some reason I see labels not as dots, but as small vertical dashes. Can I make them into dots somehow? Also, what are the numbers do I put in for dark-grey color?
  9. Something appears to be wrong with damage model of Albatros D.III in this pack - it takes insane amount of hits to bring one down. E.g., 8 Pups vs. 4 Albatros skirmish always results in massacre - all Pups are down, all Albatrii are full of holes, but flying home without any losses.
  10. Struggling with decals

    Thank you for the help! I was missing "PfalzD3a" in decal path.
  11. Hi! Yesterday I've been trying to install Pfalz D.III from Capun's site into FE2, and just couldn't get the decals to show. I spent a lot of time naming, renaming and tossing around the folders, but to no avail. As I understand, it should be: Decals=>Pfalzd3a=>D=>Jasta7 (e.g.); it didn't work. Decals=>Pfalzd3a=>Jasta7=>D didn't work either. Changing DecalsMaxLOD=3 to MaxLod=3 in Decals.ini also did not help. Really need an advice here.
  12. F-86K For SF2 by Paulopanz

    There is also something wrong with aelirons and flaps position on the 3D model. This misalignment wasn't there in SF1, IIRC.

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