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  1. Thanks' VonS! That was comprehensive! Strange thing happenned yesterday, btw: I took everything related to FM from KAW Sabre and put into Capun's data.ini. And it still spinned, while original KAW 86F-30 did not... Some kind of magic involved?:) A little unrelated note: what do MinExtentPosition/MaxExtentPosition values do? Also, values from [AircraftData] section (EmptyMass, EmptyInertia, ReferenceArea, ReferenceSpan, ReferenceChord, DragArea, CGPosition) - how do they influence the flight behavior of AI or player? Is there some sort of "data.ini for dummies" somewhere?
  2. I trust you all the way, but still, spin makes flying much more interesting:) That's why I'm trying to understand how to add this "function".
  3. Thank you for clarifying this for me! But I still can't understand the "spin technology"... For one, this is the extract from KAW F-86F-30 data.ini (LeftWing section): This one does not spin when stalled. And this is from Capun's F-86F (same section): This one spins. What is the difference between them?! Or should there be an assymetry between some post-stall values in left and right surface to produce a spin?
  4. What I mean is: for example I have data.ini's of, say, F-4 and F-86. If I just copy [FlightControl] section (and everything under AI data) from F-86 to F-4's data, does this mean that AI Phantoms will fly exactly as AI Sabres? Or do they take other airframe/engine figures into account as well? Another question: some of the modded aircraft have spin and spin recovery modelled. How was this done? I mean, what sections of data.ini are responsible for spin behaviour?
  5. I have a question: What defines AI's flight behavoir? Only the parameters from [FlightControl] section? Or do the aerodynamics values from the rest of data.ini play their role too?
  6. Wow, this method really works, and I even managed to do it right, being first time in the HEX editor:) Does anyone know the code to make specular and glossiness higher? Say, by 50-100% compared to Wingwiner's values?
  7. View File MiG-17K Soviet Silver A bare metal skin for Cocas' what-if MiG-17K. Submitter Dornil Submitted 11/12/2021 Category What If Skins  
  8. MiG-17K Soviet Silver

    Version 1.0.0


    A bare metal skin for Cocas' what-if MiG-17K.
  9. You post processing looks very nice, apart from excessive vignette effect. To my taste it is still somewhat excessive in the last screenshots. Perhaps you could advise the users on what parameters to change, so they could set up the vignetting degree themselves, the way they like it, rather that switching it off completely by Effects setting?
  10. So, I put cockpits in some of the aircraft, hid the canopy components by ShowFromCockpit=FALSE, and everything seemed fine. But! At some lighting conditions, I can still see some sort of canopy-shaped shadows on my windscreen from inside the cockpit. Is there a method to make them go away, other that shifting the entire cockpit someplace else? On an unrelated note: the aircraft smoke and fire effect - what is its name and where can I find it to tweak a little?
  11. Where can I find this?

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