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  1. Are D&H going to use optional Damage model if so which one Hard Core or Normal
  2. Doves & Hawks Insignia

    It's got my vote.
  3. thank you

    Had a good flight till my joystick/throttle jammed 1/4 open so not enough power to fly with. So I just jumped in as a gunner for stump and therefore I got to look at the stunning scenerey and those lovely black clouds that just got closer and closer. I think that I must be a flack magnet!! Thanks for a good game.
  4. O/T Kidney Stones--Not Fun!

    Hope you feel better soon Taffy
  5. OFF & TrackIR

    Yes I did use tir_Attack 1.6 but it would no pickup cfs3 using P3 I jus keep getting " could not read from the process (12b only part read memory) Fs3 support failed at T5 So I am stuck it is a bit beyond me Yes I have tried Freetrack in other games il2, lock on And all worked fine
  6. OFF & TrackIR

    I could not get Freetrack to work in P3
  7. http://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/?series_id=28 books on the great war in the air and on the ground
  8. doves and hawkls mission nite

    Sorry, I dont know if I can make it still no got all mp files sorted and have an early start today my time est+5 see you in the sky next time Franz
  9. I will have a look for it next time I go in to town it looks interesting

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