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  1. Check out the community response to that "Joke", as Jason calls it... http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=28378&p=393900#p393900
  2. Happy New Year...

    A happy and peaceful year 2011 to all of you!!
  3. Thanks Olham,your the best Atm i´m in Berlin so i had no opportunity to look into the OFF skin data base at home. Thats what i normally do when i search for skin info,more than 3000 skins ,thats just over the top Greetings
  4. Hello friends!Maybe somebody can help me with this:What are the generic colors of Jasta 27 planes?(Albatros D.III,D.V/D.Va and Fokker types) Have not found a single info on the internet.Maybe yellow black with anchor on fuselage or white black with numbers on fuselage? What are the colors in OFF?At the moment i´m not at home so i have no chance to look into the OFF skin data base but i need the info badly for a model kit project a friend of mine is doing.(A pic would be fantastic!!) Thank u very much for your help Greetings Der Mo
  5. Wolfram Von Richtoffen

    Oh,sorry Widowmaker,my school english is just too bad.What i read was´Wolfram failed to rescue Manfred on that fateful day,what a bummer(Niete?)´ Guess i have to go back to lesson. Really Sorry again.Greetings
  6. Red Baron Movie

    They had all the stuff to make it a great movie about von Richthofen. ..and all the could make wrong,they did...
  7. Wolfram Von Richtoffen

    Oh please.....u have to keep in mind that on that certain day Wolfram had the order to stay away from trouble in case they would encounter enemy aircraft.Manfred always instructed his Newbies that way (and it always proved to be the right choice..)and Wolfram has just been transfered into Jasta11..Otherwise he would be easy prey for the enemy on that day.. Imagine you are new in jasta11,almost new to aviation,U are a newbie flying with the best,u got order to stay out of trouble but at the same time strugglin with your Fokker Dr1,trying to follow the Red Baron while avoiding getting caught at all costs in a big furball against the RAF,trying to stay alive and trying to have your eyes everywhere.....WhaT WOULD U DO?? I think this discussion is just not fair...
  8. Dark Side?????Come on..Is this STAR WARS or what?At least u did not call it GOOD GUYS VS. EVIL DARK NAZI SIDE... Dont want to offend you but do u think DARK SIDE is a proper way to describe the Axis Side? Sorry dear Olham i know i should not take this too seriously but i always thought this is a typical american black/white point of view.And i know u r not that kind of..
  9. Of course it is Friedrich II (Der Große) who instituted the Pour le mérite in 1740. BTW Oberstleutnant Marquise de Varenne was the first officer who was awarded with the PLM
  10. Thanks Pol and sorry for bringing up this topic again.I did read this thread and i hoped a Avira update would fix this but it didnt.Will try another AV software and then i see where it takes me. Edit:Must be a false warning since i had no Internet connection when the message came up and all system was clean before.Greetings Der Mo
  11. Weird!Today my Avira informed me that OFFManager.exe is infected with a Trojan,I have to admit i havnt played OFF for two months now and i when i lately worked on my PC a week ago everything was fine.I am running OFF at version 1.32e. I have Downloaded the latest AV update today but still i got the message.Can i ignore this or could this be indeed a Trojan???Help
  12. Gunther Rall passed away

    Welch aufregendes Leben.Ruhe in Frieden,Günter Rall. What an exiting life.Rest in peace
  13. Thank you Paulus and Bigfish.Thats what i wanted to know.I think i´ll give it a try..And now back to topic Greetings
  14. I´ve read that when Arma2 came out it was totally bugged and unfinished,nearly unplayable.Whats the situation now?Are there patches that will give you a better gaming experience? Greetings
  15. Simped padelset

    I have my beloved Simped Vario pro for 5 years now and these pedals are the best you will ever fly with.They are worth every single Euro!!!

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