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  1. Vote for your favourite sim

    Soo...I did my duty, registered at SimHQ and voted. For OFF, where applicable. Merry Christmas to you all, have a good time, tom
  2. ok I see. A very impressive setup you do have here, sir! Especially the 1600px vertical are very nice to have. What graphics cards do you use? I understand that with Soft TH, one (high performance) card does the rendering, and the others (two?) drive the additional displays? Cheers, tom
  3. Very well done, appraiser. I congratulate you on your effort! Now, to further optimize it: - as uncleal said, drag the HUD elements to the corners of the screen(s) - adjust the color hue/tint of the central screen. It does not match the two others. What model/make are the two outer screens? They have a very nice thin bezel. Cheers, tom
  4. Well, I have finally made up my mind. It was no hard decision, as it was: a couple of you guys vs. the woman. Guess who won ;-) You guys please don't be disappointed. You see that I really had no choice ;-) @ stumpy I am actively pursuing the details you need (work permitting) for your Austro-Hungarian Addon. Cheers, tom
  5. Well you got me thinking, Gromit, so i posted in P1 and 2 fora, too. Cheers tom
  6. Please direct your attention to this topic in General Discussion: http://forum.combatace.com/topic/48548-i-am-giving-away-my-2nd-copy-of-off-bhah-for-free/ I would be especially glad to give it to someone who cannot afford it at the moment. Cheers, tom
  7. Due to an error when ordering OFF Ph3 I got two copies delivered. Avangate considered my first order complete, when in fact I had not yet entered the security code from the back of the CC, and had clicked on "cancel". Just to clarify: this is a copy of OFF Ph3 BHaH in its original unopened shipping packaging. It has been legally purchased, I assume the DVD is still in pristine condition. Don't let the (a bit) amateurish appearance fool you. For example the DVD is burned, not stamped; the cover is low-res and ugly. It is exactly the same thing you get when ordering directly from OBD/Avangate. The above has, of course, nothing to do with the stellar quality of the sim. I would have paid double for OFF gladly anyway, so this was no real issue for me. I always like to think that it was my order that tipped the scales in favour of continuing the series ;-) As is the sad truth, I have mostly casual gamers in my vicinity, who would not touch a sim with a ten foot pole. So the second box has been sitting unopened on my shelf for the last few months, which of course is a pity. I am therefore offering it to one of you, to give away as present or such (if anyone is interested at all). Just drop me a PM so I can decide who will get it. It won't cost you a cent. I will ship it for free, just to have it off my mind. Cheers, tom
  8. OFF installation paths

    Thanks guys, for all your input. @ uncleal: It never invokes CFS3 or its disc-check. The manager simply refuses to start. @ sitting_duck: The message windows were new to me. They appear immediately when trying to start the manager. I did not alter any installation drives or paths *shrug*. In fact, I double- and triple-checked all of the paths mentioned. @ Polovski: Yes, I will reinstall. I actually took this as an excuse to finally install Windows + OFF on a speedy SSD drive ;-) Thanks and best wishes to you all, Tom
  9. OFF installation paths

    Thanks for your answer, uncleal. I'm gonna quote myself: "When I start cfs3.exe out of the OFF installation directory, I can play the last QC mission quite normally." So the problem seems to be with the OFF manager app. Where does it get its path info from? Cheers, Tom
  10. Hello knowledgeable folk! Since today I am getting errors about the OFF Manager not finding its installation. Funny thing is, I did not change anything... (yes I know they always say that). The installation drive and directory remained the same. I changed the "region and language settings" back and forth from "German(Austrian)" to "English(USA)", but this was for another game. When I start cfs3.exe out of the OFF installation directory, I can play the last QC mission quite normally. I know I can always reinstall, but would rather know the root cause for this. Any ideas? Cheers, Tom
  11. Actually, that's the way I did it, too. I would have bought OFF myself, though, if I owned a credit card. Still waiting and drooling :yes:
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome, Olham! while I am Austrian, I work in Munich, and have a few colleagues of Berlin, so I surely know your kind :-) I very much appreciate your kindness. muchos gracias, tom
  13. Only a doubt

    re: typhoon: 100 % ACK but also CJ 100 % ACK you discuss the same thing :-) cordially, your increasingly stupid Tom
  14. am eagerly awaiting its delivery (here in Austria). Although I don't have much time to spare, I think, what's left of it, will be consumed by OFF ;-) What I wanted to say: EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I HAD, has already been answered by forum folk, be it here or on sim-outhouse - sooo all's well :-) I'm normally not much of a poster but an avid reader, I'd like to keep it so. Cheers, Tom

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