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  1. You are seeing the paradox brought on by a 720p camera which is trying to capture a 3840x1080 screen. I can assure you there is no fisheye when you are sitting in front of it all!
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I will be sure and update you all when I have the final version setup....AND I WILL HAVE OFF ON THE SCREEN WHEN I DO!!!
  3. Thanks! Yea its just about life size, here is a video showing how it looks from the cockpit!
  4. Here is my Work In Progress, using an Asus Eyefinity 6 card. I am running three Dell U2410s and two 1080p projectors. Note that the third monitor is not on because I am waiting for the DP adapter to arrive. Also, this is an extreme work in progress as I am going to make a custom screen for the projectors. I have not even hung the projectors yet and have a lot of work to do in terms of aligning the projectors, calibrating the projectors, mounting the custom screen, etc., so this is an extreme work in progress. Sorry for the crappy pics, I took these during the day so the screen is a bit washed out and the picture is unfocused too. The picture will look better once the custom screen is built, right now I am toying with different types of blend software for the projectors. Anyway here is the rough, rough, rough version of my gaming system.
  5. I just won Trudgian's Tiger Fire on Ebay for $150 (it retails for about $425). Lets hope its authentic, if so I am very stoked because I have had my eye on this one forever! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320568528549&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  6. Thanks Louvert! I think I will dedicate a wall for related artwork, but its soo hard not to fill that wall up all at once! I think I am good for late war german aircraft now and will try and find some earlier paintings, but I gotta pace myself, lol I really love how Berryman portrayed a historically accurate scene in the final curtainl! I am doing my best to resist buying these http://www.russellsmithart.com/Small%20pages/WingedValor.htm http://www.russellsmithart.com/Small%20pages/Starting%20Line.htm
  7. There are soo many great artists, prints and paintings out there that it is almost impossible to choose! I just bought each of these two prints for my home office, what do you all think? http://www.directart...php?ProdID=1784 http://www.directart...hp?ProdID=19645
  8. OVS I am Jealous! The Circus Rolls at Dawn is fantastic! Unfortunately they are gone, baby gone :(
  9. Those are some talented artists Olham, anybody know of more! Thanks!
  10. So I am able to dedicate one bedroom to be my mancave/study and I am on a quest to have some quality artwork reproductions or prints of EVR and or MVR. I am very impressed with James Milton Sessions work and would love to have a reproduction or print of both of these works as I fear the originals would be too expensive for me. And I would like a painting of the red baron as well and if anybody knows of similar works for MVR please let me know where I could find those. Thanks for any help / advice!
  11. I love them both, I can't get enough of WWI aviation, I have whole stack of books and am building a dedicated sim cockpit...the whole bug started when somebody on the 1C IL2 forums recommended OFF to me (which harkened way back to my childhood and RedBaron from Dynamix/Sierra) I go to ROF for multiplayer and I go to OFF for everything else.
  12. Thats exactly what I upgraded to. The 980x was the first extreme processor I have ever bought and I love it! On applications that use multi-cores its six cores kick some major ass. The rampage III is great as well, I have it coupled with 12 gigs of corsair memory. Running the setup ocd to 4ghz on a corsair H50 watercooler and could not be happier!
  13. I understand, I just upgraded from a Sanyo PLV-Z4 to a Mitsubishi HC3800 and I love it! I am going to get a second HC3800 and run them in eyefinity, just gotta figure out the wall space. I am also making a dedicated cockpit with an amazing chair once I get in my new place...gonna be sweet!
  14. I know, but its all your fault when you showed us your beautiful triple 24" setup I could not resist the upgrade bug

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