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  1. Hi all, all ok with the last super patch ( fantastic job) Only a question, i have read about an "air start in campaign" option bat i don't konw how activate it and i don't see where it's possible to activate it ? Thank you for any suggest and thank you for your constant job for this wonderfull simulator !!! Sorry for my poor English !!!
  2. Great for this new tune for OFf !!! Thank you guy !!!
  3. Update Status - a wee roadmap

    A very good new for the best Ww1 simulator !!! Only a question : will be possible download the purchased new add on, becouse I'm in Italy and it's better to dowmload that wayting for the shipped dvd !!! Thanks for your fantastic job !!!

    It's ok for Me !!! But i must download the files Gotha (That i think just have) and Zeppelin ? See You in the sky on Saturday In Afternoon in Italy !!!
  5. upcomewing thsi sunday

    This is my second time in Mp, it's fantastic !!!!
  6. I hope

    Graet !!! All the things are ok. I'm in the air , i'm trying to learn somethings basic for fly and combat . I'm studying the key command. I'm reading your fantastic topic on the forum. The enemy are very dangerous for me at rookie level (Think to Ace level !!! ). I's fantastic to follow the AIi plane to see its manouvres. OFF is better than my aspectatives and i don't know well the game. Great !!!! ... And Thank you for all !!!
  7. I hope

    Tank you, today I found the dvd OFF Phase 3 in my letter box !!! I got It !!! Now I will read some tips on the forum, setup the workoshop for my pc and come in the sky !!! Tank you for this wonderfull Sim !!!
  8. I hope

    Alè ok !!! Sorry for my previous post i understand. I've changed the region (it's not so difficult) and Off 2 goes better !!! I'm very happy Tank yuo for the solution for Phase 2 and (when will came phase3). Now some questions: phase 2 needs a file for a multiplayer is possible to send me ? Phase 3 needs somethings for multiplayer ? I will reed the post for phase 3 !!! Tank you for your patience !!! See you later in the sky !!!
  9. I hope

    This is a problem because my English is poor. This means that my OS will speak all and forever in english or it's possible to toggle for the languages. In other words, it's possible that i put windows xp in English (language and Region ) only when i play with OFf ? and at the and of play reswitch in my system in Italian ? Or there is another any solution? I'm impatiently are waiting for my Dvd of OFf Phase 3 and i would try to resolve this problem. Tank you for your answer !!!
  10. I hope

    Hi all and tank you for replay. I'm waiting for the dvd. Hi buy it on 11/04 the payment is accepted and the order was shipped on that date . iI'm in Rome Italy, somebody konw how many days i'm waitng for ?
  11. I hope

    Hi all, I'm Gaetano from Rome Italy I'm new, i have OFF phase2 and not work very well (fail to load in mission and in Campaign) I also use Quickflight bat I love it . I will buy (tomorrow or this night) the Phase 3, I hope that is possible for me use all the aspects of this wonderfull simulator. I hope meet you soon in the sky !!! Salute pilots !!!

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