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  1. Last WW1 aviator has died

    Now, the WW1 sinks a bit more in the darkness of the past, as no voice will tell us how was "the war to end all wars" from the sky. I´ll have to re-read my Peter Kilduff books...that´s what we have now.
  2. The Hun Is Always In The Sun

    I was going to explain those "crazy circus" camouflage paint schemes with this screenshot to some people that cannot understand how can they work, but it´s not longer avalaible Please
  3. Welcome new posters....

    Thanks! Hi to all! I ´ve been looking for a "present yourself" place, but I´m lost on the inmensity of the forum. FE has been my favourite WW1 flight sim since I I downloaded it (I had been looking to try it for a year, but buy it for only 3 flyable planes seemed a stupidity, and I´didn´t know of add-on aircrafts...). A couple of hours later, I bought the original game and the expansion. Dawn Patrol has been dethroned, at least. But "Rise of flight" is coming...and seems impressive.
  4. I have just saw the two sides (attack and fly) of it. As AI, I find it agrassive and quite tricky when flying alone. In the other hand, when I flew it, the gunner moved and pionted the EA but he did´t use the nice Parabellum nor any of the others from my flight so I had only my Spandau. I managed to bring down 3 RE8 and 5 flammable Spad VII It´s not a quick turner, but it´s fast and sturdy as a rock , and that saved me from being killed not my unoperative gunner...if this can be fixed, it´s use as a two seater fighter can be deadly
  5. getting to know the Spad

    Have a look to the new "Vs" books by Osprey. They have two on WW1 planes, Fokker D.VII Vs. Spad XIII and Fokker DrI Vs. Camel, and just cost like 15 € (dunno in US$)
  6. Tracer effect

    Loved it!
  7. Some more new effects

    Thanks, downloading!
  8. Be.2C flys

    Local for you, lucky kiwis Those little toys you have down there are my envy! And Peter Jackson it´s spending a lot of cash on old strutters, too
  9. I´ve been looking to shoot one since a guy bought the last 1/72 miniature of my city Thanks
  10. Bomb Damage to Bridges

    Thanks! I knew some bombing missions were a failure since I saw the objective in the briefing...
  11. Not quite explosions seen, but as my last combats have been 20 Vs. 20 some IA ramming happened (some too close ) The smoke rising effect will be great (I´m downloadingit now). Great memories from IL2 and those heavy combats over little space, leaving lots of trails rising from the ground. When the combat has finished and you see all of themyou think...pheeeeuuu! What lucky I´ve been!...

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