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  1. Seeking interest in forming new virtual carrier airwing....

    You could always form a squad for USAF. The Super Pro 9.2 patch has Carriers that you can land on. Also has over 292 aircraft,Chopters that are flyable.
  2. <S> All I've added the weekends events to my Avro Arrow site. Including a pic of the only flying Spitfire in Canada doing a flyover of the Park Dedication. Also on my site I have Ground and Aerial photos of the Criminal Destruction Of the Avro Plant,home to the first Jetliner to be built and fly in North America,also home to the Flying Saucer,built for the US Airforce,750 Lancaster Bombers were built there along with the most Advanced Intercepter in the world circa 1950's. The Avro Arrow. There is also a link to our petition Save the Avro Plant If you feel the need Please fill it out. Brian Cuthbertson
  3. OK need to vent!!!!!!!!!

    Yep it's worth waiting for. I hope. Got this in the mail today Dear EBgames.com Customer, Thanks for pre-ordering from EBgames.com! As an added benefit to ordering from us, we'll keep you informed of ship date changes. We are writing to let you know that we have changed the projected ship date for Lock On: Modern Air Combat to 9/23/03. The publisher did not provide us with a specific date so this is our best estimate only and should not be considered firm. We will update this date again as we receive new information. As always, EBgames.com will not charge your credit card until we ship your order. LMAO......... There going to get a surprise when they go to charge that on the card I supplied them with. It expired a year ago :?
  4. DME??

    Adding the DME Utility to USAF There has been a lot of confusion about how to access the DME or Developer Mission Editor. As I understand it, this utility was never supposed to be available to the gamer. One of the former employees of Pixel revealed its existence on one of the forums. It's an overwhelming sight when it is first viewed. A few have become quite proficient with it. Basically it is the Admin.ini. Everything that you change in the DME will change the admin.ini in the Mission folder. I'm not here to offer instructions on how to use it, there is no manual or Help files for it. I am still struggling with it myself. Below I have graphically outlined the steps to gain access to it. 1. Go to your Missions folder and find the UME.exe. 2. Make a shortcut of it on your desktop. 3. Right click on the new UME icon and then click on Properties. 4. Follow the instructions below This is what will greet you when you first open the DME. Good Luck I also have missions SP9 on our site,the SP9.2 will not work for you,and I also have info on how to make a new pilot and how to change the preferences.
  5. Happy Canada Day All

    Like to announce the opening of my new website. http://www.avroarrow.net/index.html Brian Cuthbertson Also there will be a dedication to..... World-Renowned Test Pilot to be Honoured Janusz Zurakowski The most notable aircraft tested by Zura was the Canadian supersonic interceptor known as the CF-105 Avro Arrow. Opening Day Information ========================== Opening ceremonies are scheduled for 1:00 on Saturday, July 26 at Zurakowski Park in downtown Barry's Bay. Everyone is invited to attend. A gala evening of dinner and dancing will feature the SPITFIRE BAND and will start at 5:30 p.m. Tickets for the evening cost $30 each. They are available at the Township of Madawaska Valley Town Hall (613)756-2747, Lorraine's IDA, Barry's Bay Dairy and from John Hildebrandt (756-0912). There is only a limited quantity of tickets available so get yours fast! http://www.barrysbay.com
  6. Needed

    Great to here that. My late father told me about the Arrow 40 years ago,it's been my passion ever since. BUT we don't seem to learn from our mistakes. This was left on my Avro Arrow guest book. =============================================== Wayne Hamlyn Sunday, 3/9/03, 6:35 PM Nice site and pictures. I grew up in Rexdale close to The Avro and Orenda plants and can remember when we used to drive by and see the planes. I remember Black Friday like it was yesterday, as a lot of my friends fathers lost their jobs. I worked in the old Avro plant after Douglas Aircraft took it over as a toolmaker in Bay 1,2,3, toolroom, Farnham mills and D3 on the DC9 and DC10 projects. A sad day and a great loss for the aircraft industry in Canada; all caused by political nonsense. History is now repeating itself in British Columbia with the present Liberal government (March 2003) shutting down the "Fast Cat" ferry construction, laying everybody off and auctioning everything. Like the Arrow the first 3 Fast Cats were in operation carrying vehicles and passengers for the BC Ferry Corp. when the government shut it down. Another great loss for Canada in the transportation field. I'm sure we could have been the best in the world in high speed aluminum cataraman ferries but as usual the governments in power take their orders from "up above" making sure Canadians are kept in their place. Am I bitter about all this. You bet I am. Keep up the good work, we can't forget our history
  7. Needed

    Oooppppssssss http://www.avroarrow.org/RandallWhitcomb/ Not fully functional yet.
  8. USAF compatible with Windows XP pro?

    Will the 8.4adv is a different Admin ini then the 8.4. If your flying online with others the 2 different admin won't connect you'll get a CTD.
  9. Needed

    I've replyed to your Email. i'm waiting on the USAF cd to come from my xo. You might find this interesting, my friend randall Whithcomb has opened up a new website. With some VERY interesting Arrow stuff .
  10. Needed

    Sure send me a Email at Laketrout@195thblacksheep.com
  11. USAF compatible with Windows XP pro?

    Thats the 8.4adv. Different from the 8.4 thats on Macs site.
  12. USAF compatible with Windows XP pro?

    I'm running xp home and beta testing the Super Pro 9.2 for Slikk, The only missions that are available in the SP9 are ume missions,this will change in the SP9.2. UME missions can be found on our site. Check my Admin info page on our site,for info on running xp and USAF.
  13. Needed

    No problem Sir. Glad I could help. Theres a post on the Arrow message board,concerning a release of a cd with Avro and Arrow songs on it. Also I could set you up with a USAF cd's ( burnt Copy )and the super Pro 9 a rewrite of USAF containing the Avro Arrow.
  14. Needed

    For me it's been 40 years hearing of a Dream Denied. Yes it would be a good fit but i promised the designer of the Arrow I would only use it in USAF. Although you could contact him and ask if he would make one for you, I guess he would need the game. I have a SFP1 cd that I would be willing to part with. His URL http://www.mach3graphics.com/ other URL's you might find interesting Arrow message board http://www3.sympatico.ca/mkostiuk/arrow.html 1 of the regulars is Randall Whitcomb author of "Avro Arrow and Cold war Avaition" Also the Arrow store http://www.avroarrow.org/Store/itmidx1.htm You will find the book you were talking about on sale now! Laketrout_195th http://www.195thblacksheep.com/BlackSheep.html Ps. The Arrow landing on the water thats what happenes when there is to many objects in the game. The game code has been broken so it's being fixed in the next release Super Pro 9.2 for USAF
  15. Needed

    That fatefull day in 1959 is repeating it's self. I was contacted in Jan2003 with information that Boeing the owner of the A.V.Roe has applied for demolation permits. I started a Email campain, got some help from the local towns heritage minister and the Mayor,they in turn stopped the issuing of the permits. We are now in the 11th hour and need help. Our mandate is to save all or part of the plant. It's tht birthplace of the Arrow,the first jetliner in north america and the fly saucer. Our plans for the site is to set up a national flight heritage museum, have the Toronto Areospace Museum move in with there soon to be complete Full Scale Avro Arrow as the showcase piece! There is a petition on our site http://www.195thblacksheep.com/smilie_flag...gge17.gif[/img] There is also a survey on the main page,please take the time and help us out. Brian Cuthbertson President Avro Advocacy Group Thanks ODB_Beer I do go brain dead from time to time.

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