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  1. I know, not much of a chance that LOMAC would even get a mention, but it's worth trying anyway. Spike TV is having it's 2003 Video Game awards, and maybe if we can get enough people to choose LOMAC as the write-in nominee, it can get nominated. A long shot I know. http://www.spiketv.com/ P.S. You need Flash
  2. Excelelnt to see you here Lars! If a major site like Toms can use LOMAC as a benchamrk, it will not only increase hardware support for LOMAC, but also let people know abotu flight sims. You should check otu this utility to change graphics settigns in LOMAC. http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthr...&threadid=49755
  3. I love the yellow/orange, better contrast.
  4. He might have used a lower fps limit. I don't know, sicne I haven't used fraps 2.0
  5. Are the images disabeld by accident or for some other reason?
  6. He was using fraps to record it, so you can't judge the fps from that.
  7. SW is right, we would need a lot more signatures before anyone will even notice.
  8. Nightstalker, I was going to post something witty and intelligent here, but I looked at your avatar and forgot what I wanted to say. :(
  9. Avionics

    That's an excellent resource fo the F-18's radar. I had lost that link some time ago. Thanks.
  10. I didn't know shilka's had shovels?
  11. Marry me Jeff...err...I mean excellent preview...nicely done.
  12. I'm not Dice but I do think the F-16 and A-10 have the same Betty voice, which I realize does not really answer your question. I'm also hoping they differentiate the in cockpit warnings in the F-15 and A-10, if that is the case IRL. Here's a nise article I stole from the UBI forum. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/6682/erica.html Her site- http://www.eleinc.com/erica.shtml
  13. I don't know if this was officially released by Bob or not. http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zwfmg

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