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  1. kills

  2. Help Finding a DVD

    No problem
  3. Help Finding a DVD

    this it?
  4. Gulf of Sirte incident comms

  5. Place your Christmas greetings here!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEg2QkB939k Merry Christmas!
  6. Flight Sim"war"stories...

    I had a pretty memorable one in SF2E with NF4+ add on, 1986. I was flying a strike mission on a bridge with 2 flights of F 16s. I sent everyone in, took out the bridge and got ready to go home. Then my RWR came on. I told everyone to engage and found a target - a Mig 29 Ace. i fired all 4 of my Sidewinders at him, but he evaded them all. We got into a chase and after about 3 minutes I got close enough for a cannon shot. Right then, he went into a cloud. I fired a burst and heard an explosion. I flew through the cloud and saw the Mig in flames. After I got back, I found out we had lost 3 F16s, but took out 7 Migs and the bridge.
  7. What possible hope have we got?

    Wow... I've heard some pretty bad stories about ROE before, but this is just ridiculous.
  8. First thing your doing on JET THUENDER

    I wanna see if i can survive against those Harriers with those AIM9 Ls
  9. Thanks a million for everyones efforts.
  10. Google Find


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