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  1. Well it is here and it is just the DF types like myself have wanted, it still needs some fleshing out but what is there is GREAT, if you like online dogfighting and NO waiting then this is the place
  2. HTC has announced the addition of WWI plane set to their already highly successful Aces High II game, the original set will be the DRI, DVII, Camel, and Fe2b using a newly developed damage model. They expect the new addition to ready before the end of the current year (now this is the thing I have been waiting for). RoF buyers that wanted a dedicated DF server may just have what the Dr ordered in this new addition to AHII, while I am a RoF owner I will not play the game any longer until they come up with DF servers (which are being worked on at some nebulous date) and this new player on the horizon may sink the RoF ship as far as DF types are concerned. To see more go to Hitechcreations.com
  3. Where do new engines come from?? I mean does some programmer develope it and then sell it to highest bidder or do they (like Dale Addink) develope it and then use it in their own game? Is leased out to several game developers or is it all of the above. I know AH2 does quite well at a mear 15.00 U.S. a month and all the content is free to download and I suspected if he would make "another" Dawn of Aces (since he was the one who made that sim) with better fm and mission oriented he would take ALOT of business.
  4. Heh in the day dreaming mode I would love to see a NEW engine and a game like AH2 but with WWI planes, a living world where you are transported back to 1914-1918, where actual vertual squadrons could exist and operate where winning the war was player controlled (could the central powers actually win with better strat??) all of this running on a 24/7 join anytime, but mission controlled server.
  5. P3 Settings Ratings...

    With my tired old eyes the day they take away icons is the day I remove the game from my harddrive
  6. So it is possible to run a MP dedicated 24/7 join anytime DF server? that is if someone wished to do so.
  7. From day one means nothing to me, I didnot see or read anything instructing to me to keep that info which was in the form of an e-mail, since I personally ordered the game and know my own e-mail I guess thats not a problem. I cannot see for the life of me why someone who was not a user would be searching for support?? I suppose pirated copies are possible? So it is my guess that whatever the MP problems were still exist and will not be worked on? The abruptness I was referring to was that after a minor negative response to what was obviously very hard work and well appreciated by most of the community this annoucement was made, especially when you stated as much in another post about support. Enjoy your break and we will putter along with the product we purchased, thanks again for your time.
  8. Where do we get the avongate number?? and this seems a fairly abrupt response to just a few posts of complaint. Just checked and of course i didn't retain the avongate stuff after I recieved the game.
  9. When my Son was working for Vivendi (the parent company of Blizzard) he got me onto WoW been there ever since, altho I take frequent "flying" breaks for OFF, RoF, AH2, IL2-1946, and Canvas Knights (if it ever comes about). Also play some old Steel Panzer games from Shrapnel Games/Camo workshop
  10. open letter to OBD

    OK number one: Fighter pilots are "macho" by nature number two: anytime you turn down something and it lowers your realisim score it is A: peer pressure to not do it B: flys in the face of number one Why is there a realisim percentage anyway if not to provide a measuring stick/bragging rights to the sim? For me the above comes down to human vs human competition without which there is just no real comparison. What does this have to do with the patch? nothing but it does go to the "turn everything down" crowd who then add the cravate "easy mode". The fact that achieving 17.5 hours of survival is a feat in this sim, speaks volumes. The sim is heavily weighted to make it live up to "historic" numbers, which is what leads to its' immersive factor, but does not take into account the facts that most human players rack up alot more time in the air than ANY real life WWI pilot did (due to the never die thing in sims ). Anyone who thinks that programmer cannot "tweak" the AI to win is living in La La Land, just take alook at "the other" sims latest patch. The programmer has a tough job trying to make the AI not too hard and not too easy, sometimes he can and sometimes he has to "cheat" i.e. make the AI not subject to something that the player is, just to make it an acceptable challenge. OFF has done a great job in trying to present both a "historical" sim and a fun sim to fly, to be sure the AI doesn't get efffected by wind and some other stuff, but all in all it is NOT over done dispite my overblown rants at times As we can see we are all subject to "going off" sometimes, but in the main (until the producers can get the source code or create their own engine) we all seem to like this sim alot, otherwise why would we waste our time bitching :yes:
  11. open letter to OBD

    Winston I know you mean well but you just get bashed here if you come on too strong, I too have a tendancy to post when i am unhappy about something but seldom get the response I am looking for when I do Sometimes when my sugar goes low I get real cranky, I wonder if your back has been acting up on ya? I know multiplayer is your thing and you have done alot to make that happen hope you will hang in there as it seems to me that the team here really does try and do things right (even when it kills my best pilots LOL). I am fairly new so I thought and still do that the new patch was great, I know you would like to see the team do some work on MP although I am not really up to speed on what is really wrong there (computerwise). Anyhow don't reply to the snide posts in reply to yours it will just make you more miserable, rather sit back have a cold one and let it simmer for abit all will be well
  12. Never post when you have just died
  13. I have lost 2 pilots now to Archie, always just before I am about to complete a mission (balloon busting), I also lost one to Archie who was just about to hit his 17 hours these "features" are starting to get old for me, there may not be an algorythm to kill pilots but it sure "feels" that way (its why I have always disliked AI type games because I am never sure if I screwed up or just got computerized ) The AI EIII's are still doing stuff that cannot be duplicated by a player and still remain flying (it stuff like this that kills the emmersion for me) On a to be fair note I am having the same problems with RoF since they "tweaked" their AI into deadshots who never miss.
  14. New Patch is great thanks guys, just one quick question did it effect claims at all?? I have two claims that are 3 months old???
  15. hat switch views

    Ahhh but I have done Dear Boy and it just doesn't get what I desire (that of course is what makes horse races )

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