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  1. Fokker D.II

  2. Must have addons for FE2

    The best addon plane so far is Morane type N, incredible detailed cockpit and textures. Better than stock planes. http://combatace.com/files/file/4716-morane-saulnier-n-%E2%80%9Cbullet%E2%80%9D/ Stetephen1918 planes and ground objects are awesome too.
  3. Halberstadt D.V

    I was going to ask for this plane! Capun's Halberstadt is very low poly and it doesn't have a cockpit. I will fly this one for sure!
  4. More FE Ground Objects

    GREAT! Can't wait to see them in game!
  5. Armored Trains

    Superb!!! Now we need somebody that makes the changes to the data.ini and types.ini of a couple of terrains to see them in battle. I wish i had the time to do it!!!
  6. Stephen1918's new BE 2c

    Stephen1918 models are really awesome, best of the best!
  7. Italian Front (WIP)

  8. Operation Restoration: Wings Remastered Edition

    I loved Wings, it was an incredible game at those times. Lords of the Rising Sun was also a blast, IMHO the Total War series are based on that strategy game.
  9. BE 2c - in progress

    Glad to know you're back at work, the bird is looking awesome!
  10. Late Sopwith Tabloid

    Very cool !!! I'm loving it!
  11. Italian Front (WIP)

    It's going to be the best terrain ever designed for any of the Thirdwire sims.
  12. Italian Front (WIP)

  13. Hey 33Lima! I installed the IL-2 mod, some of the planes are really well done (N28, Dr.1, Fokker E.III) but others are really bad (DH2). I think the FM should be tweaked (DR.1 was faster than N28). The mod is looking really good, i hope they keep working on it!
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIj-QH9qRqw
  15. Thanks for the info LIMA33, very clear. I was asking for the info because some years ago i patched/modded IL2 with the ultrapatch and all those small things that made the 101 version moddable and i remember it was a pain to do it (many files that should be installed in order) Now i see that it's very easy to mod IL2, the only bad thing is the 10 GB download, but i will do it. I also found that some planes were remade and now they have very realistic models (the Nieuport 11 for example, my favourite plane). I think some of those high quality planes have not been included in the WW1 mod DBW 1916 (because they are new) and you have to download them separately (Maybe you have not noticed that). Also there are some ww1 campaings too. I will install it this week (Now i need to delete some things in my HD for the space i need for the 10 GB download + 4'5 GB of IL2)
  16. Hey Lima33, i'm really interested in the IL2 WW1 Mod, some weeks ago i was looking at the SAS site and the WW1 mod does have very nice cockpits for some of the planes (DR.1, Camel, N28 and more). I've gone to the SAS site but i found i have to download a very big mod (10 GB) that is not related to WW1 before i can install the WW1 mod. Also, instructions to install it were not clear (at least to me). Please can you provide clear instructions to install this mod? I really need to download the big mod to install the ww1 mod? For example, i would like to know if i need to install something before i can add the ww1 mod over IL2 1946 out of the box. Thanks in advance.
  17. BE 2c - in progress

    Another masterpiece in the works :-)

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