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  1. A new adventure in my life

    mazel tov! best of luck to you, your wife, and the baby...
  2. In memory and thanks...

    36 years ago, yesterday, on 6 October 1973, Syria and Egypt launched a devestating surprise attack against Israel. The ISraeli forces were caught utterly unpreparedand undermanned, and lost ground in the early days of what would come to be known as the Yom Kippur War. The vast majority of the Army was on leave for the Yom Kippur holiday- the holiest day of the Jewish Calender... As a matter of fact, at the time of the attack, the Egyptian border was guarded by only a handful of soldiers. Although forces were mobilized quite quickly (most active and reserve soldiers learded of the war from their rabbis at their local synogogue services), it took the better part of a week to form solid lines of defense- at which point, against Israel's urging, Jordan had joined the war on the side of the Arab armies. Outnumbered, and fighting on three fronts, the situation for the Israelis looked grim. Thanks to brave active and reserve soldiers and a "just in the nick of time airlift, after three weeks a cease fire was pushed through- and Israel had actually regaied a little bit past it's original border. It came at a high cost gowever- 2668 Israeli soldiers dead and many more wounded. Estimates place between 400-500 missing and captured. An entire generation suffered effects from various stress disorders. The casualty rate (as a percentage of population) was greater than that of the US during the ten years in Vietnam...and this was in three weeks. So that I could have the opportunity to live freely in this wonderful and beautiful nation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those brave men and women... I poured out a drink for you tonight. True heroes...
  3. Attention! MSgt Nesher ready for your orders!

    מזל טוב!!!! שהיה לך בהצלחה שנה טובה
  4. Thanks Mig Buster!! :-) I'm downloading now to try it out...
  5. Hi guys. I was wondering how people take the ingame videos that I see on youtube and such. Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. A truly tragic day for his family, the nation, and the world. I will be praying for him. I hope hes reunited with his father in the garden of eden. עם ישראל חי
  7. oh... i wrote that a while ago and forgot to post... saw it and hit post without realizing you figured it out...
  8. yea... you can hit [tab] (default). This brings up your communication menu on the top left of the screen (sorry, i don't have a screenshot). From this menu, you can make a selection with whom you'd like to speak (1. -wingman-, 2.- flight 1-,3.-etc.....7.-red crown-or something like that) Make your selection and then you will be given various options - depending on the person with whom you're speaking. These vary from "attack my target", "attack air", "attack ground", "Status check", "RTB", "vector to nearest bandit"... actually thee are a lot, so you can read them in the game.... Anyways, these options should usuallay lead to a response (although not necessarily in the affirmative)...if you dont get a response, you might have to start worrying about your wingman
  9. Well This is Just Dumb

    I guess i should read before i type... So youre practically my neighbor, nesher... :-)
  10. Well This is Just Dumb

    Tel Aviv... the bubble:-) Prior to that i lived at kibbutz naan outside rehovot... I'm originally from New York, however...so, uh, yeah... What about you, where are you from nesher?
  11. Well This is Just Dumb

    It does happen a lot here in Israel (unfortunately)... It is an arab cultural thing that goes back hundreds, possibly even thousands of years...Generally it is not practiced in the larger, more educated metropolitan areas, being much more common in smaller arab villages. It is generally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law... As it should be!! In my opinion, this is the same mentality that leads them to blow up our busses and shoot rockets at us. This primitive mindset (that is passed down in the Arab "education system") is the dominating force in the Muslim world andis one of the primary forces actively impeding any possible progress towards Peace. After all, why stop killing the infidels, their enemies, when their culture says that even murdering their own is acceptable (and in many cases honourable)? On the other hand, our murder rate is among the lowest in the civilized world. Violent crime is rare enough that every incident is front page news across all our newspapers... When I lived in Atlanta, for comparison, violence and crime are common enough that most incidents went unreported, and, often, uninvestigated... I'll take my Israel any day :-)
  12. Afghanistan

    The media is a business... just like any other business, the goal is to make money... what's the other option? A state controlled press... over my dead body... On the other hand, I am fortunate to live in Israel, where support for the military, in the press and population, is very high. I would like to share a brief story that I believe is related: In 2006, fresh out of basic, i was deployed with my unit of combat engineers to southern Lebanon... we were among the earliest ground troops deployed in the war and we served until the war ended 34 days later. I was lucky enough to receive a 30 day leave to visit my family in the States after the war (i live alone in israel, my entire family remains in the US where I was born and raised). Upon arriving in the Atlanta airport, I started a conversation with a fairly attractive young woman. When she asked what I was doing in Atlanta, I explained that I had come to visit my family on leave from the army... next thing I knew, this woman was staring at me as if i was pure evil... she called me a murderer... I was stunned... Here is this woman who has NO IDEA what it's like, never had a friend or family member threatened by this human tragedy we call war...Who was she to judge? The medea give people that soldiers kill and fight because we want to... because we're bloodthirsty... Nothing could be farther than the truth, only those who have experienced those horrors can truly understand... I pray every day for our soldiers and those of our allies....
  13. Hi everyone... I recently got into ThirdWire's Wings over Israel, after a many year hiatus from simulators... Last week I upgraded to SF2 (all 3 titles, merged install). Anyways, I'd love to give back to this community thats made these games so wonderful, and was wondering what I could do to help... I read the tutorial by migbuster, and I think I can handle it, so my question is, does anyone have anything in particular I can help with? On another note, I'd like to thank all of you who have already been involved in this process. I hope that with a little time and practice, I can be a benefit to this community as well...

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