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  1. To enable fading terrain objects in FE2 you can try this: http://combatace.com/topic/86103-fading-tod-objects/
  2. Mmh.. it seems the readme is imprecise here: translation is ctrl (+ shift) + left mouse button hold + move. Have you tried this? Ok, noted on my todo list.
  3. Abspeichern des Spiels...

    Grundsätzlich kann der Ordner "Gespeicherte Spiele" verschoben werden: Im Explorer rechts Klick auf "Gespeicherte Spiele" -> Eigenschaften -> Pfad. Aber leider beachten die SF2 Games mit Ausnahme von SF2:NA den neuen Pfad nicht. Es scheint, dass der Pfad "<Benutzer-Verzeichnis>\Saved Games" hardkodiert ist. Zur Lösung deines Problems, kann aber, wie 7eleven schon richtig geschrieben hat, der Mod Verzeichnis Pfad in der Datei C:\Users\<Benutzername>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\<SF2 Game>\options.ini angepasst werden: [Mods] Directory=<Pfad zum neuen Mod Verzeichnis> In C:\Users\<Benutzername>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\<SF2 Game>\ müssen sich dann nur noch options.ini und ich glaube version.ini befinden.
  4. The size of the targeting boxes are defined by the BoxSize= entries in the huddata.ini You can also try the dot label mod: http://combatace.com/topic/86215-showing-label-as-a-dot-mod/ This mod overlays all friendly/enemy objects within a 10 nm radius with a blue/red dot. The disadvantage of this mod is, you lose the target info box.
  5. Some newbie questions

    If you are looking for all effects (*.fx) files inside your cat files, you can use my catextractor: In the upper list box (1) select all cat files. In the filter field (2) type "*fx". Then all fx files are shown in the lower list box (3) and can be extractedl.
  6. 1938

    Geezer, I don't understand why you are so offended. Maybe you find my post too harsh or direct? Then I apologize, that was not my intention. English isn't my first language. I only wanted to express my opinion about the downscaling and back it up with arguments. Not because to criticize your work, quite the contrary, your models are fantastic and thats the reason I want them to be usable with other (not downscaled) tiles and objects. You write a lot about professionalism, but instead of responding to my arguments you insulted me (calling me stupid and dumb shit). That's not professional, is it?
  7. 1938

    The more I think about the downscaling, the more I'm of the opinion that's a bad idea: 1.)The visual appearance is deteriorated. Say you have a 2048px texture that represents a 500m tile in real life. Thus you have a resolution of 2048px / 500m = 4 pixels per meter. If you downscale (say 60%) then the tile represents 833m (500m / 0.6) in real life. Then the resolution is 2048px / 833m = 2.5 pixels per meter. So the resolution has deteriorated. I don't see how downscaling should help to improve the visual appearance? Maybe you can elaborate. 2.)The downscaled terrain textures and objects don't match the full scale physics of the game engine. E.g. if you fly low over the terrain the velocity appears to be 1.666 (1.0/0.6) times the real life velocity. 3.)The downscaled terrain textures and objects don't match the stock objects (including aircrafts, cockpits,...). I know you don't want to use stock ground objects, that's ok. But what about flying with stock aircraft over your terrain? The aircraft and cockpit appears to be 1.666 times larger than the terrain. Furthermore your downscaled objects can't be used in other terrains. I really think, it's better to scale your tile texture art to match the 500m tile size and not to downscale the objects to match your downscaled tile texture art.
  8. 1938

    I think Wilches is right. Don't scale the ground objects. They wouldn't match the stock objects. I think the stock objects are all 100% scale. (Or can someone show me a stock object that is not 100% scale?) Rather scale your tile art textures so that they match the 500m size (FE Terrain). The ominous ~60% map scale isn't caused by the game engine itself. This scaling is caused by the terrain editor while importing GOTOPS30 height data. TK explained it here: I think the tile textures and the tod and lod objects are not scaled. Only the imported height field data is scaled.
  9. "Moving" the model should be possible. If you send me the lods, I can try it.
  10. Yes, the sensation of speed is mostly dependend on FOV, and LOD of the scenery. The influence of FOV you can easily notice while taking off. Just zoom in and out (= changing FOV) while you move down the runway. Fully zoomed in (= small FOV) the speed seems very slow compared to fully zoomed out (= big FOV). In the HFD file you can define arbitrary vertex spacing. But I don't know how the graphic engine will handle it. I think TK mentioned once that the HFD resolution should (or must) be 4 times the TFD resolution. Or in other words if the tile size is 2000m then the height field vertex spacing must be 500m. Maybe we should just test it, if the engine can handle smaller vertex spacings.
  11. Ok, but thats not a good reason, at least for us modders.
  12. I'm curious, what is a "Good Reason" for not freely distribute those tools?
  13. Sabro, if I understand you correctly, you have problems with spotting other airplanes in SF2? Try the dot label mod: http://combatace.com/topic/86215-showing-label-as-a-dot-mod/ It displays a red/blue "dot" over enemy/friendly airplanes which are within a radius of 10 nm.
  14. @FalconC45: Could you please post your options.ini, flightengine.ini and the fx files.
  15. The flickering is caused by z-fighting. In this case the top face of the red box z-fights with the top face of the underlying green box. To prevent z-fighting issues: 1) Don't put objects on top of (or near) other objects and 2.) Use only convex geometries.
  16. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    I'm curious about what are the problems with using the flightgear engine for a combat game?
  17. As proof of concept for creating arbitrary 3D mesh tod objects, I "converted and assembled" multiple lods (hangars that share the same texture) into a tod file. The result: It's time to start a new project: TOD Editor.
  18. I used the lod files and converted them into a tod file. The tod file only contains vertex position, normals and texture coordinates. No additional material properties (opacity, specular or self illumination) can be defined in the tod file . For this test I didn't do any atlas mapping since I only used objects (your hangars) that used the same texture.
  19. Some newbie questions

    I had the same problem. It happens with large FOV. I use a FOV of 90 degrees. Setting the Horizon Distance to Very Far fixed it for me. I assume the flickering objects you mean are caused by z-buffer-fighting. I wrote a post how to get rid of this flickering: http://combatace.com/topic/85970-shimmering-tods-and-target-objects/ Short summary: try to increase ExternalClipDistMin= in <aircraft>_cockpit.ini as much as possible (however it can't be increased very much without cockpit clipping issues) and use the modified terrain shaders from the above mentioned post.
  20. ShelterA is a stock lod item and should be in the cat files. Have you enabled cat file access and set the sf2 install directory in Extras->Settings correctly? Right mouse click in the toolbar opens a menu where you can select "Target Types" to show the target types window.
  21. The game engine only needs the tod file and in the <terrain>_data.ini the texture (atlas) for solid / alpha objects must be set. The <name of tile>.ini are only needed by the TE. That's correct. TOD objects are non-collidable and there is nothing I can do about it
  22. Bugfix Update: Target Area Editor V0.2.2: -bugfix: crashes while reading 24 bit tga files It's actually an old bug, that I fixed already last year in the LODViewer. But for unknown reasons the bugfix never went into the Target Area Editor. Copy the content of the zip file into the MuesToolBox folder. TargetAreaEditor_V0.2.2_Update.zip
  23. I downloaded this terrain: http://combatace.com/files/file/15093-formosa-ww2-pto-terrain-for-sf2/ But I couldn't reproduce the CTD. I selected every target area without any CTD. Maybe you meant another Formosa terrain? Or you have a modified one? @all who experience CTDs: can you send me your terrain or a download link of the terrain, so that I can debug it. Thanks!
  24. Does the CTD always happens if you select the certain airfields, or only sporadic?

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