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  1. That would depend on what TK brings us in any future patch's.
  2. Heres my Maverick and Bullpup air to surface weapons to download, they're set up as ARM's at the minute but the patch will allow us some more air to ground toys to utilise. They are also very early beta as far as the data is concerned, im busy trying to work out accurate propulsion and guidance information. (if anyone can help with this, please contact me) http://rageman.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
  3. I was going to wait till the patch was out and I had a few more weapons so I can release them as a pack. But I dont see why I cant release a beta in a day or two. :)
  4. hehe http://rageman.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
  5. Thats very true, but there are better out there, think i'll have a look about and see if i can pass on some details
  6. I always thought the single missions where pretty quick to set up. Actually now that i've thought about it, it takes just about the same amount of time to set up a quick mission in IL-2:FB as it does in SFP1. The only thing that takes longer is if you want to customize you're stores, and even then you can always take the default payload for the mission type.
  7. Unfortunatly a 20 meg a day download limit will kill this site, that might cater for veiwing a couple of pages and maybe downloading of 15 skins, and thats it for one days worth.
  8. The tests are only to make sure that the addon is as authentic and ready for release as possible, so we dont have weapons on pylons that arent supposed to be there or UFO's (so far addons have been very good here). Also it was to catch weapons that have also been over modeled too. Its all about making online play with addons as simple as possible. As for trying not to overstep someone else's project, well it will happen, and unfortunatly that means there will be 2 versions of an aircraft or weapon floating out there, meaning that it becomes twice as hard to use it online. Another advantage is that the community would have a reference as to exactly who is working on what project, and based on those projects we could put out requests for data that normally wouldnt been seen in an addon, such as squadrons that fly with the plane, and tail numbers, which would add so much more depth to an addon.
  9. I was working with an idea when i first got Strike Fighters, because I thought there would be a problem with addon makers clashing with design projects (2or3 making the same plane under different projects). What I came up with was "definative upgrades" which where essentially themed upgrade bundles. Addons added would have to pass certain levels tests so that they could be used. So that a high quality pack would be produced. The other part of the concept was to make it themed. That way you could minimise the size of the upgrade and make it more tailored to a players interest, maybe upgrades centralised around Veitnam era, modern era, Korean era and cold war era. Maybe looking at other projects too like Yom Kippur, and the Falklands. Anyhow the idea was that in multiplayer rather than realing of a long list of mods needed to play al the host would need do is stipulate what pack's are needed it could even be slipt into the servers title on gamespy (such as VN1, for vietnam pack 1). If anyone likes that idea, especially the addon makers of the group, please contact me so you can have you're say and to let me know if there will be any support for this so I can do some work on it.
  10. Cheers guys, you might be able to expect some new weapons to play with once I figure out this 3D modling stuff :P
  11. I've tried looking for the exporter for 3D Studio, I just cant seam to find it. Does anyone know where it is?
  12. I had similar problems when trying to figure out how to add and modify weapons. The problem lay in that the weaponsData.ini file is shadowed by a weaponsData.dat file, probably a hash or something from the original weaponsdata.ini file to clamp down on cheating or summit or making it easier to transfer in Multiplayer. Anyhows, there is a Weapon Editor available on this site, that will export both the .ini and .dat files allowing you to use new weapons.
  13. Right total nooby question here, I've tried importing the fuel tanks that came with the F-86 Sabre, and that failed, I also tried to add a "growl" to the ARM's (as they should). That also failed, Im just wondering is there something I need to do to allow me to create and modify weapons I noticed that there is a weapons.dat file too, is this some sort of cheat protection? Im sure there may be posts on this, I'd just like a few links to get me started. Oh and one last thing is there anywhere I can find a list on the different settings contained within the weapons.ini file, specifically has anyone figured out Electronic Pods yet :?: Boy I dont ask for much do I :D
  14. My first post on any SFP1 Forum, and all I can say is WOO YAY WEASEL THUD!!!

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