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  1. Operation Longbow (Desert 1983)

    gracias x todo excelente
  2. SOS huevon o que? por si no lo sabias eeuu tiene petroleo de sobra en alaska argentino rojo!!!!
  3. the Pan-Arabian Federation (iran, irak yemen,paran) has decided to invade Dhimar and neighboring Kuwait to expand the doctrine of mohammed and to eliminate heathen and infidel influence on their dhimari and kuwaiti "brothers" US UK and china have pledged support to the beleagered countries the result is operation Desert Eagle All right my dear modders work your magic SF F'ing ROCKS!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
  4. Here's one for ya!! it's 2012 and Hugo Chavez has seized power after a very tainted election week. the opposition has gone underground and the UN, nato, and USwill help the underground dislodge Chavez from power. Cuba, Iran, and North Korea join the fray lending Hugo a Big!!! hand OperationLatin Storm has begun!!! Nice, Calling all modders!!! this is one Mother of a mod!!!! How Boutit????:heat::idea:
  5. Vietnam 1984 1.1

    for some reason the controls settings i did for my joystick do not work. the are replaced by other settings that apparently came with the mod. i do not know about modding so i cannot fix this help me, i cant fully enjoy the mod because of this thk u:boredom::yikes:
  6. Que viva Espana, la hermosa, conooooooo!!!!!!!
  7. I am just a newbie, don't know how to mod, build missions, campaigns, etc. I just like to have fun and enjoy the pro's succulent mods, which are all awesome!!!!! OK, here's a forgotten war for you in the middle-late 60's honduras and salvador fought the "soccer' war I beleive it lasted 6 weeks or so. the aircraft for this campaign are all here. These are : f4u, mustang, f86,dassault ouragan, and a couple others i've forgotten. terrain could be green hell DRV or american northwest, ground objects surplus american and french equipment as well as weapons. it was mostly a ground war with salvador as the victor in history. there were a couple of dogfights, the hondurans winning most of these with inferior equipment and excellent pilots. well ,there it is feel free to mssg me here or chatme up in messenger. toodles, god bless u all!!!
  8. Allow me to congrat u m8!!! this is serious warfare!!! the campaigns are flawlessly done, the AI merciless!, the AA superb. And the planes, oooooooohhhh the planes!!!!, this is simply marvelous stuff!!!! Just what WOV needed for an ultimate finishing touch
  9. WOI campaigns Expansion v0.1

    mazel tov!!! mazel tov!!!! God bless you all, this is the absolute best sim about the idf/af ever done!!! kudos to the nth to you!!! let me tell you, keep up the good work, remove my d/l limit and i will offer my knowledge in aviation 24/7 live or message here thk u a mill!!!

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