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  1. 2020 could be worse, "The Day After" & "Threads."

    I remember I enjoyed these at the time, but I have never seen them since - so forgive me if they turn out to be rubbish :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Bulletin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countdown_to_Looking_Glass
  2. The Corona Virus Thread

    Greetings from Flanders fields... Coping OK so far, but I expect a lockdown will be announced here in the next few days. Stay safe all! And a big thank you to any members who are out there working in healthcare, fire brigades, police, transport, supermarkets etc.
  3. Are radio comms implemented in this build, or not yet? Knowing myself I tend to lose interest rather quickly if this aspect is missing. So if not I'd rather wait until full release, don't care if it means paying more money :)
  4. The quote on the Dutch banner ("heb moeten obediëren in der gerechtigheid." = "have had to obey in justice") had me puzzled for a bit. I figured that it comes from the national anthem, but it is only a small part of a longer sentence and doesn't make sense on its own. No biggie for me (I'm not Dutch ;)), but I just wanted to point it out.
  5. Atlantic Fleet - the CombatAce review

    Just two things on my wishlist for now: 1) Map plotting tools (at least a ruler/compass and an angle ruler) 2) I feel that capital ships are too vulnerable to torpedos. It seems like it always takes just a single hit to sink a battleship. This is especially annoying since enemy subs tend to start at very close range. Granted I am still in 1939 so I guess the destroyer shield isn't particularly effective and maybe it will improve over time. At least the game models dud torpedos, which is a feature that has saved me a couple of times now!.
  6. Atlantic Fleet - the CombatAce review

    I just had a more modest battle, HMS Hotspur vs T-22, but it was a naibiting experience nevertheless. And while playing I found another advantage of the turn based system: I find it makes the anticipation of the incoming enemy salvo more tense, well for me anyway!
  7. Atlantic Fleet - the CombatAce review

    33Lima, you did it again. First the Graviteam games and now you sold me on this one! Have just started to learn the ropes but enjoying it already. The campaign sure looks like it will put many games to shame. Personally I am happy that the devs chose a turn-based format, I find that all too often "real-time" is really just a way of forcing the player to beat the game against the clock, leaving no opportunity for actual tactics/strategy or even enjoy the fancy graphics.
  8. Wargame: European Escalation

    It's currently 50% off on Steam (€4,99). 33Lima, you did it again. First you made me buy all the Graviteam stuff, now this! Love reading your reports, they are often much more informative than reviews on other sites.
  9. "Hold, Falcon 1, we have a situation developing" Will be flying this one for sure!
  10. Get them all eventually, but try SF2:Vietnam or SF2:Israel for starters as these offer the best (stock) content in my opinion. The "problem" with the SF series is very much like with MS Flight Simulator: there is so much to do and there are so many addon aircraft and campaigns... resist the temptation to try them all out at once or you will end up "sampling" but not doing any flying. Best is to stick to one campaign (stock or addon) at a time, and take your time learning a particular aircraft. SF2 may be "sim lite" but there is enough complexity to make each aircraft behave very differently.
  11. My bad. I must have changed the commdata.ini myself then :) I just want to say that your mod improves the SF2V experience exponentially!
  12. I only just got SF2V (version I purchased is May2011) and installed this Expansion Pack. I had a problem with missing carriers (i.e. aircraft blew up on mission start). Solved it by extracting the game's CVA-63.INI and SCB-125.INI into their respective mod folders. Haven't run into any game crashes or missing skins/loadouts yet. You may want to look into the COMMDATA.INI and SOUNDLIST.INI files, I think the patch changed these files (the new wingman commands, for example).
  13. Question about Anti-A filtering

    You can ignore this value in CFSConfig (I believe this is a bug with CFS3) as it won't have an effect on the 3D game. Just set your anti-aliasing (e.g. to 4x) in Catalyst Control Center and you should see the effect.

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