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  1. I'm sure this will sound a bit "yankish" but... Over Flanders Fields: "Over There" ...just going for the short name.
  2. OT: Attention Fantasy RPG Fans

    Happens in Colorodo too sometimes... Headless chicken Bet that would scare the "tootsie rolls" out of the kids on Halloween!
  3. I reloaded everything and it works fine now. I am trying to fine tune the setup now. I get frequent pauses during flight. I'll do some searching to see if others have resolved this. Thanks, Uwe
  4. Hello, I am trying to play a RAF 56th campaign but I get a message in red letters the SE5a is not in the game. I am quite sure its in the game but for some reason the program is not picking it up. Do I just need to reload the game, or is ther a file or folder I can copy over to take care of this? I have HitR expansion too. I just recently reloaded the game to start playing it again. Thanks, Uwe
  5. I told my boss I was going home after a few hours at work before the roads got too bad but people were already sliding all over the place. The kids rebelled before it stopped snowing and had me outside making their snowman. The stuff wouldn't pack so I had to resort to using buckets and sticking snow on them then mold the snow as best I could. My son had had enough and watched me from inside the house. My girl soldiered on after she got gloves. We only got 8 inches.
  6. $90!?!? I think I paid $50 for it about 5 years ago. Still, I wouldn't take $90 for it. I like my books.
  7. I remember we had a foot of snow back in 1989 along the coast of SC when we were living there...right after Hugo had ripped us a new one. I think it was suppose to be the only white Christmas on record for Charleston, SC. We had snow today...in Etowah, NC
  8. Red Baron in English You can download the English version free from this site, parts 1 & 2. At least I did anyways. Not sure why they are offering it for free but its been there for a while. They have other movies too but a lot require membership.
  9. Bullethead, I work deep within the bowels of non-profit hospital (which most are) as a financial analyst. Our mail system here is so FUBAR I’d give anything mailed to me a 20% of actually reaching me. I recently sent a purchase order to a vendor in which the dates on the contract were wrong. The vendor asked me if I would like for him to send me another P.O. with the correct date on it. Here was my response to him which sums up our mail and bureaucracy accurately. “Please process the P.O. we sent for the new delivery date. Seriously, the invoice has to hit three mail boxes before it even gets to me. I then have to turn it over to the PFS secretary who gets it to the PFS director. It's then given back to the secretary who puts it in inter-office mail which is placed in the care of someone NOT under the age of 80, who while well meaning...may not get it to where it really needs to go. If it does make it where it needs to go it still has to hit two mailboxes before it gets back to me. The person that hands me the P.O. (my manager) is more than likely the person that I have to give the P.O. right back to after I open the manila envelope. After that my manager has to give it to her director who then has to send it to purchasing, via interoffice mail (again in the hands of someone not under 80) or he walks it over, to be processed and mailed to you. For it to have made to you gives strong credence that there must indeed be a God. So please, process the P.O. you received with the new delivery date.” Otherwise it’s a great idea. Lord knows if I could actually get any mail here I'd have a nice gaming rig, a couple more houses and families to put in them... Uwe
  10. Sorry if I came across negatively about the "pay for patch", that was not my intent. I am quite happy paying for this upcoming release. I have been pleased with the product and will continue to support their efforts financially. I just hope I don't have to do the delivery man dance with a CD to keep my Torquemada-wanna-be wife unaware when a download is something more discrete.
  11. Tell my wife about this my AS...umm close cousin to a horse...that has short ears and a shorter tail. If she can't see it or smell it on my breath she's not going to find out about it...from me. If it can be snuck in without leaving a trail seriously don't let her know. Tell her to get you that nice 22 inch monitor or a new video card you'll need. And before you go feeling guilty do you REALLY think she hasn't gotten something for herself without you noticing? If you did notice don't say anything to her so you have a defense in case she somehow manages to find out you got something. This pay for patch is going to be a download isn't it?
  12. Etowah, NC Just North NE of Capt Sopwith.
  13. Well...last night I had to go back to my Jasta 30 roots for a bit. I feel safer not flying over the lines as much. Flak is like a neon "come get me" sign for the poor allied pilots too. About every other flight a group of enemy 2 seaters invariably are making their way over Phalempin and I will fall all over myself to use any excuse not to have to fly over the front lines. Got a mission to go attack an airfield and I was cussing about it when my excuse not to do it flew over me. A flight of 5 BE2c lumbered overhead. I shot them all down and when I returned to base a flight of Sopwith Tripe planes, the bane of my Jasta 30 existence, is right over Phalempin tormenting flight 1. I had a little ammo and shot one up but had to land when I was out of ammo. Lou, my e-mail is J30_uwe <at> hotmail.com. Send me an e-mail and I will get the screenshot to you. It's bmp and 5MB 1680 x 1050. Saving it as a jpeg will probably reduce the size as I think hotmail has limits.
  14. I can't imagine it's any worse than being called a "Yank" when you live in the South. Not to get into the whole North vs. South debate but when people think the South was the "bad guy" in that conflict I really just have to roll my eyes about it a little and move on as I feel it was a struggle for independence based on states rights, not slavery. The South's Constitution was virtually identical to the North's and outlawed the importation of slaves. Slavery was legal on both sides at the begining of the conflict so. So I've never been able to understand why the South was labeled the bad guy except that they lost. I guess that why I've always had sympathy for Germany in WWI...not so much WWII. I think Austria got Germany into that conflict. Kinda like two buddies hanging out and getting drunk together and one goes off and bad mouths a group of bikers and his friend gets dragged into it because he was there for his friend. When my 5 y/o son asks who the bad guys were when he plays with his four WWI planes I tell him that no one was the bad guy in that war. It just happened because of a really bad mistake by leaders on both sides. The guys in those planes fought for their squadronmates more than anyone else for the most part.
  15. Does anyone else fly their campaigns to run on the same day of the year in real life? I started out a 56th campaign in August and just flew those missions that fell on the same day of the year in real life. Once the missions were done for that day I went on to something else. I don't have much time anyway so it fit into my schedule. I had made it thru August and September (it rained a LOT) until yesterday October 6th. First day back after a crash landing near NML kept my pilot grounded for a couple of weeks. Lawrence was ordered to go on a balloon busting mission. Weather was soupy but I flew it anyway. We got the balloon and the flack didn't seem too bad but they did some minor damage to my engine...or so I thought. It ran rough but not bad enough I thought to make a beeline for our trenches. I stayed on the planned flight path to RTB. Turned out it was a fuel leak. I didn't have messages turned on so I had no warning. I fly with no labels or messages on...that may need to change as I think the pilot should have had SOME warning about a ruptured fuel line, imo. So Lawrence with 19 kills was captured about 200 meters from the front lines. It was an atmospheric flight. Here is a picture of flying over the front.

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