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  1. Mig-25 Recon

  2. yeh delta wings should have a lot of drag due to lift and drag due to AoA... like MiG-21 and Mirages.
  3. seems i fixed the fps somehow.. i had the CPU at 333FSB... think there is a hole/bug in that specific NB strap. So i raised from 333 to 360FSB (clock 3240MhZ) and seems much better... now im in 1680x1050 with high details (not maxed) and runs smooth even in a ramp start with lot of traffic. i'm ordering other 2Gb RAM because sometimes swap happens and i hate that. Anyway luckly managed to get a lock on a F-16 from 35 miles... so a fast climb to 30k feet to have a longer firing range with the R-77, fired that and got that kill... the second F-16 shot me a pair of amraams and luckly evaded em with a 3-9, but i got killed when that falcon caught me in gun range dogfight (where i do the worst of me ). but there are replacement afterburner effects? the stock one just suck
  4. the thing i really love about FC2 is the challenging AI and how good the russian birds are done.. EDIT: i'm startin to know how to better use the sensors... i just love the stealth kills with IRST + R27ET combo... but i still suck in dogfight. need to study some dogfight tactic maneuvering. only thing is that i need something better than mine E6600@3200, HD 4870 and 2Gb DDR2. FPS drops a lot near ground combat zones.
  5. Why so upset? there are many ways to say something. well if i was you, i should have checkd the FM of the MiG-15 verifying the engine thrust, and to see if lowering lift drag and zero lift drag or checking control surfaces to see where the problem is. Just that some flight models are based on normal difficulty setting and others in hard setting.. so they must be finely tuned.
  6. uhm i play with all realism HARD (apart from fuel consumption, because AI never run out of fuel) and enemy skill level HARD. after 3 years of Thirdwire sims, playing over and over with a PS2 gamepad finely axis tuned, the game is rather easy. - the AI keep shooting sparrows from full range (and then is easy to dive to 100 feets and break the lock). - the AI got a nice accuracy with guns head-on. - the AI keeps firing IRMs not in a good firing AoA. - the AI strafing strategies and evading maneuvers are all the same two three types everytime (they start going climb/dive, or breakturns, and high climb escaping runs) - wingmans are generally underskilled (unless you pick some 90-100-130 skilled in roster) - wingmans have a good kill ratio with medium range SAHMs or AHMs but they miss lot of IRMs my typical debrief in a mid '90 decade escort mission flying MF MiG-29 fulcrum-C (with R-77 and R-73) often fighting F-15D and F-16C is 6-9 kills for me (50% missile PK so 2-3 kills and 3-4 gun kills) when outnumbered i usually run HOT while ordering my flight to break and engage air, then i draw fire from dumb AI shooting some R-77 here and there (that keeps em painting me and firing) and after evading some missiles (with low level fly trick) i try to flank em or go among em while my wingmans are free to lock. hunting with f-15 is easier too... but i really get kicked good when i try to ride those flying trucks you call F-4E well anyway AI gun skill is really good (wingmens gun skill sucks tho)
  7. What about space combat sims?

    X3 terran conflict is a really good mix of combat, trade, faction relation, sandbox game. really REALLY a must have. "Frack" from Battlestar Galactica?
  8. Well after 250 manual pages and several hours flying MiG-29S and various Su-27, i still get beaten hard by Falcons and Vipers... their RCS give me hard times in detecting em from range... i can evade AIM-120s most of the times but they do the same with my payload... and more than one time i got scared to hell when they pop in my six without ever gettin a blip on the RWR. but doing a stealth attack with radar off the whole mission using only the IRST sensors and infrared missiles is priceless. terrains are really good, clouds too, sounds amazing but afterburner effect sucks. it's really worth the price... best modern fighter sim ever.. there is a nice mission builder but lacks the wonderful random mission generator that thirdwire sims have. default missions aren't so bad... the best one is the CAP over the caucasus mountains... lot of hideaways for hit and run. well i really can't spot F-16 on radar .. is damn hard..
  9. thanks to you! i'm still working to get more drag in hard pulls and rebalancing to make it a little harder to fly.
  10. all working good!! thanks!

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