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  1. Contest 1 Winners!

    Congrats to all the winners!!
  2. Allied Force Contest

    Ready on the CAT!!!!
  3. Site Logo Contest

    Here is 4 variations of mine. Also one with how it would look on a t-shirt. 1. 2. 3. 4. T-Shirt.
  4. Dangerous Waters Contest

    I am here
  5. anyone from fort wayne indiana.

    I live is Rockford, IL well actually Machesney Park, IL but Rockford is like two feet away.
  6. Anyone Here Have The Title?

    I have it too Beer and it installs fine with that link Tarheel gave above just read the readme and follow its instructions. anyone wanna play?
  7. Apache Server Problem ?

    It usually takes DNS servers about 48-72 hours to completely propogate to a new host. So depending on when MadJeff did the dns server change I would assume by the 3rd I should be fine.
  8. PhantomWarrior's Death - Or Not? PLEASE READ!!

    Do the deed..let the deed speak for its self
  9. PhantomWarrior's Death - Or Not? PLEASE READ!!

    (Caution Foul Language Ahead) This link sums up my feelings on the matter. http://www.mattestes.com/sound.htm

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