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  1. Is that the one where some A10s and F16s first attack some vehicles and tanks and then a pavehawk rescues an allied pilot?
  2. New Video Posted

    The official site also stated that flare trees were used to illuminate the target area ;)
  3. sig

    I think its actually called Irfanview. Try a search on this
  4. Hmm, if it is not too demanding to ask for some screenies, (or if Jeff just needs some new ideas :D) here you go: What about a screenie of an F15c launching multiple AMRAAMS simultanously (per TWS). That would be great :) Jeff, if you keep posting good stuff as you do at the moment, I am sure many people will head over here (so they are nearer to the source hehe)
  5. Actually, I come from the Forgotten Battles Community. Played Falcon SP3 too of course :D
  6. Hi all

    I do know you ;) Oh this is my first post here too, was directed here by Dice :)

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