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  1. OT: Skyrim XBOX 360 getting Free Kinect support

    Voice support is good in Mass Effect 3. They just happened to fail to mention you only needed a headset to use the voice commands. The only major drawback with ME3 was their cooldown timer. it is going to be the same with Skyrim a cooldown timer that will limit it's usefulness. The equipment switching is a feature in both games. But, i reallly don't think the AI understands the basic combat commands of "Get your a** in cover?, Duck!!!, or Move out oif the way, you dumb a**!!!" Once the AI fully grasps the heat of combat and truely understand english I think the systems will work fine. Sorry I foiund myself yelling more about the stupidity of the AI than actually yelling commands. Changing equipment was better with the voice support, and again the only thing was chaining abilities with system, not because of the device but the games cooldown system.
  2. Quick note to the news story it has been confirmed as an F/A-18 D from VFA-106. It crashed shortly after take-off. The story is getting worse as we were just informed the City of Virginia Beach their is strong possibilty the appts. may have been occupied occupied as Beach Schools are cllosed today. Lets have these families in our prayers.
  3. beautiful work i enjoy this update to a wonderful mod

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