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  1. Johnny G, I want Turkish Raki with ice on it Safe Landings
  2. New system question

    I don`t like transferring programs from another drive. Prefer always fresh install.
  3. Olham's Porn

    Upgraded my processor today OFF is running with 50-60 FPS (5-3-3-5-5) and have 30-40 FPS with 5-3-4-5-5 settings WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD
  4. PC Dying? Need Help

    CaptSopwith, Plug your internet connection cable out from your PC or disable your wireless bluetooth connection and restart it again. If your pc works without the cable. Uninstall your ethernet driver and install it again.
  5. My OFF Collection

  6. Puahaha Spending so much time flying OFF. My wife put it there for me. There will be useful either for me or her Shiloh, print out Rabu & Olham`s 4 part OFF Map and glue them together: Click - OFF Map Rabu & Olham - Parts 1 - 4
  7. OK, startet a new campaign with Jasta2 now. "Drück mir die Daumen"
  8. Shiloh, My desk looks similar to yours
  9. Olham's Porn

    My fatherboard has LGA775 Socket. I think thats the best processor in his category. For a better processor I have to change my mobo and have to buy new DDR3 sdram = $$$ Thats why I am going the cheapest way. My OFF is running perfect now 5-3-3-5-5 with stoned 30 fps. My target is one up with scenery slider and 40+ fps. I hope I can do it with E8500 (3.16 GHz)
  10. Olham's Porn

    Dear Von Paulus, Good to know! Thanks. Now I can sleep well Because I am upgrading my pc only for OFF.
  11. Beautiful report and screenies again Olham Thank you PS: My pilot died again before August 1916. I crashed on the rooftop of a building while attacking a Railyard... I gave up with the Eindecker.
  12. Olham's Porn

    Do not forget thermal paste Olham I am thinking to upgrade my processor in a few days. My 2.5 GHz with 2MB is not enough sometimes. The new one: Intel E8500 (Dual Core, 3.16Ghz, Socket 775, 6MB, 65W, 1333Mhz)
  13. Catalyst version 11.2

    Exact It`s really the best ATI combination for OFF. Notice: I have only 2.5 GHz processor speed and happy with my results. Thanks
  14. Olham's Porn

    Dear Olham, I don`t like the Eindecker I think in August are the Halberstadt`s coming. Flying Jasta5... BTW, Why do you want to overclock your PC? I think there is no need. It`s a powerful engine you have. Greetings

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