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  1. What the hell is wrong with me?

    What you can't buy on this day is Nostalgia
  2. Hi guys, Anyone know how to fix this White square box effect in the water when the bomb hit the water and i think it's related with water splash or something but i still didn't find the cause
  3. ==============<><><><><><><>=================
  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxx===========xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. To be honest..It's WOI kadesh addons with SF2 stuff
  6. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    hope you make it compatible with WOI kadesh addons stary ! i need thaaatt !! :(
  7. i've use rising sun in SF2 and surely they got bugs with some mission..well i use them in my Custom WOI kadesh now and they work perfect !!
  8. @Malibu43 I have no idea..i can't remember it coz it's been long time in my hardrive and i've download so many package, modifiy and combine it