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  1. Geezer How do you set camera zoom so close like this?
  2. It's Shaders file (it has nothing to do with environment system file). Just put them inside Flight folder like this: (i got them here on the forum but i forgot where's the thread is, you can ask stary because i think he have all the shader files
  3. Here's the difference, Now im using SF2 December 2010 FX files into my FE2 but now the LOMO effect is gone ... ;)
  4. part 3 still with SF2 2012 FX
  5. Part 2 Aah i remember it's called LOMO effect *Unedited image*
  6. Hey guys...I just installing back my FE2 for many years it's been in my storage but seems it was different now coz something i didn't expect when moving my WOI environment file into it and now it's like i got new effect ingame (dunno what it calls) and something too with the shaders,reflection, do you think it's better look or it's worse? because i did move SF2 2012 FX files into my install, can it be the cause? *This's Unedited Image*
  7. Wohooo..i'd love to have the new one..hope it comes with a new pit ...thanks ullyb ! here's the old one

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