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  1. @amariani Nice skin..we need more B-17 & B-24 skins ! Fortress over Europe
  2. Thanks Geezer & Vons..keep it up! we still need you ! i've slowly starting from beginning (lost all FE2 files longtime ago) and now so many addons i've to download but it's now limited with downloading the files if someone willing to upload their WW1 aircraft collection that will make me happy :)
  3. The battle of bulge continue...
  4. I've check them and remove all my flight *.ini to stock file but seems still happen when it's in unlimited so i try one by one to seeks what's the option that cause it so when i pick Effect to unlimited in-game option then that's the problem came from. Now i still figure it out what do you think the file that had something to do with effect beside effects folder? or is it something in my effects folder cause it?

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