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  1. A-5A downgraded Pit

  2. F15A 32nd TFS

  3. Tornado_HUD_update

  4. Thank You MK2

    THANKS A LOT MK2 !!!
  5. Well it seems, mate... Thanks Typhoon to give us real pics of the plane and cockpit.
  6. OK, I understand why i didn't find them anywhere. Thanks for the awsome job !
  7. Hello USAFMTL, Where can we get JSF Aggie's mods ? They're really beautiful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello Mudd. In the naigation box, click on Aircraft Data. It will bring you here : http://bunyap2w1.com/SFP1_Wiki/index.php?title=Aircraft_Data Then go down the list and select the F5 you wish. At the next screen, select wether F5 data.ini or F5 loadout.ini Copy and paste what you need. CU Oli
  9. Allied Force Contest

    Thanks Michael to invite us to this great contest. It would be a great pleasure to win F4F, Track IR or Saitek stuff. I played Falcon on a Macinstoch at the end of the 80's. I now fly on the Il-2 series, BoB II WoV and SFP1. Why not have the opportunity to fly on F4F. I went to Multivipers' forum and it seems to e a very good site for flight simmers. Thanks again and long live CombatAce. Oli

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