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  1. TempesteII you are my savior, first, thanks for the answer, and second, thanks for the solution, the problem was "LimitedSupplyList=TRUE", it was settled in "TRUE" and i changed it to "FALSE" = [CampaignData] StartDate=09/07/1985 StartDateDeviation=0 EndDate=12/13/1985 RunCampaignBeforePlayerStart=FALSE ForceWithInitiative=1 SurpriseAttack=FALSE MaxMissions=30 NormalMissionRate=0.3 NormalMissionRateDeviation=0 OffensiveMissionRate=0.3 OffensiveMissionRateDeviation=0 LimitedSupplyList=FALSE StartTime=07:25 StartScreen=A-4AR.JPG StartText= CampaignBaseScreen=Campaignbase40.JPG CampaignEndWinScreen=CampaignEndWin40.JPG CampaignEndLoseScreen=CampaignEndLose1.JPG CampaignEndStallScreen=CampaignEndWin40.JPG CampaignEndKIAScreen=CampaignEndLose1.JPG CampaignEndWinText=CampaignI40End.txt CampaignEndLoseText=CampaignI40End.txt CampaignEndStallText=CampaignI40End.txt CampaignEndKIAText=CampaignI40End.txt That thing was breaking my head, thank you!!!!
  2. Hello strikers! I am an enthusiastic campaign builder and i didn't have problems until this I am creating a new campaign with "CubaOTC" terrain, setting a fictional war between Argentina, Chile and Peru All works great (Data, squadrons, flayable planes, missions, etc) except one thing, weapon supplies Tried without "Supply[001].WeaponType=....." and with it, but nothing happens, i used the "Supply[001].WeaponType=....." from the "Falklands" campaign for the Argentinean planes, and nothing again, in "available stores" screen, nothing appears and i dont have any weapons tu use (Empty) This conflict is from 1985, so i dont think that is a date problem [AirUnit019] AircraftType=A-4Q Squadron=3 Escuadrilla de caza y ataque ForceID=2 Nation=Argentina DefaultTexture=post-war BaseArea=Ignacio Agramonte Int'l StartDate=09/07/1985 BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=2 StartAircraft=2 MaxPilots=4 StartPilots=4 Experience=70 Intelligence=50 Morale=100 Supply=50 MissionChance[sWEEP]=30 MissionChance[CAP]=70 MissionChance[iNTERCEPT]=30 MissionChance[ESCORT]=10 MissionChance=40 MissionChance[CAS]=40 MissionChance[sEAD]=60 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=20 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=10 MissionChance[RECON]=10 UpgradeType=NEVER Supply[001].WeaponType=AR_LAU-3A Supply[001].Quantity=80 Supply[002].WeaponType=AR_AIM-9J Supply[002].Quantity=80 Supply[003].WeaponType=AR_Mk81 Supply[003].Quantity=320 Supply[004].WeaponType=AERO-3B Supply[004].Quantity=80 Supply[005].WeaponType=Tank300_A4nf Supply[005].Quantity=30 Supply[006].WeaponType=Tank300_A4Q Supply[006].Quantity=80 This is what i have, but i dont see anything wrong Someone knows about this? Thanks!!!
  3. Hi guys! I'm building a campaign for central america terrain and i have some problems: The campaigns that i build were modifications of anothers (change of airport, names, aircraft) But with central america there isnt another file so i have a complication with the attack objetives, strategic nodes etc. I made test version but when i choose it goes to windows desktop I f anywone can help me, Thanks!
  4. Operation Joint Effort

    Hi! i download the campaign but i can do only one mission and then the operation ends, why?
  5. SF-2 Mod Malvinas

    Compatriotas, antes que nada, un garto saludo. Tengo un problema con el mod, pongo los graficos al mango pero a la hora de jugar son muy mediocres, nada que ver con los de las fotos si bien son mejores al sf1, no estan muy por arriba, que puede estar pasando??
  6. Another crash! OA-4AR Crashed in argentina last sunday... its a shame
  7. Hi guys, i have a question: Yesterday I finished a campaign modified from the Falklands 82, but the aircraft add, when I choose, do not show any weapons to use, what i have to do to fix it? Thanks.
  8. P-3 Orion Armada Argentina

    Grande Ariell! exelente!!
  9. Arab Six Days war - ver. 2

    Exellent campaign, a very good option for those that love the mig's!!
  10. Desert Storm Part 1 For SF2

    Can you play with the irak air force??
  11. Hi! I have 3 questions 1) Does anyone made a Syrian lebanon war capaign? 2) Does anyone made Paran's side campaign? 3) Where are the campaign data archives in SF2? Thanks guys! :biggrin:
  12. Hello friends of combatace! I installed the utility "Le missiomneur" , but i have a problem, it doesn't appear anything, i tried to do "Options - Instalations" and selecting the terrain that i want, but nothing I will be very happy if anyone of you knows about this

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