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    European warfare and russian warplanes. :)
  1. Mi-24P data ini

    Thanx, i fixed those issues. The data.ini was allright, there was no Heli.waw file in the download.
  2. Mi-24P data ini

    I got two issues here : The first is that my Mil has no engine sound, and the second is that the 30mm gun works not. Do i have to edit anything ?
  3. Hi guys. After installing the update, i lost several aircraft addons from the game. For example Mig-21 complete pack, SU-7 BMK, and some others too. All the folders are in their place in the mod folder, but the aircraft are not showing in the Create Mission" menu. How could this happen ? What to do now ??? Thanx.
  4. Tragic. R.I.P. pilot !
  5. Thanx guys ! It works now on the first way. The second way is good too.
  6. Hi guys ! Is it possible to move the mod folders from the Saved Games folder to another folder on a different drive ? I got WIN 7. If yes, what do i need to change and/or edit in the game system ? My problem is that i have not enough place on drive C. Thank you ! Intermaus
  7. Ridley Scott's Prometheus trailer

    I just can't wait it ! I am a big fan of all these movies !!!
  8. Arab Air Forces SU-7BMK Fitter-A ver. 1.1 for SF2

    Thanx a lot for this addon ! I got only one trouble : The rear wheels are turning around the vertical axis, and not around the horisontal.
  9. MiG-17PF/PFU Pack

    Very nice addon ! Thanks a lot mate !

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