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  1. 1) Right-click on the desktop | Properties | settings 2) What's it say about the graphics card in the 'Display' listing? Telling people about the graphics card and driver will give them a lot more to go on.
  2. Have you tried re-extracting the .ini files, or restoring them from backed up versions, and reaplying the mods?
  3. Gun doesn't fire, no list box appears for selecting ammo load modded the gundata and particlesystem files as directed in the readme. anyone else have this prob or you all too busy flying lomac ;-) ?
  4. How much did you pay for sfp1? $50, max? In the past I have found that kvetching added no lasting happiness to my life, not to mention gripers suck to work with. If a few or several hours have been spent spleening about a patch why not be productive, put in some OT, earn the money for lomac and call it a day.
  5. Is anyone running sfp1 or similar with linux and wine?
  6. The missing files aren't missing, just yet to be extracted from the .cat files in your program folders. look for a 'sfp1 cat extractor' in the file library. If you don't find it hear, you may have to google for it. Once you extrac the file, you can edit it with notepad in the folder it extracts to.
  7. Checked the whole sfp1 library, not found. Anyone wanna suggest a url or email me? simhq only has the patch 1. Thanks, Andy
  8. Does anyone know how to put a transparent skin on the canopy so you don't lose spacial orentation in a padlock view?
  9. Website Auto Refresh

    I must say- If the page refreshes say, every minute or so, it gets annoying fast. More than likely, unless someone has IE set to 'never' they will see the up to date version when they go to your page. Unless you use java/html to auto refresh it, the will have to hit refresh to see changes made since they connected. You probably have this prob cause you post changes and have the page open in another browser. If you close the broswer, open a new one and go back to your site, you should see the changes, same as refreshing the page. Please PM me if it's still not clear - Andy
  10. Website Auto Refresh

    Hmm. Looks like if 'automatically' is set- the browser can take prompts from java or html. Found two ways to do it- Java HTML - Gotta dig for this one, search the page for 'refresh' Thank you google :)
  11. Anyone Here Have The Title?

    Been a while since I had it installed, but had no probs w/xp. I installed and ran the included patch. Used to get that not a valid win32 application myself. Seem to recall that a there were a couple different shortcuts for some reason- like the desktop would work, but the start menu shorcut wouldn't. Try running the .exe itself from the fleet command folder. If you don't see the anchor graphic instead of the generic .exe icon, I expect you'll get the error.
  12. Website Auto Refresh

    From IE menu bar: Tools | internet options | settings | select 'every visit to page' | OK | OK From start button: start [settings] | control panel | Internet options | [as above from here]
  13. HMM. 8-1 It looks like you may have corrupted some of the info common to all of the planes affected. Try re extracting weapondata.ini or .dat, then reapplying your mods to it. Doesn't hurt to back up common files as you mod them, then you only have to go back a version :-)
  14. I searched on flyable Heres the dope good hunting :0)

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