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  1. Task Bar

    Not really, but you could run the sim in a window. Send a mail to support with your order number and I'll send you the info.
  2. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=37740 Cheers Polovski
  3. 1.26

    Yep announced here http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=37740 Thanks
  4. how do I do it?

    Just to clarify you do NOT need to install CFS3 even from CD, IF you have V3.1 CD already. Many modern versions are already CFS3 3.1. The OFF installer will usually be able to check. If it is older v3.0 CFS3 CD then you DO need to install it and patch first. The reason the DVD one is definitely one you do not need to install is because it's really new so 3.1 for sure :)
  5. Well I am sure you see what you see, I do not doubt it. But I can assure you I have "twitch twitch" flown a lot of planes in campaign and QC whilst testing the many things we have to, making the flight models etc. I see all sorts of behaviour, for example try DVII v random skill Camel, if they all dive to the deck everytime, then I'd suggest something odd going on because here they nearly always stay high. If you do not already, I suggest you choose the default QC Dogfight mode, and Enemy Situation:normal - you may see a different behaviour. BTW some tactics used in the war for example Albatros would often fight using slashing attack not stay and turn fight.
  6. Finally Got in

    Hi Joker, Looking at that event viewer entry.. "avg8emc" did a google on that and some say it is AVG, and some say it is spyware ?? Do you have AVG antivirus installed?
  7. off phase 3 theme

    Indeed a top quality score from a top quality composer - we need to hear more of Matt out there!
  8. OFF3 install and MP question

    Put the original CFS3MP.exe back and set it's properties, compatibility to XP, and set "run as admin" ? Cheers Pol
  9. OFF3 install and MP question

    Don't forget you will need to allow CFS3MP.exe through your firewall that could cause a hang if firewall in background is complaining.. plus also set up cfs3config sliders, ,make sure terrain and scenery is not too high.
  10. Just got Dumped

    OK thanks for reporting back Baywing, glad it's better !
  11. "..Camels shouldn't exist at all since I'm flying March 1917. But anyway. I run away from any scouts that are higher than me OR more than me. All the time." I think this is because of the non English OS, not sure, but we checked and the dates are correct in the squads for appearance of craft (a lot of research there) so all we can think is the date or regional settings affect it
  12. 1. Maybe, if sales go well we can use the data we record better and add perfect mission results to everything. 2. As the guys say, plusmake sure you have 1.25 installed. 1.26 better in this regard. 3. Strange some see it in some combat, I see it sometimes othertimes not at all, so must be related to craft you fly, CPU etc too.
  13. menu screens and TH2GO

    Hi dogpuppy109 As I said in the other thread I think, we have not tested with TH2GO or 3 monitors so can't help much but can you make the OFF Manager fit on 1 screen via a profile or something?
  14. Just got Dumped

    If it happens a lot then try knocking slides back a notch on terrain and scenery. Overheating can cause it too. OFF will use all your CPU and GPU as OvS says.
  15. Newbie controls question

    Hi Robbydee When you are in flight press escape. Then you can access the controls, and then edit them. If you do, save the setup and it's important to call it 'Mine' as per the one that's already there. Then it will save for next time.
  16. 1.26 Patch.

    Well technically actually it did waste most of an evening and delayed it slightly ;) , but onwards!
  17. Thanks to Combat Ace

    Many thanks MK2 for stepping in, looks rather pleasant in here. New smileys too wee
  18. Thirdwire goes WWI!

    Keep your eyes on this FREE WW1 mod then for CFS3 http://off.oldbrowndog.net/ Ask questions here if you like http://www.cfcforums.com/sohforums/forumdisplay.php?f=3 Start a topic with OFF as the first word so we can find it :D

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