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  1. As a comparative Newbie, time limitations have forced a Love Affair with CFS3QC. I wonder if it will be retained in the NEW OFF, because you can select so many more possiblities than with plain old QC, among them the use of Spawns. So if you wish non-stop action 1 on 1 for as long a time as you can spare, CAN DO. Until of course my Sopwith Triplane runs out of ammunition. I could go unlimited ammo in Workshop, but I need my sleep
  2. Night Flying WW1

    Check this one out http://www.patrickwilson.com/annals/book.html
  3. Problem being if you use some of the other methods of time compression, you'll anger the Manager. While it might work ( for a while anyway ). It's Not Good to anger the manager
  4. Help....2 error messages

    Sounds like you didn't install 1.32 and 1.32g before you installed HitR, and I think there's one after HitR. When you're all done, in the Lower Right of Workshop version 1.47
  5. Stall

    Most modern small prop propelled aircraft use fuel injection for fuel delivery, the mixture being controlled by a computer working in unison with the altimeter. Prior to that they featured automatic, altitude compensating carbs. But this is 1917 all mixture adjustment was the duty of the pilot, at any altitude above 5000 feet the oxygen content started to lessen, which meant the pilot had to lean out his mixture, if he didn't his engine would run rather poorly. And he'd be prone to Stalling Best you enable AUTO MIXTURE in Workshop . . . Let the computer handle this function . . . Later on you can deal with it . . . But that comes later By the way, Von Richtofen was a great pilot, and an efficent Killer, but a great many of his early victories were slow British 2 Seaters 85mph flying in formation. While he had a Albatross DIII The Red Baron stuff in his Fokker Triplane made great copy

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