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  1. Well I was flying CAP over Iraq, when a flight of Fishbed's decided to come out and play. Nabbed the lead MiG with a Sparrow, then fell in behind the other, and swapped to guns. Finally got the piper right on his tail, and took the shot. End result= 2- MiG 21's down.
  2. I'd be more than happy to do afew skins for aircraft, if needed.
  3. F-14 Tomcat VF-32, 1995, search.

    @streakeagle AC-100 was CAG of VF-32,and that was not until 2000 (something). To my knowledge, the CAG A/C of the CVW VF-32 was with was AC-200 of VF-14. Most CAG aircraft, if im correct. Are usually 00 modex numbers, except for VF-103 and VF-213, in which 103 and 213 were the CAG, respectively. After a bit of digging, which turned up mostly VF-14 aircraft, I stumbled on this one. Different number, but the same year, paint, modex, etc. Thanks for the others as well. May do the version in those pics as well as this. @antares81 Need to have more details. Like what aircraft, who's the aircraft by,etc.
  4. F-14 Tomcat VF-32, 1995, search.

    Don't know if this is the right section for this, but I am searching for pics of VF-32's CO Aircraft from 1995, AC-101, for a repaint im intending on doing. A quick search of ANFT, M.A.T.S., resulted me in finding the BuNo of the aircraft, 162698. Even after finding out the BuNo. I have not had any luck finding it. If anyone has pictures of this F-14, please send to me. Thank you.
  5. Some skins I've done for the F-14D Tomcat. VF-2 Bounty Hunters NE-212 VF-108 Warwolf Squadron, from Ace Combat: Assault Horizion, er, my take on one of their F-14's, if they had CAG aircraft. VF-101 Grim Reapers AD101, NAS Oceana, 1997
  6. 2 Tomcats in low viz markings of VF-84 over the Gulf of Sidra. Today is not your day!
  7. Repainted the ventral fins and made the lettering the proper color.
  8. Tried skinning the 80's VF-1 Tomcat paintjob to make it a 90's VF-1 paint. Need to fix the black triangle on the back and change the lettering on the bottom where it says VF-1 to white and change the color from silver to red.
  9. What are you ?

    Tomcat for all roles...... by far.
  10. Same stuff different time of day. This time, its everyone's favorite naval warfare game, "Catch that bomber!". With your contestants, two F14's from VF-31 and a flight of Soviet Tu-22M's. Tu-22M's lose!

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